When Chen Feng brought Li Weilan back to the orphanage, he suddenly smelled a faint food scent coming from the yard.

His face changed and he rushed into the house in three steps and two steps.
Seeing Chen Feng’s anxious expression, Li Weilan quickened his pace a bit.

The two rushed into the room.
When they saw the little puppies lying on the ground, Chen Feng was stunned for a moment: “What happened!”

He pulled up the eldest boy and asked anxiously, “What’s going on?”

The boy was still lying on the ground, rubbing his stomach and groaning, but a dreamy smile appeared on his face: “Brother Chen, I’m so happy.
I’m so full.
A big cat just played games with us…”

“What?” This time it was Li Weilan who spoke up.

He saw the pot and the traces of eating on the ground, and gently touched the pot with his fingertip.
Li Weilan’s pupils tightened slightly.
He dared to confirm that the material of this pot was completely different from others, just like the four walls of the Noah Base.
This kind of material could not be made by humans after the apocalypse.

Li Weilan was sure: this was her handwriting, something she left behind.
She had been here! The feeling of being watched at the bar just now was not his illusion, she really came!

Cat? What was the big cat these children were talking about?

Chen Feng’s eagerness on his face scared the boy who was still groaning and holding his stomach.
He hesitated and glared at Li Weilan with some hatred in his eyes, asking in a stiff tone, “Who are you?”

Chen Feng stepped forward to stop the boy’s rudeness.
He sternly said, “Don’t be rude.
Li is our new master from now on.”

“Brother Chen!” The boy felt that something was wrong and gave Li Weilan a scrutinizing look.
With a touch of skepticism in his eyes, he said, “Did he force you to be a slave? I… I can join the Base Defense Team in two years at most.
I won’t burden you for too long! You don’t have to do this for us!”

Chen Feng shook his head and squatted down seriously.
He said, “He didn’t force me to become a slave.
He’s giving us a new place to live.”

While Chen Feng and the children are discussing things on their side, Li Weilan’s gaze roams around the room.
Even if there are no other traces, some kind of intuition keeps telling him repeatedly that she was the one who fed these children and played games with them.
It cannot and will not be anyone else.

Li Weilan even hoped that she was not convenient to appear in front of him, but it might not be the case for the children.

However, in front of those timid eyes, Li Weilan finally sighed.

A little girl in the corner might have seen the anxiety and urgency in his eyes and came over to whisper to Li Weilan, “There was a big cat just now.
It was so good and played with us for a while, rolled around and rubbed its belly.
It just left…”

“Wasn’t it a sister?” Li Weilan persistently asked.

Maybe the sister turned into a cat?

“No, big brother,” the little girl softly denied.

Li Weilan sighed lightly, nodded, and turned to Chen Feng, “These should be all 20 children you mentioned, right?”

Chen Feng nodded.

“I will prepare the rations and send them to you,” Li Weilan’s mood was slightly low, but he still said, “Don’t forget what you promised me.”

On the way home with Xi Nan, they remained silent.
Xi Nan might have realized his subtle mood and didn’t say much on the way.
Until the two entered the door and Li Weilan saw the small box on the table with the familiar and beautiful handwriting that read “A small gift prepared for the children,” a hint of smile finally flashed in his eyes.

Shen Cheng sat in front of her phone, looking at the system prompts that popped up in a row.

[Li Weilan picked up ‘Little Angel Phone Watch,’ ‘Children’s Self-Defense Toy’ (for children only).]

She finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The “Little Angel Phone Watch” has functions such as positioning and emergency contact, while the appearance of the self-defense toy looks like a small keychain, but just by looking at the description of [opening can guarantee absolute safety for 1 hour], as long as these two tools are distributed to the children, their safety should not be a problem.

Shen Cheng just felt sorry for the children just now, so she hastily prepared some food to feed them.
But when it comes to props, she intends to let her protagonist distribute them.
This way, she can also let cub gain some love points.

However, soon she looked at the remaining products in the Children’s Day gift bag and felt a little restless in her heart.

After the update, the mall probably wanted to coordinate with a real-life event and stimulate players’ desire to spend money.
They added a Children’s Day gift pack, which includes a “plush toy*1” that can only be used by children.
This is the same toy cat that the children were playing with earlier after they finished eating.
The phone watch and self-defense items are mission props and cannot be used casually, but there are other items in the gift pack for adults to use with their children.

[SpongeBob Parent-Child Outfit: lasts for 12 hours.
When you wear it, you can transform into SpongeBob, whom children love.
Wear it and interact with your children!]

Feeling a little tempted to see cub wear a SpongeBob outfit?

But I feel like… Zaizai might not be happy!

Shen Cheng recalled when he dressed cub in a military uniform.
If he looked heroic in that outfit, he would definitely look cute and adorable in this one!

Shen Cheng looked at cub, who was frowning and lost in thought, and saw that he had already returned to his room.
She chuckled to herself, took out the SpongeBob Parent-Child Outfit, and clicked [Change Outfit with One Click.]

On the screen, a bunch of garbled code and stars first appeared above cub’s head, followed by a bunch of black lines.
He reached out his hand in disbelief and twisted around to look at the soft and fluffy fabric and collar with two small cat ears.
After touching it for a while, he finally had to accept the reality.
His face was so black that it could drip water, but there was a faint blush on his cheeks.

Shen Cheng had just chuckled softly when cub hung his head in frustration.

Li Weilan’s heart was in turmoil.
If he didn’t realize that he was being treated like a little kid, he would be the biggest fool!

He wouldn’t wear this cute and fluffy outfit, even before the apocalypse, let alone after it!

What kind of person did she see him as in her eyes!

Wouldn’t it be an eyesore for a grown man to wear this style of clothing!

Shen Cheng heard a somewhat nervous, hesitant, and vaguely annoyed voice from the earphones: “Why do I have to wear this?”

“Of course it’s because it’s cute!” Shen Cheng laughed.
She now understood why some girls around her like to spend money on buying clothes for their game characters.
To be honest, when you see the little character you’re raising change into different styles, it can really satisfy all kinds of desires, and you’ll feel a tingling sensation in your heart, like being tickled in the most itchy spot.

SpongeBob and the like, with their soft texture, naturally give off only one feeling, that they’re cute.

Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.

So cute that she wanted to gently touch it.

Thinking this, Shen Cheng did just that.
She reached out and poked the little character’s face on the screen.
He looked up with a bewildered face after being poked a few times on the cheek.
Shen Cheng laughed and stopped.

Li Weilan felt increasingly uneasy.

He was an adult man, not a chubby little kid.

Playing with a kid and having this kind of interaction with a kid…he might feel it’s normal.
But having this kind of interaction with an adult man who was full of hard muscles from years of fighting, he felt that something wasn’t quite right.

Li Weilan hesitated for a moment.
He was indeed afraid that he might trigger some taboo, as he did when he asked, “Can I hear your voice?” before, or cause her to disappear for a long time.
However, his suspicion about the matter itself outweighed his anxiety.
He hesitated for a moment and asked, “What do I look like in your eyes?”

Shen Cheng was originally rubbing her face.
Although this game wasn’t a holographic game and she couldn’t feel the texture of the skin, she felt like she could fully understand the psychological state of the little character on the screen as it reacted to each of her actions.

She saw her cub’s lips move, as if it was saying something, but all that came through were ZZZZZ’s electrical noises, except for the first word “what”.

The screen also flickered for a while and then suddenly made a “popping” sound, and the phone made some ZZZZZ noise before turning off automatically.

“???” The phone turned off by itself!

Shen Cheng’s phone had also experienced this kind of thing before.
Sometimes, when it was turned on for a long time without restarting or updating the system, the phone would occasionally protest and shut down.

But she missed her cub’s words!

Shen Cheng was staring at her phone with annoyance, but the little flower kept spinning and spinning.
No matter if she tried to force shutdown or tried to charge and turn it back on, she couldn’t solve the problem.
She guessed it was because her old phone had insufficient memory and froze.


Looking at the time, it was almost 12 o’clock.
Considering that she had completed today’s task, Shen Cheng had to sigh and climb onto the bed to get ready to sleep.

In the game, Li Weilan felt the breath of her disappearance almost instantly and sighed softly.

As expected, it didn’t work?

Was it his greed?

It seemed that as he had previously worried, certain words would trigger taboos, and such taboos… perhaps there would be punishment for her.

She had already told him not to think too much before, why couldn’t he hold back today?

Anyway, he couldn’t harm her.

Li Weilan slightly frowned: The two sentences known to have triggered the “disappearance” state are “Can I hear your voice?” and “What do I look like in your eyes?”.
In other words, both voice and appearance are taboos?

But since they are taboos, it just shows that she couldn’t hear what he was saying before, or what she could see of him was not real.

Like a child?

Under what circumstances would one be like a child?

Li Weilan’s expression gradually became serious under the moonlight.

Let’s wait for a while and see how long it takes for her to appear again this time.

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