Ch 37: TGCIR

Concretization… Shen Cheng considered for a long time what to make concrete of.

At first, she considered concretizing the wolf head in the space, but when she tried to bring it out, the system displayed “Insufficient mental power value.
Please upgrade the main character.”

“Oh.” She released her phone expressionlessly.
“This is just a disguised way of saying ‘the character’s spending level is insufficient, and you want us to do a loss-making business? No way.'”

The wolf head was out of the question, so what else could she concretize?

Shen Cheng picked up some pieces of limbs and put them in the space, and then concretized a small piece and sent it to her workplace.

When the delivery arrived, she found a secluded place to open the package.
Inside, she found a forearm!

“!!!” Shen Cheng was startled.

Is this game company really that scary? Did they really send a real chopped-off arm?

But looking at the bloody mass that had no strange smell, Shen Cheng nervously touched it and found it to be slightly soft.

After touching it a few more times, she breathed a sigh of relief and picked it up to examine it closely.
She found that it was made of a simulation material.

Shen Cheng was finally at ease.

For three consecutive days, she concretized her arms, thighs, and feet and sent them home one by one.

On the first two days, Shen Cheng found that the packages had not been moved.
But on the third day, as soon as she returned home, she found that her roommate’s door was tightly closed, and it was clear that someone had opened her package.

The sound of rustling could be heard behind the closed door of her roommate’s room.
Shen Cheng’s eyes flickered, and she pulled the curtains around the room and went to the kitchen to get a knife.
As she sharpened it, she grinned darkly.

Her roommate shrank in the room, secretly peeking and shivering, thinking about calling the police, but afraid that she might be mistaken.
She could only hear the sound of knife sharpening coming from the living room, and she couldn’t stop trembling: Oh my god, what does her roommate want to do?

Shen Cheng didn’t want to do anything.

She finished sharpening the kitchen knife, took out an arm from the box, raised the knife in her hand high, and slashed down!

The blood packet inside burst, splashing her face.

Shen Cheng dipped a drop of blood with her finger and licked it: sweet.

Her peculiar and contorted grin grew increasingly prominent.
She licked her lips like she was enjoying the aftertastes, and then another slash, and another… until the good arm could no longer be recognized.

The roommate fainted and knew nothing.

When she woke up, the house was quiet, and there was nothing there.
Her boyfriend, who was on the phone with her earlier, had already arrived and was holding her in his arms.
Both of them looked at the door of the room with a bit of fear.

“She’s not here?” She mouthed, her boyfriend knew what she meant.

He was scared just now.
He didn’t really believe that the little girl was a murderer, but… her mentality must be very twisted!

Maybe it’s some kind of mental illness, intermittent manic-depressive disorder!

He saw a tendency in her previous appearance… no, they couldn’t afford to provoke her and could only avoid her!

He whispered to his girlfriend, “I won’t come to see you in the future… I’ll just go home and sleep.
Don’t offend her.
It’s not illegal for mentally ill people to kill… this…”

“I want to call the police!” his girlfriend cried softly.

The boyfriend covered her mouth with his hand and shook his head quickly.
“I searched the house just now,” he said, “and there’s nothing.
What if it’s a prop? If it is, we can report it to the police and they’ll just give her a warning.
But she might hold a grudge and have a psychotic episode and stab you with a knife…”

The girlfriend nodded fearfully and whispered, “So…we’ll just leave it at that?”

“Don’t mess with her,” the man said firmly, putting an end to the conversation.

After only a few days of acting, the roommate’s boyfriend never appeared again.
Even the roommate rarely showed up in the common area, and when she did, her eyes were always filled with fear.

One time, Shen Cheng intentionally smiled at her and found it quite amusing to see her turn pale.

Finally Shen Cheng had some peace and quiet.
She continued to set up the stall and spent some money in the game, so she was now more financially comfortable.
The progress of harvesting and selling rice in the game continued to move forward, and Shen Cheng spent another 20 yuan to purchase another 40 plots of land for rice production.

When she completed the “reserve rice” and “sell rice” tasks, Shen Cheng discovered that many of the people she had traded with in the Tenglong base had a small label next to their names that read “potential rebels.”

When she logged into the game one day, she saw a man named Zhang Ming with a worried look on his face on the opposite side of Li Weilan.
Shen Cheng wondered where she had seen him before, and then remembered that he was the first person she had sold rice to.

Zhang Ming knelt down with a thud, but Li Weilan remained calm, his expression unchanged even as the man begged and wept in front of him.

In his hand, he was lightly tossing a coin, and his smile became even more devilish: “Why did you come to find me?”

Lan, Mr.
Lan, please buy a little less and leave some for us…” Zhang Ming cried and pleaded, “It’s not a big deal for me, but my child…he’s still so young…”

“You know it’s me who’s buying,” Li Weilan smiled slightly, but his tone was light and airy.
“You should just go back.”

Lan,” Zhang Ming held onto Li Weilan’s feet.
From this angle, the smiling face of the wealthy second-generation and the coin that was still spinning, both made people feel disgusted.
Zhang Ming suppressed his anger and begged, “Mr.
Lan, I’ll pay double the price.
Can you sell me just a little bit, just one kilogram? Can’t you spare just one kilogram for your bulk purchase? “

“Of course, one kilogram is nothing,” Li Weilan’s smile gradually became strange.
He looked at the person under his feet, but his words took a sharp turn.
“But why should I sell to you?”

“!” Zhang Ming angrily looked up.

“I also have someone in my base to feed.
When your base bought the surplus food from you, they didn’t care about your life or death.
You’re not part of my base, your leaders don’t care, so why should I?” Li Weilan laughed coldly and mercilessly.
“You can leave.
If everyone wants one kilogram, I might as well not buy any.
You have your son to raise, and I have someone’s life in my base to care for.
Instead of begging me, you should think of other ways.”

In just a few words, Shen Cheng watched Zhang Ming’s rebelliousness value rise from 20 to 60 and gradually turn red.
He had clearly gone from being a obedient citizen to a rebel.

When he came, he was nervous, but when he left, he was furious.

And this anger was not directed at Li Weilan, but at the leaders of Tenglong.

Shen Cheng only realized why after thinking for a moment.
She couldn’t help but compare the sharp-edged and ruthless “cub” now with the slightly soft and inexperienced man in the memory orb scenes: the current cub was obviously more ruthless.

Cub’s wrist movements…she wouldn’t even be able to catch up with a galloping horse.
If she had Cub’s intelligence and skills, she would have solved the problem with her roommate in minutes without discussing.

Li Weilan moved his wrist and the coin that was spinning in his hand stopped as he flipped it back.
He looked at Xi Nan who walked in and said expressionlessly, “It’s time.”

In order to earn that huge commission, Li Mo and his group have lost the hearts of the people at the Tenglong Base.

If these ability users originally had nothing, it would be okay, but now they have lost what they once had.

This Zhang Ming was the person that Shen Cheng had traded rice with.
He was originally a very submissive middle-aged man, but after being sold rice once and robbed by people from the base…his son even got hurt during the conflict.
Could Zhang Ming still endure being slapped in the face by this more ruthless act today?

If he continues to endure, he wouldn’t be a person, but a turtle.

Xi Nan looked at Li Weilan with a hint of fear in his eyes.
As a wanderer, he knew very well the fate of these rebels: they couldn’t beat the base!

Li Weilan didn’t care about his expression, he just smiled slightly, “Tomorrow is the auction.
After tomorrow, bring his wife and child with us.”

[Congratulations, player triggered: Auction (limited-time task), limited time is tomorrow night at 9 o’clock, please log in on time to participate in the auction.

Task requirement: Successfully purchase Dawn light.
Current progress: 0/5

Task rewards: Base technology tree opens, laboratory becomes available for purchase, technology branches open]

“!!!” Wow!

Shen Cheng was stunned!

Where is this timed task an ordinary timed task? Before this, she was thinking, clearly this game is set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland background, but why doesn’t it even have branches in the tech tree!

It seems like it’s not that there aren’t any, but you have to complete this timed task first to unlock the tech tree!

Dawn light…

If she remembers correctly, it seems like cub mentioned Dawn light many times!

Xi Nan’s sister’s ability went berserk, and she needs Dawn light.

Only the auction at the Tenglong Base sells Dawn light.

This Dawn light… seems to be a very important plot branch!

Could it be that all the technology in this world is related to Dawn light?

Shen Cheng looked at the tech tree that still showed all gray, and her eyes were drawn to the high-tech items like “hydrolysis electricity”, as well as high-tech weapons like “transportation vehicles” and “apocalypse mechas”, and various drugs developed for supernatural abilities.
Just by looking at this tech tree… Shen Cheng knew that she could only buy, not miss out, at tomorrow’s auction!

She rubbed her hands and couldn’t help but whisper to Li Weilan, “We’ll definitely buy all the Dawn light!”

Li Weilan’s expression changed slightly.

He seemed to be trying hard not to think too much, but there was still a hint of contradiction in his gaze: “Dawn light?”

“Yes,” Shen Cheng smiled sweetly, “I’ll buy everything you want.”

“… “Li Weilan was silent for a moment, then suddenly asked,” What if my wish is to not have Dawn light and not to buy Dawn light?”

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment.

She originally thought the game would present a dialogue option, but as time passed, no option appeared after Zaizai spoke.

She couldn’t determine Zaizai’s true wish from the dialogue options, but after careful consideration, especially considering Zaizai’s temperament and character, Shen Cheng smiled reassuringly: he doesn’t like to lie.

He wasn’t joking either.

Even if they gave up on the Dawn light and the storyline related technologies, it didn’t matter.

Zaizai’s feelings were the most important thing.

Shen Cheng smiled sweetly: “Then we won’t buy them.
Let’s forget about it.”

Suddenly, Li Weilan laughed.

He laughed heartily, then looked serious and solemnly at the void: “No, we will buy them.
After buying them, we will throw them all away.”

Shen Cheng pouted, thinking to herself, what a prodigal Zaizai!

But she quickly agreed, “Okay! Buy them and throw them all away!”

Li Weilan smiled again, this time his smile was sweet and sincere, and a deep smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

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