What’s the immediate reaction from the black market?

Shen Cheng scrolled through the online store and saw a basic surveillance camera for 30G in the items section under the gold coin purchase column.
The price was roughly equivalent to the cost of a daily task.

[The basic surveillance camera covers an area of 10 square meters (must be manually placed), is invisible, not waterproof, and requires a monitoring distance…]

The “must be manually placed” made her a little worried, but when she looked through the store again, the intermediate and advanced versions were priced at 200G and 400G respectively, which exceeded her budget.

Shen Cheng didn’t click to buy directly, but instead checked today’s daily tasks.

Sure enough, after learning about Li Weilan’s surveillance needs, the daily task for today showed “completed.”

Her current total gold coins had reached 170G, and with a few more days of daily tasks, she could upgrade her field once.
Shen Cheng thought to herself that she still had to save her gold coins since she hadn’t completed her main task of storing rice, so it caused her to be hesitant between the basic, intermediate, and advanced cameras.

She hadn’t decided which one to buy yet when her cub’s voice suddenly came through her earphones.
“Can you help me?”

“!!!” The cold voice contained a hint of expectation, but Shen Cheng felt her face flush.
The voice coming through her earphones sounded like he was whispering in her ear.

On the screen, the character’s face turned towards her direction as if they were looking at each other through the screen, even though there was an invisible galaxy separating them.
Shen Cheng suddenly felt that she could feel the focus and persistence in her cub’s eyes.

Shen Cheng looked at the three surveillance items on the screen and quietly read out the descriptions behind them, focusing on the monitoring distance and coverage area, but of course, she didn’t mention the gold coin prices.

Li Weilan listened carefully and responded after she finished reading, “The advanced one is of course very good, but it’s expensive, right?”


Ah, my cub is actually thinking of saving me money!

Shen Cheng felt her heart warm and her mouth involuntarily curved upwards.

“Whether it’s expensive or not doesn’t matter, what matters is whether you can use it.” Shen Cheng realized she might have said something wrong after speaking.

No, no, no, Mom isn’t saying that no matter how expensive it is, I’ll still buy it for you.
It’s just that the price of this one is within Mom’s budget!

But she thought for a moment, realizing she wouldn’t be able to explain the difference between the price in gold coins and RMB, so she skipped over that part.

Li Weilan’s eyebrows moved slightly.

Then he smiled, “basic level is enough, it doesn’t matter if it’s manually placed.
I happen to be going to see Li Mo anyway.”

In less than a minute, he heard a “beep” sound and a small object, like a button, fell into his palm.
It had the words “Basic Surveillance Camera” written on it.

Her breath became faint.

Feeling her departure, Li Weilan’s expression finally revealed a hint of nervousness.

Could there be invisible surveillance cameras around him, devices that can monitor him 24 hours a day? Is this why she can communicate with him anytime, anywhere and see what he’s doing?

Is she monitoring him?

Even when he eats, drinks, and uses the bathroom?

The question he asked actually had a deeper meaning.
He wanted to know if “money” still held any value in her world.

He could hear from her voice that she was not well-experienced and not good at refusing people.
Judging from her way of doing things, her character is soft and kind-hearted.

How could such a person possibly survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland?

Could it be that they live in different worlds?

In her eyes, he was just a young child.
Could her true form be some kind of extraterrestrial monster?

In Li Weilan’s mind, he immediately imagined a plump and powerful reptilian extraterrestrial monster from a fantasy novel, one that could swing its tail and send a mountain flying, carrying a huge base wherever it went.

Only an invincible race that is powerful enough to carry around a huge treasure and not be afraid of being robbed would fit her soft and generous personality.

He laughed after thinking for a moment, but then he felt like he might be going crazy.
He shook his head abruptly, trying to get rid of the absurd ideas in his head.

“How is that possible?”


When Li Weilan passed by the City Hall on his way to the black market, he saw a group of people with abilities gathered at the entrance, as the news spread by the children had predicted.

When an ability user realized that what they had worked hard for a month was a scam, even the most honest ones would explode like water in a frying pan at the slightest provocation.

A faint smile appeared on Li Weilan’s lips.

He went into the black market, where Li Mo quickly received him.

Li Weilan stood by the window, looking at the protesting crowd not far away.
He placed his hand on the window sill, and the monitor became immediately invisible, just as she had said.

Li Mo also saw his hand on the window, and walked over suspiciously to take a look.
He found no problems and said, “Mr.
Lan, we have only collected half of the amount you requested.” He pointed to the protesting crowd below.
“The grievances are too great, and we have to consider the impact.”

“Impact?” Li Weilan’s face revealed a hint of sarcasm.
“Even a large base like yours has to consider the impact? As long as people aren’t starving to death, these low-level ability users are everywhere.
If they make a fuss, just beat them up.
If they don’t agree, kick them out and recruit more.
I never thought Tenglong would be so weak.”

“…What is Mr.
Lan talking about?” Li Mo was just trying to raise the price.

The upper levels of the base had sent people to investigate the card – it was a real card, and the credit points inside were real too.
But they couldn’t find out who the cardholder was.

After the apocalypse, communication between bases was almost completely cut off.
Some isolated small bases occupied strategic locations or had special resources, and Lan Li was one of them in their eyes.

The small base lacks food.
Does that mean the big base doesn’t lack food? Low pollution food is hard currency regardless of the base it comes from.
The higher-ups at Tenglong said it would be best to… seize the people and goods together after the transaction is completed.

But there is a prerequisite for doing this, and that is strength.

If you provoke a higher-level ability user that you can’t afford to offend, it will become a losing proposition.

Li Mo listened to Lan Li’s words and felt that he wasn’t easy to deal with.
He vaguely frowned: “Indeed, it’s difficult…”

As soon as the words fell, “Thunder” flashed in Li Weilan’s hand, and the blade glimmered, vaguely reflecting Li Mo’s expression that turned from greed to fear in an instant.
The knife in Lan Li’s hand was sealed with high-level lightning ability, this damn rich second-generation really had money! Such a knife, if it were to be auctioned, it would start at least at a hundred thousand!

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Lan Li sneered, “I don’t care about the excuses you’ve made.
All I know is that you promised me something, and you have to do it!”

Li Mo weighed the gap in his strength with the other party and reluctantly agreed.

He sighed that his original idea was bankrupt but heard the man in front of him suddenly say, “I’ll give you an extra 10% commission if you help me collect a bit more, without any excuses.
If you can collect a total of 300,000 credits, I’ll pay the balance together with you.”

Li Mo was stunned.

He originally asked for 100,000, but now it was raised to 300,000…

For this kind of bulk purchase, the deposit is generally around 30 points.
This man was considered to be polite by adding 10% commission.

Li Mo thought about the commission he could get from this deal and looked at the knife in the man’s hand.
After hesitating for a moment, he finally nodded and agreed, “Okay.”

Shen Cheng watched the entire process of the deal between her cub and this ‘merchant.’ When Li Weilan walked out of the black market door, she whispered, “I don’t have another 100,000.”

She was a bit aggrieved.

Wu Wu Wu, if there were still 100,000 credits available, mother would buy them for you.
But, cub, that’s a ‘limited-time purchase,’ and it’s only limited to one purchase.
The game probably doesn’t want to have inflation or something?

Her voice had a hint of shame.

Li Weilan stopped in his tracks.

He was very sensitive to people’s feelings.
If his feeling wasn’t wrong, she was feeling ashamed.

Li Weilan didn’t actually mean to ask for another 100,000.
When he heard her voice, he couldn’t help but slightly curve his lips and said naturally, “I don’t need another 100,000.”

“Eh?” Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment.

Li Weilan smiled faintly but didn’t have time to explain.
He heard her voice with a little bit of disappointment, “Okay then.”

My cub must be thinking of saving me money!

This considerate and thoughtful cub, I always feel… a little guilty towards him?

At this moment, a new task popped up in the game:

[Sell rice output in the Tenglong base.

Task prompt: The selling price must not be less than 20 credits per kilogram, and the identity of the seller must not be detected by the Tenglong base.

Sold: 0/4000 (the sold rice still counts towards the total amount in Task 1).]


Shen Cheng was stunned.

In the previous task, her cub asked for 4000 units of rice to be stored.

Now, after four days, there were only about 160 units of rice left in the warehouse.
But Zaizai wanted to start selling the rice in the warehouse?

Sell to whom?

How can the identity of the seller not be detected by the Tenglong base?


At this moment, a distressed ability user walked past on the screen.
He seemed to be carrying a heavy burden and bumped into Li Weilan’s shoulder without noticing it.
He apologized and left in a daze, but Shen Cheng saw a new status appear above his head:

[Available rice for sale: 0/100]


Shen Cheng adjusted the camera angle and found that everyone passing by on the roadside, who seemed to have just come from the direction of the city hall, had this status: [Available rice for sale: 0/60], [Available rice for sale: 0/20], etc.

Although the amounts were different, this clearly indicated the direction of this task: the daily output must be sold in small quantities to these ability users.

What does Zaizai want to do?

A huge question mark popped up in Shen Cheng’s mind.

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