Chapter 6: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

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Apr 18 2022


Li Weilan stood alone, looking at the map on which the words “Noah Base” were written, and then he looked at the black soil under his feet, his face expressionless.

No matter who gave him the token, this person is playing tricks on him.

Maybe this person is watching him in the dark, and maybe this person thinks that his behavior of running around is funny. Thank you for reading on

Shen Cheng wiped her phone screen and entered the game.
The first thing she saw her cub standing on the ground with no expression on his face, but there was a stream of black gas above his head, apparently so angry that the cub was about to explode.
She couldn’t help but poked Cub Cub’s face with her fingers, poking on the two dimples on the little man’s cheeks.

Why is the cub so angry?

Curiously, she swiped on the screen and looked around the area.
Shen Cheng suddenly got to the point why the little villain was angry: Could it be that he was angry because he didn’t find Noah’s base?

Well, Cub Cub eh what you are holding in your hand is the city building plan.
If you don’t use the city building plan and build it yourself, how can you have a base?

Shen Cheng was a little anxious, but Li Weilan stood there, his head lowered, and he was silent for a long time, but in the end, he didn’t say a word.
He just threw the token with the words ‘Noah Base’ on the ground, turned around and left.

It was him who was wrong.
Even if that person lied to him, he doesn’t even know who the other party is, so what can he do to them?

With such an unbalanced relationship, even if that person didn’t lie to him now, they could still play him around and manipulate him whenever they want.

It’s best that the person never shows up again.
To save the best for last, but the bamboo basket failed to draw water.

The anger in his eyes had just emerged, he heard a “rumbling” sound behind him, as if the earth rocked a little, and the ground slowly opened a hole behind him.

Li Weilan looked back in disbelief and was stunned.

The protype of a huge steel fortress appeared in front of him.

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Closely spaced chambers, a sun room, a horticultural room, a water purification room, a master console, an energy room…

Despite the fact that many rooms vanished like bubbles once the prototype was unveiled, the sophisticated mirage was a stunning sight Li Weilan had never seen before.

In that magical land, he could even see humans roaming around.
They were rich and happy.
They didn’t have to battle for their daily meal, kill each other for a piece of meat, or sell themselves for a small profit.

Li Weilan was stunned.
It was like a fantasy world, but there is no such place like that in this end of the world. Thank you for reading on

Such a base deserves to be called Noah Base, named after the famous ‘Noah’s Ark’.

Although it seems that the appearance and disappearance of this steel fortress is extremely strange, Li Weilan did not hesitate, but walked into the entrance of the base step by step, only to hear a “chi”, and a cloud of white mist surrounded his body.

He closed his eyes.

In front of the screen, Shen Cheng, who was watching this scene, couldn’t help laughing “hee hee”.

The moment the cub was sprayed with disinfectant water and biochemical scanning was really funny.
His face, that never smiles and never shows anger, having this kind of startled expression is really rare.

Seeing such an expression on Cub Cub’s face is really worth the price.

Shen Cheng laughed twice ‘hee hee’, quietly took a screenshot, and saved this picture as a souvenir.Li Weilan heard the mechanical and rigid voice of the AI: “Welcome to Noah.
The identity scan has been passed, please go to the main control room and set the base permissions.”

The stormy waves in Li Weilan’s heart reached its peak at this moment.

What does set base permissions mean?

If his judgment is not wrong, it means that this huge base has no master controller yet, and that mysterious person is handing over the entire base to him?

How is this possible?

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Even if everything he had seen just now was just a phantom, it was a phantom with a sky-high price, and it was a phantom that countless people were willing to exchange with their lives.
How could anyone give away such a mighty city of steel?

He touched around the main control room absentmindedly.
When he sat on the main seat, and the moment he saw the name of the master controller, his eyes became slightly red.

In the future, this will be his home.

Shen Cheng looked at the expression of the little villain and blinked: This game is very well done.

Cub Cub’s eyes were misty with tears.
Grandma really wanted to touch his little head and comfort him.

Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment, then opened the system mall.
She looked at the first-time recharge package worth one yuan, and casually made her first in-game purchase.

Alright, alright, just one yuan.I’ll Just buy it for you, don’t cry.

The one-yuan first-time recharge gift bag fell into Li Weilan’s arms.

The stars exploded, revealing the [an endless lollipop and a black uniform that won’t get dirty] inside. Thank you for reading on

Li Weilan was stunned.

He picked up the lollipop.
Because of the tears in his eyes, it wasn’t easy to tell whether he was laughing or crying, but after hesitating for a moment, he opened the wrapping paper and put the lollipop in his mouth.

When the sweet flavor rushed to the taste buds, Li Weilan’s heart was also touched by a rare feeling.

Shen Cheng looked at the little man on the screen with a lollipop in his mouth, his cheek bulging slightly, the wicked energy floated up in her heart.
She couldn’t help poking the other’s little protruding cheek with her hand, and successfully made a small dent on it.
The little man’s eyes widen.

She smiled “hehehe”, rubbed her palms togehter, and extended her sinful hand to the little villain on the screen.
Li Weilan’s clothes have always been the ones he wore when he was kicked out from his previous team.
They were stained with blood and dirt, as well as the yellow sand, and not as good-looking as the first-charged black uniform.

It’s a pity that the clothes are changed directly with a click.
The military uniform outlines the sturdy waist and long legs of the cub.
Even the Q version can’t hide the perfect body proportions.
Shen Cheng almost turned from a mother fan to a girlfriend fan.

Fortunately, she restrained herself.

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She must not have such feelings for a character in a game.
She can’t let someone occupy her heart in this way, which is not her original intention.

Shen Cheng’s smiled on the other side of the screen, but Li Weilan’s face was slightly hot.
He didn’t know why that person wanted to change his own clothes, and he didn’t know what power they had to take off other people’s clothes so easily; he was a little embarrassed thinking about it.

But compared with the generous gift of an entire base and a lollipop in a considerate way… if the other wanted to change his clothes… then change clothes.

He licked the lollipop, only to feel the sweetness that is extremely rare to find after the end of the world.
He put it back in the wrapper and kept it in his pocket.
With a serious face, he sat back down on the seat by the main console.

After Li Weilan entered his own name on the main console of Noah Base, Shen Cheng’s main quest 4 finally showed [Completed].

[You can draw weapons now!]

After the main quest 4 was completed, Shen Cheng got a free lottery for the weapon.

She wasn’t in a hurry to draw—the lottery tickets seemed to be difficult to get, why don’t she wait until the cub needs a weapon or when she feels she has a little luck?

Otherwise, if she draws the worst weapon from the weapon carousel, like a wooden stick, then she would really have no face to see her cub.

If it happens, and the cub becomes disappointed, she might just buy a medium-sized weapon with some in-game purchase. Thank you for reading on

Shen Cheng didn’t seem to have any confidence in her own self-control.

It was at this time that there was a knock on the door of Shen Cheng’s room.

Her face sank.

Shen Cheng slowly turned off the game.
The person at the door obviously couldn’t wait.
She only heard the “bang bang bang” knocking on the door more and more urgently, signifying the little patience that was almost exhausted.

Shen Cheng knew she couldn’t avoid it, so she opened the door to see the fat landlord standing at the door.

The landlord has a big belly, sparse hair on the top of his head, and he was holding some fruits that had already started to soften from overripe.
He showed a greasy smile to Shen Cheng, “Miss Shen, I knew you were at home, so I come to say hello to you.”

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Shen Cheng didn’t want to accept his fruits.

She doesn’t know why, but this kind of thing happened to her a lot since she was a child.

Maybe it’s because her parents died early, and the children who lost their parents’ protection are inevitably fragile and introverted.
In the eyes of many people, this kind of weak and reserved personality has become a soft persimmon that is too easy to bully.

But she really is soft-tempered, and she can’t say anything too serious to refuse at this moment.
She can only squeeze out a smile, “Sorry, my company has a lot of work, and I’m still working overtime at the moment, thank you for your concern.”

“Oh, working overtime,” the landlord rolled his eyes, “Miss Shen is so beautiful, and the boss is willing to abuse her like this.”

He emphasized the word ‘abuse’ a little bit.

Shen Cheng’s face darkened.

It’s not that she hadn’t heard the landlord’s metaphor before, but this greasy old man so obsessed with saying such inappropriate things to a young woman any chance he has really made her sick beyond words.

But what can she do, this apartment was the best fit she could find within her budget and the distance to work.

If she wants to move, she still has to consider whether she can find another suitable place she can afford to pay deposit and one month rent ahead all in one go.

“It’s just overtime, everybody does it.” Shen Cheng said lightly, “Do you have anything else to say? I have to continue working.”

“Oh, that’s right, Miss Shen,” probably realizing that he won’t be able to take advantage of her today, the landlord’s tone has also changed, from the smiling face to the rigid non-negotiable expression, “I came here mainly because someone asked me about renting an apartment today, and they said they would pay this amount.” He raised two fingers, meaning 2,000 yuan, “I only charged you one thousand eighteen yuan, a difference of two hundred per month.
A hundred yuan is not a lot, but two … your lease expires next month, you can think about it.” Thank you for reading on

Shen Cheng knew very well what game he was playing.

It seemed that if she let him take advantage of her today, he would smooth out the gap of two hundred yuan, but if she refused, and he would use this two-hundred-yuan as an excuse to suffocate her.

Shen Cheng only felt disgusted and nauseated in her heart, she said “ok” and slammed the door shut.

The landlord stood at the door and looked at the closed door for a long time before revealing a sinister smile.

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