Chapter 5: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

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Apr 17 2022


Shen Cheng didn’t know Li Weilan’s conflicted feelings.

She applied the medicine to the cub and watched the white paste stick to his shoulder and then disappeared quickly. Thank you for reading on

Shen Cheng clicked on the little man’s head and found the bubble [Injured] had disappeared.

The eye-catching injury is gone, the cub should not be in pain any more.

After the display of [Main Quest 3 was completed], the system did not issue a new quest for a while, and the page was replaced with a map.
The face of the Q version of the cub appeared on the screen, and there was a row of words at the bottom:

[Remaining time from Noah Base: 1 day, 2 hours and 23 minutes]

Shen Cheng poked at the map, but nothing happened.

Does it mean that cub is now on his way to Noah’s base, so the next stage of the main quest can’t start until he arrives there?

In the upper right corner, the icon of [Home] was on.
Shen Cheng clicked on it and entered the cub’s space; what she saw was a little different from the last time.

As soon as Shen Cheng entered the thatched hut, the first thing she saw was a big fireball!

“Scared me? What the hell is this?”

The big fireball that looked like a murder weapon was lying in the middle of the hut.
Shen Cheng frowned; she could feel the air around the fireball crackling.

She thought about it, clicked the fireball, and found a row of system prompts:

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[One first-order fireball (note: recyclable)]

“Recycle and re-use? How? Burn the house down?”

Shen Cheng felt a thin layer of sweat on her forehead.
She thought about it for a while, and when her eyes fell on the wolf meat hanging on the shelf next to her, she suddenly realized, “Oh!!!, that’s what it meant!”

“Barbecue! That’s it! This game system is awesome!”

Although she didn’t know where this first-order fireball came from, Shen Cheng guessed that it was a sign that the barbecue and cooking system would be developed in the later stage of the game.
She couldn’t help but whispered, “The game is very creative, and they even thought of this.” Shen Cheng moved the fireball under the wolf meat and happily roasted the meat piece by piece.

This game system is very smart, and it can control the intensity of the heat and the flame release.
The first few pieces she made were not very successful; they ended up being scorched, but the next few pieces were nicely charred on the outside, crisp on the inside, and the color was incredible.

She happily clicked on the grilled skewer, looked at the system introduction above [Perfectly Grilled Mutant Wolf Meat], and glanced at the fireball that had disappeared into the air after being used up.
She couldn’t help swallow her saliva, suddenly felt a little hungry.

In addition to the wolf meat, Shen Cheng noticed that the fog that originally shrouded the hut had dissipated a lot, revealing a piece of black land around—a total of ten squares neatly drawn, obviously it was for planting crops. Thank you for reading on

So, the planting system is now on?

Shen Cheng excitedly opened the system mall again, and after a closer look, she found that the goods in the system mall had already contained grain seeds and fruits.

There are a total of ten plots of land.
If you have played business games, you will know that the highest utilization efficiency must be to maximize the utilization rate of all 10 plots of land.

Shen Cheng now has only 20 gold coins left in total.
At this price, 2 gold coins per seed, she could only afford the rice, which is the cheapest.

As for the seeds that are expensive and have a long growth cycle, such as improved rice and Reiki rice, Shen Cheng can’t afford to buy or plant them for the time being.
It costs 500 gold coins.
Not to mention the high price, there is also a “need to water using the spiritual spring” in the planting conditions.
Even if she bought it by purchasing the gold coins out of pocket, it would be still useless.

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After buying the rice grains, she sowed the seeds and watched the green seedlings pop up.
Shen Cheng stayed in the space and observed the rice paddies’ growth for a whole day.
She was surprised at how slow the game’s planting system was.
She checked the time and went to sleep.

Shortly after she went offline, Li Weilan entered the space.

Did that person come?

Li Weilan discovered that the fireball he had thrown into space had vanished.

Instead, the roasted wolf meat was carefully piled on the shelf.
He picked it up and took a look.
Except for a few that seemed to have been burned to blackness, the rest of the meat was actually roasted very well.

This really changed his impression of the mysterious man.

A person who saved him, could roast meat, and even if he couldn’t roast it well at first…is really the mysterious person who had plans for him as he thought before?

What was even more surprising to him was that the newly developed land in his space, and the few sprouts actually growing on the ground.

How is this possible?

He squatted down and dug out the little sprout with extreme shock.
Until he saw its root, he was sure that what he was seeing was not an illusion.
In his space, plants can grow.

In the past, his space did not have this function at all.

Not just his space, after the end of the world, many space ability users appeared, and he had never heard of anyone growing crops in their space.

If it wasn’t for this, the space ability users would not be regarded as ‘human cargo carriers’, and after his powers ran rampant, he would not have been completely abandoned.

But where did the grain seeds in space come from?

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After the apocalypse arrived, the plants have all mutated, from the aggression to the taste to the appearance, they are completely different from those before the apocalypse.

He was not mistaken, all the millet grown here in his space appeared to be the one from before the end of days.
Where did the mysterious man, who applied medicine to heal his wound so quickly, got the good kind of rice seeds?

His previous worries about the mysterious man have come true; he can indeed enter and leave his space at will.
As the worry that the situation was beyond his control rose, Li Weilan also felt complicated looking at the rapidly growing rice grains.

He decided that when he got to Noah base, even if the man didn’t want to see him, he would definitely find a way to meet him.
This feeling that everything was out of his control was really disturbing. Thank you for reading on

The whole person seems to be walking in fogs and clouds.
Although Li Weilan was very happy because of the unexpected changes in his space, he was also anxious as if he was to be stepping on the emptiness in the next minute and falling into the abyss.

Li Weilan got out of the space.
He walked a few steps before returning to the fire the group lit earlier.

He observed quietly.
The survivors were divided into three distinct groups.
Xi Nan and Xi Bei were sitting together as a group.
The girls he had just rescued were wearing loose or ill-fitting clothes, their faces still dirty, some were sleeping by the fire, some were patrolling and guarding.
When they saw him, although some of them still had an unconcealed fear and disgust for men on their faces, most of them appeared grateful.
The little gangster, Xiao Chu, who led them on the way, huddled up in the corner alone.
Although he curled up in a ball, he obviously had a big heart and slept soundly and sweetly.

Li Weilan nodded towards the girl who was on patrol and sat down by the fire.

After a while, the girl carefully brought a bowl of soup, with her head down.
Li Weilan could feel her body was still shaking slightly, her voice was weak but firm, “Brother Li, drink a bowl of soup to warm up your body first, we will be at the base tomorrow, you should rest early.”

The fire ability user, he first rescued, was called Yan Hongyu.
He didn’t know the name of the girl who brought the soup to him.
He looked at her outstretched arm covered with bruises; Li Weilan frowned.
His eyebrows wrinkled slightly, he reached out to take the soup from her hand, and said in a deep voice, “Thank you.”

Li Weilan still remembered the past.

The role that the space ability users play is just a humanoid cargo carrier.
People would always be on guard that they’d hide the supplies.
There will be people staring at them every time they put the supplies in the space or take them out.
As a matter of fact, they were only allocated the fewest number of supplies, but they had to do most of the patrolling.
It was called fair and just: you’ll get back exactly what you put in.

It’s funny to think about it now. Thank you for reading on

The combat power of space ability users is not strong.
Li Weilan didn’t want power or respect before, but in the end, the way he was treated was … disappointing.

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Li Weilan put the soup back into the space, took the roasted wolf meat out, and gnawed on a piece of it.
For the ability users, the meat of the mutant beast is the best tonic, and in his space, there is no shortage of it.


After getting off work the next day, Shen Cheng opened the game on time.

She felt that this game was really friendly: unlike other games that require purchasing game coins for everything such as having to pay to grow the grains faster, or manually having to wait on the grains and grow them.
The grain maturity cycle setting of this game is so long that it is basically not necessary to control the growth; the crops continue to grow by themselves, which is very interesting.
Unlike some games that force players to set the alarms and follow annoying steps to grow the plants on specific times.
(T/N: This paragraph is a little rough to translate.
I’m sorry!)

After entering the game, Shen Cheng saw that the cub’s icon on the map was only 1% away from Noah’s base.
Looking at the display showing that 99% of the journey completed, Shen Cheng was inexplicably excited, like she had witnessed a piece of history.

Why am I so excited?

While Shen Cheng was watching the small icon of cub moving slowly on the map, a new quest popped out on the screen.

[Main Mission 4: Build Noah Base.
Quest reward: one draw from the weapon lottery carousel.]

“Weapons!!! YES!!!”

Shen Cheng’s eyes lit up in an instant.

Judging from the space she enters, she guessed that her cub might be a space ability user.
She was worried that the cub’s combat power would be too weak, but if she could draw a good weapon for her own cub, things will be different.

Shen Cheng took a bite of the apple in her hand, opened the [Weapon Lottery Carousel] and looked around.
She then glanced at the system mall to compare the prices, and couldn’t help but start drooling. Thank you for reading on

On the weapon carousel, the prices of the best ‘ion weapons’ are very expensive if she was to purchase them directly from the mall with game coins.
Although the lottery ticket’s winning rate is only 1%, there is still a chance to win at least something.

Main quest 4, let’s go!!!

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