Chapter 3: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

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Apr 15 2022


Li Weilan never believed in guardian angels.

He didn’t understand why he said that sentence or kept thinking of everything that person did for him so far.
Whatever, as for being his “guardian angel,” it could only deceive people like Xi Nan who still has innocence and light in their eyes. Translator here thank you for reading on 

In the dead of night, Li Weilan took the initiative to watch the first half of the night and let Xi Nan watch the second half of the night.
In fact, he knew that the night watch was completely unnecessary.
With the existence of the protective shield, nothing can hurt them, but Li Weilan also knew that the two siblings should not be allowed to develop a psychological dependence on him.
He is not their protector, and no one in this world should be responsible for the lives of others.
So even if it is not necessary, he still implemented an appropriate vigil plan.

Fortunately, Xi Nan agreed.

It was the first half of the night, and Xi Nan and Xi Bei went to rest by the fire.
There was a slight snoring permeated in the air.

Li Weilan looked at the two siblings, who were hugging each other for warmth, rolling into a ball like two little animals, the picture was warm and bright.
After he made sure that they were both asleep, he went inside his space. Translator here thank you for reading on 

He knew what his space was like.
There used to be boxes of supplies piled up everywhere, all of which were for food, but they were all taken away when he was betrayed by those people.

When he picked up the pieces of wolf meat and stacked them in the space, he just wanted to store it inside and didn’t care about sorting them out.
So, his original expectation was to enter a messy and bloody space.

But now it doesn’t look like that.

In his space, the sky is gray and dark, but the wolf meat that should have been piled up in a mess has been hung up neatly, and several large pieces of wolf skin have been dried and hung under the eaves.
The original dilapidated thatched hut was spotless and clean.

His ability riot has stopped, and the space has also been upgraded.
Regardless, no matter how much one upgrades, he’s never heard of anyone’s space having this kind of automatic sorting ability.

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“Who did all this?” Faint ripples appeared in Li Weilan’s heart.

Could it be that the person who was watching him secretly could even enter his space casually?

“No, it can’t be.
This is impossible.”

The only one who can enter the space of a spatial ability user is the person themselves.
This is an iron rule.
Even if the person who saved him is powerful, this is impossible. Translator here thank you for reading on 

Li Weilan tried to calm down, but only tasted a bit of unspeakable bitterness and uneasiness.
He doesn’t dare to store things in the space anymore for the time being, and he would rather not have a space that cannot be fully be his own.


Shen Cheng didn’t have time to log in to the game until after getting off work the next day.
Counting the time, it has been almost 24 hours since she first used the protective shield on the cub.

The day of a social animal is very busy.
Shen Cheng has a boss who treats her like trash but still tells her “I value you very much and focus on nurturing you”.
During the day, she was busy like a small spinning top, having the time to drink a glass of water is a luxury, having a meal is just taking two bites in a hurry, and she basically had no time to open the game.
It was not until she got on the subway and found a seat that Shen Cheng could click on the game icon on the phone.

The pop-up picture made her stunned: what’s going on? Someone bullied my cub?

On the phone screen, the progress of the protective shield just reached 0:0:0, and the system gives a new task:

[Main Mission 3: Investigate the stronghold of the blocking party and rescue the refugees.
Current completion: 0/20.

Mission reward: 20 gold coins.

Shen Cheng just glanced at the mission requirements and quickly turned her attention back to the game itself. Translator here thank you for reading on 

Li Weilan stood beside a car.
In front of the car was a barricade covered with nails, and next to the barricade stood a group of men with colorfully dyed hair, holding sticks and flamethrowers in their hands.

Shen Cheng’s impression of Li Weilan was still that of a little villain so pitiful and miserable when she first entered the game.
She was afraid that the cub would be injured again.
When she entered the game and saw those sharp spikes on the road, she couldn’t help but feel a burst of anger.

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If the role of roadblocks is to force the passersby to stop, putting nails on the road is simply vicious! This is just completely ignoring the safety of the people in the vehicles.

Once the car runs over these nails, the tire will be blown up, and if the tire blows out at high speed, the car may become unable to maintain its balance.
It is not uncommon for the car to stall, leak oil, spin, or crush into something and kill people on board.

What’s more, according to the background of this game, it’s impossible for her own cub to find a place to replace the tire.
Shen Cheng still doesn’t know how the cub has worked so hard to find a car that is still in good condition.
She is very distressed about his car, and also feel very sorry for her cub who was bullied again after she was gone.

Li Weilan could feel that the protective shield was gone.
His eyes flashed fiercely, looking at the group of arrogant gangsters in front of him, but a helpless and bitter smile appeared on his face: “Take the car if you want, but we really didn’t bring any supplies.
You take what you want and let us leave.”

Shen Cheng looked at the “angry and upset” lines that appeared on his head when he said “take the car if you want”, and couldn’t help laughing.
She watched the cub, standing by the car, who looked like a little hamster.
She wanted to touch his little mouth, but she refrained herself.
Shen Cheng looked around awkwardly, with an embarrassed expression.

Ugh, I’m so shameless, but he’s really cute. Translator here thank you for reading on 

Obviously, he can’t bear to give the car away, but he’s right.
Looking at the drawing, it’s clearly a Hummer, and she’d also be reluctant to let someone take it.

The next second, Shen Cheng saw small bubbles, “soft persimmons,” popping out of the heads of the ugly gangsters’ characters opposite her cub.

“A crippled, a weak chicken, and a woman, hey, that’s great.”

“The cripple and the chicken are useless; women are just right for us…”

The heavy maliciousness blows up like a tornado.

“My cub is not disabled! He just hurt his hand a little!” Shen Cheng angrily poked at the speech bubbles on those people’s heads, looking at the foul language on the screen, only to feel that her hands were shaking with anger. Translator here thank you for reading on  If you want the supplies, take them and leave, but no, they want everything her cub has and won’t even let the people go.

Shen Cheng’s throat was blocked, and she inwardly said, “cub, cub, don’t rush, take one step at a time, and you can eventually win in the end.”

One of the roadblockers pushed through the crowd, swung the stick in his hand, and walked towards the car with a malicious face.

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“Boss…” Behind Li Weilan, feeling the vicious eyes of those people, Xi Nan called out worriedly.
His eyes full of concern fell on Li Weilan’s softly hanging right arm, “Why don’t you take my sister and run? I’ll stall them …”

Li Weilan’s gaze turned from helplessness to cold and stern, but in Xi Nan’s heart, he was relieved Although he still didn’t know what Li Weilan’s ability is, someone who is capable of killing mutant wolves and willingly give away precious meat to others is absolutely impossible to be the stupid white sweet thing Li Weilan appears to be.

Shen Cheng didn’t know if the cub could see it, but she could see clearly through the screen: there was something shining in the hand of the bad guy who was approaching.
Judging from its sharpness and length, he should be holding a dagger!

This bad guy is plotting against my cub!

Shen Cheng was anxious, and her fingers swiped randomly on the screen.
She didn’t know where she was even poking.
On the screen, the thug had just walked in front of Li Weilan, and out of nowhere, he received a heavy blow.
He had no idea what just happened.
Gu Li thought the other was gonna kick the little cripple’s butt, only to hear a “pop”, and the gangster who rushed up fell into the mud next to the car with his butt in the air. Translator here thank you for reading on 

The dagger in his hand still reflected the sunlight.

The scene became as quiet as a chicken.
There is no one else around, who can kick this dude into such an embarrassing position, except Li Weilan.

How dare a cripple be so arrogant?

The leader of the group of gangsters, who was standing tall with his hands behind his back, was stunned for a moment, and he spat out the grass roots in his mouth.

Since their plan to attack in the first place has been revealed and the other party has come prepared, the leader thought it was no longer possible play it nice.
His eyes flashed fiercely, and he raised his arms, “follow me.
Kill the men, and the woman will be shared by all of us.”

When Li Weilan saw the delinquent plunged his head into the mud, there was a trace of astonishment in his eyes.
In the past few hours, he deliberately made a few small mistakes to see if the person hiding would show up, but he didn’t.
He thought that the other had given up on monitoring him and stopped following him, but why did he appear again now? Translator here thank you for reading on 

Li Weilan’s heart sank a little, and now he has no intention to continue playing around with this group of wastes.

Shen Cheng didn’t know what her cub was thinking.
She looked at Li Weilan’s hanging arm and the group of gangsters who rushed over in front of him.
She was nervous and worried: I only have this one character.

His hand was injured; how could he be able to beat such a vicious group of people?

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She just felt bitter in her mouth, what could she do?

When Shen Cheng’s eyes landed on the car next to cub, she suddenly thought of something.
Since she can move the wolf meat by swiping the screen, and she was able to find the right position to kick the little gangster just now; isn’t it just a car? Maybe she can lift it up?

Shen Cheng vaguely understood the way to play the game.
She anxiously tried to swipe the car beside Li Weilan with her finger and tried to pick it up again and again.

No one noticed the car beside Li Weilan rose into the air about two inches off the ground.

Only Li Weilan felt it.

He held back the power that he was about to launch, hugged his head and shrank to the ground, dodging the stick of a gangster who swung at his head with great force! Translator here thank you for reading on 

“???” Boss, why are you so cowardly?

Behind him, Xi Nan didn’t have time to ask the question in his heart.
He wondered if he was following the wrong boss.
While he was pondering, he was stunned to see the two-ton Hummer flew up the sky and then with a “bang”, it fell heavily.

It happened so quickly; the scene went silent.
It was unbelievable.

The corners of Li Weilan’s lips curved up slightly. Translator here thank you for reading on 

“Ah,” his voice sounded like it was coated with honey, “I said before, I have a guardian angel.”


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Hope you guys like it too 

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