Chapter 8: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

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Apr 20 2022


Shen Cheng harvested the rice in the space field and piled the newly harvested rice in the warehouse together with the rice that was harvested before.

When she was not available, the cub was still so diligent. Thank you for reading on

In just five days she didn’t go online, the little villain has harvested millet four times by himself.
The most important thing is that after harvesting, he planted new crops every day.
Eventually, a shallow pile of grains has accumulated in the barn.

Shen Cheng looked at the price of rice; the seeds were bought at 2 gold coins per piece, and sold at 4 gold coins per piece, deducting the cost of goods sold and Cub Cub planting 20 plots in one go, the daily income from farming is 40 gold coins?

This is much better than the previous main quest, that can be played only once a day.

Shen Cheng secretly decided that she would set the alarm clock every time she harvests the rice.
She had to make sure to use the efficiency of each plot of land to the fullest.
Her harvesting rice was a matter of being on line clicking and swiping on time every day, but Cub Cub harvesting all alone would be a chore that takes a long time.
Besides, she didn’t go online for five days, but she received money for only four millet crops where it could have been five.
The time wasted in the middle was probably because her own cub was busy in the fields.

The game gold coins have to be carefully saved and not spent at all.

The cheapest seeds and the easiest rice to grow are 2 gold coins, and the next level up is vegetable seeds.
The cheapest cabbage costs 4 gold coins per piece, and the planting time is 1.5 times that of rice, meaning 36 hours to grow.

Seeds such as vegetables and fruits are expensive and take a long time to grow, so at present, Shen Cheng is not considering them.

Although she doesn’t know the background of the game very well, Shen Cheng knows very well that the little villain is not living in an era prosperous enough to be picky with food and that the food obtained via farming in the space is more than sufficient for her cub.
She hadn’t contemplated planting other crops in the fields for the time being.

You have to make sure you can fill your stomach before you can think about other things.

What’s more, Shen Cheng still remembered that her previous main quests 2 and 3 had given her cub more than 20 little brothers, and she had to feed so many mouths, and she was afraid that the output from farming in the space alone would not be enough.

Shen Cheng made some greedy glances at the apple seedling displayed in the system mall as [100 gold coins, maturity period: three-day delivery cycle 1/hour].
Shen Cheng put it in the priority purchase list.

After giving some thought of what to do next, Shen Cheng remembered her cub traveling alone.
She became very worried and her gaze immediately fell on Li Weilan’s avatar icon on the map. Thank you for reading on

The map this time is different from the previous map.
Shen Cheng checked.
This time, Li Weilan’s target location has a line of red system markings next to it besides the word [Walmart].

[Sweeping location: Walmart.
This location is said to be occupied by high-level mutant beasts, and many people with abilities have disappeared here.
Danger level: high]

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The word ‘high’ is Cheng, with a slight flicker, which is very bright and eye-catching on the screen.

Shen Cheng frowned slightly when she looked at this line of words.

She has played this type of mobile game before.
Although the commentary words in the system seem to be ‘supposedly’ with a certain probability, as long as high-level mutant beasts are written, the possibility of mutant beasts appearing is 100%.

Now the system telling her that the danger level was high, it is obvious that in the absence of external forces, this is the intervention from the game.
There is still a high possibility of her own cub ending up on the street.

What should I do?

Shen Cheng bit his lower lip: This must be another trick from the game to deceive her into buying game coins.

Usually, the mobile games are like this.
When the main character encounters a seemingly insurmountable difficulty, the player can choose to watch their hardworking character gets killed over and over again, eventually gaining ‘experience’ to level up, and then go back to challenge the BOSS.

Shen Cheng, as a mother, can easily see the greedy schemes of the game to force people to buy game coins.

Shen Cheng clicked on her cub’s avatar.

On Li Weilan’s character interface, he was still wearing the black uniform that she gave him on his first day in Noah base, and the introduction of this uniform was clearly stated as …

[A set of military uniforms left over from before the end of the world.
Excellent texture, wear-resistant fabric, sweat-absorbing in summer and cold in winter, it is a must-have for travelers, but wearing this to fight monsters, don’t you think it’s too much? 】

Except for this uniform, which is just a good-looking and wear-resistant outfit, whether it is the weapon column, equipment column or additional supplies on the cub’s body is blank.

Wait … his gear …

Shen Cheng took a look at the item he was carrying, and felt a little guilty that she was too careless in raising a cub. Thank you for reading on

Li Weilan carried only one additional item:

[Lollipop that never disappears: This is the lollipop given to Li Weilan by the mysterious person, which has an extraordinary meaning to him.

Shen Cheng’s eyes turned slightly red for no apparent reason when she saw the word ‘extraordinary.’ She is well aware that she is not needed in real life.
Her parents were the only people who truly cared for her, but they were gone.
Everyone else, even if they had a fleeting, unspoken concern for her, was mostly just for gaining some sort of benefits one way or another.

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She only spent one yuan on Cub, but he remembered her even for such a small amount of money.

Shen Cheng thought about it for a while, and finally made up her mind; although it would be hurting her wallet a bit … what is it … just 168 for the highest-level recharge package.

The recharge in the game is divided into four levels: 38, 68, 128 and 168.

In addition to the rewards for purchasing the first recharge, there are also different rewards for purchasing all four packages for the first time.

For the 168 yuan recharge package, the reward includes a weapon that looks majestic at first glance: a plasma gun.

Shen Cheng has never seen such a powerful weapon in real life.
After all, plasma weapons in reality have just begun to be researched, and she heard that there is still awhile before the mass production.

But she had heard of the power of plasma weapons, so seeing that this powerful weapon in the game is only a mere 168 yuan, and it also comes with a few other supplies, Shen Cheng feels a little itchy just thinking about it.

But before she made an impulsive purchase, Shen Cheng first looked at the weapon lottery coupons she had accumulated in the main mission 3.

She clicked on the weapon lottery wheel and took a look.

The equipment on the roulette wheel today seems to be pretty good.

Shen Cheng rubbed her hands, washed them reverently, and returned to the front of the phone.
Then, she seriously clicked the two golden words ‘lottery’.

A pleasant bell rang, the movement of the pointer gradually slowed down, and finally, the pointer of the roulette beating one by one, finally stopped in front of a huge knife.

This knife has thunder flashes all over its body.
When it was just collected by Shen Cheng, the blade trembled, as if there was an unyielding soul jumping on the blade.

After a while, the word [Thunder] was gently mirrored on the blade, which was as clear as water and as reflective as a mirror. Thank you for reading on

This knife, apparently named after its unique abilities, is called Thunder.
Shen Cheng was more interested in some long-range weapons that could be drawn from the lottery pool.
After all, in her impression, her cub was actually a relatively weak beauty.

Her weak beauty is better suited to holding a gun and shooting “biubiubiu” instead of going into the bloodbath, slashing away with a knife.

So, this ‘thunder’ … Should I wait a bit and see if there are more suitable characters before taking it out?

Shen Cheng was pondering her next move when she heard a peculiar, tiny sound coming from the window.
The sound was quite low, but on a quiet night, Shen Cheng, who was sitting alone on the bed in her room, was unexpectedly drawn to it!

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She abruptly raised her head and peered out the window, where she came face to face with a black dot that had been pulled from the gap.

A camera?

Shen Cheng’s expression changed.

The shadow of a camera hurriedly disappeared from the window.

Shen Cheng was playing games in the room at the time, and her clothes were neat and clutter-free, so she wasn’t worried about what the camera captured!

She had lost interest in the game and had shut off the phone.
She put on her shoes before racing over to open the door, but the person in the corridor had vanished.
Her neighbor Wei Wei opened their window and told Shen Cheng that she also saw the person just now.

Shen Cheng had originally planned to leave next month.

However, it seems that the landlord can’t wait till the end of the lease, as there have been various tiny moves recently.

What made Shen Cheng even more concerned was the fact that the landlord didn’t appear to simply want to raise the rent.
She had no idea what dirty things the landlord was planning in secret, based on the camera incident just now.

Shen Cheng had the impression that the landlord had figured out that she was planning to leave, so he became impatient and began to reveal his actual ugly side, which he had previously concealed. Thank you for reading on

Moving away is easy.

The worst-case scenario is that she has to spend a few hundred yuan more to rent a single room with a better environment or just lives a little further out, which is actually easier on her wallet.

But what about the landlord?

Does she just submit and flee with her tail tucked away for a ‘property class’ person like the landlord who makes frequent small moves and disgusting things just because she was a young woman living alone?

The landlord will naturally hunt for the next prey as soon as she goes.

She still has enough money to rent another place, but what if the next girl belongs to a particularly vulnerable group and is unable to cancel the contract and flee?

Connivance is a sin in and of itself when it comes to wickedness.

Shen Cheng’s gaze fell and her lips pursed slightly; she was not reconciled.
At this moment, the phone suddenly rang.

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It was showing the word “landlord” on the screen, beating nonstop as if tinkering with the rational string in her heart.

Shen Cheng took a deep breath before picking up the phone.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Miss Shen,” the landlord said in a greasy voice that sounded like a venomous snake hissing, yet there was no fear or remorse in that laughing voice about being discovered while peeping and filming just now.

This gradually turned Shen Cheng’s eyes red—-what is she going to use to confront such an unscrupulous old hooligan?

“Someone will come to see the house tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
Remember to stay at home.”

Shen Cheng responded with an ‘OK’.

The old hooligan seemed to smile and hesitated as if he still had something to say, but Shen Cheng was impatient to deal with him anymore, “is there anything else?”

Nothing much.” The voice over there turned to embarrassment, and the landlord said, “Miss Shen, if you want to renew the lease, tell me earlier.
My house here is in a good location, and it’s quite well sought after.
If you ask me to renew the lease after I rent it out, it will be too late.
If I already signed the lease, I will not be able to change it.
It’s just your current rent is insufficient for me because my building is 110,000 square meters, and the bank only received half of the mortgage so far.”

Shen Cheng’s chest felt stuffy, and she felt nauseated.

Her lips parted, and the words that had been brewing for a long time slammed out: “I will not renew the lease.
I’ll be moving soon”

“Ah, okay, okay…” The landlord didn’t seem to expect her response would be so harsh.
Probably because he knew he couldn’t hold her back, there was a coldness in his voice, “Then remember to open the door tomorrow and the day after tomorrow!”

“Okay.” Shen Cheng didn’t ask where the tenant who offered ‘2K’ he said earlier was gone.
She carefully checked the locks of the windows and doors and returned to the bed. Thank you for reading on

Since she has already said she’d be moving out soon, the money in her hand is expected to flow out quickly.

For a single girl, moving is a very stressful experience.
It not only means that the deposit has shrunk significantly, but also represents the physical exhaustion and waste of energy in the past few days.

Since it has come to this, Shen Cheng must first calculate every cent in her hand, and if she’s not careful it will cost a thousand or eight hundred yuan to move out.

It is impossible now for her to spend this mere 168 yuan for her cub.
Shen Cheng silently put ‘Thunder’ in Li Weilan’s weapon column and equipped him with what she had on hand for now.

Shen Cheng sighed apologetically at him, “Cub, this time I can only apologise to you for letting you use this weapon, and grandma will buy you a better one next time.”

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