On that evening, after finishing work, Shen Cheng didn’t have time to play games.
She was busy preparing for the fruit stand with Sister Ma.
Although making fruit juices and fruit platters sounded super simple, cutting, washing, weighing, packaging, and setting prices of the different types of fruits still required manual labor.
After returning home, Shen Cheng prepared for a while, and then she and Sister Ma moved all the fruits that she had piled up in her room into Sister Ma’s car trunk.

Sister Ma saw Shen Cheng’s living environment and noticed that her roommate had not yet returned home, but the things in the living room were placed randomly and didn’t seem to reflect the habits of a young girl.

Sister Ma began to have some doubts in her mind and tactfully asked Shen Cheng on the way: “How long have you been living here?”

“Half a month,” Shen Cheng replied, noticing Sister Ma’s scrutiny when she entered their house, but she didn’t realize what the problem was.

Sister Ma hesitated before saying, “You have all these fruits in your room… why don’t you put them in the living room? It’s so much bigger.”

When Sister Ma walked in, she was startled.
Shen Cheng’s room was already small, with just a desk and a bed, and there was not much extra space.
But even so, all the boxes of fruit were stacked in that small space of just over ten square meters.

Shen Cheng opened her mouth but didn’t say anything.

On the day she bought the fruits, she had initially put them in the living room.
However, since the fruits she bought from an online store were still raw when they arrived, they needed to be ripened before they could be sold.
When her roommate saw the boxes in the living room, she made snide comments like “Wow, you bought so much fruit” and “Look at how generous I am usually.” Shen Cheng was annoyed and worried that her roommate might secretly open the boxes when she wasn’t home, and cause more trouble, so she moved all the boxes into her own room.

After Shen Cheng explained the situation, Sister Ma looked at her sideways and said, “Cheng Cheng, I’m going to be blunt with you today.
Your personality…is too soft.
This won’t work.”


After returning from the night market, Shen Cheng’s WeChat account had a lot more money.
The profit margin for selling fruit salads, avocado juice, and yogurt parfaits was quite good.
Shen Cheng chose fruits that young people liked, and today, on the first day of the fruit stand, she deliberately picked a location next to other popular foods like barbecue.

Some girls came to eat supper with their boyfriends or husbands, but they didn’t dare to eat too much because they were afraid of gaining weight.
When passing by the stall, they saw the juicy fruits and thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit to satisfy their cravings, or to supplement vitamins with fruits while having barbecue.
By the time the stall closed, she had sold almost all of her goods and made a net profit of about 300 yuan.

After calculating her revenue, she felt excited but also recalled the words of Sister Ma in the car earlier, “You are too soft-hearted.” Her expression became slightly dim.

She did envy people like Sister Ma who were decisive and straightforward, and she remembered that she wasn’t like this when she was young.
It’s just that later on…

She looked up at the starry sky outside the window and thought, “Eight or nine out of ten things in life don’t go as planned.
Have I become so weak that my parents would even become worried if they see me now?”

After being beaten down and negated repeatedly, she would instinctively hesitate before doing anything, and too much consideration would lead to indecision.
She knew that this had become a flaw in her character.

Perhaps this is why she loves to play simulation games so much.
She always feels that if life were like a hamster, collecting and hoarding, there would be a qualitative change when she has enough.

Checking the time, she realized it was almost midnight.
She hurriedly opened the game and found that the first daily task, “Improve the main character’s health,” was already completed.
However, when she opened the character interface, she became a bit angry: cub, you have learned bad things! The location shown in the game was a bar, and he was actually there with Xi Nan.

Wow! Just when he recovered from a cold, he sneaked off to the bar!

Little brat, you are playing with fire!

Although ZaiZai is already an adult, going to a bar is actually quite normal, but thinking about his inexplicable cold and his weak and miserable appearance when she first saw him, Li Weilan in her heart confirmed that he was “fragile.”

“Why is fragile ZaiZai still at the bar in the middle of the night and not sleeping?”

Shen Cheng opened the main character scene icon.

To her surprise, besides ZaiZai and Xi Nan, there was also a man coughing and covering his mouth in the scene.
They were sitting together at the bar, very close to each other.

The man’s condition had two words written next to it: [serious injury].

Li Weilan carefully observed Chen Feng, a second-order electric type ability user who was taken away by the Tenglong patrol team like a dead dog on the street that day.

After Tenglong took him away and beat him half to death before throwing him out, Chen Feng’s complexion was very poor, but he was still a quite stubborn man.

Chen Feng guessed that these two strangers found him to recruit him.
He drank the wormwood liquor on the table in one breath, raised his eyebrows slightly and said, “Want to recruit me? Okay.” He chuckled drunkenly and self-deprecatingly, “All the orphans on our street are supported by me alone.
As long as you can afford the expenses of these little bunnies, I will go with you.”

In the apocalypse, the most bitter and miserable ones were children.

Those who were really still infants and didn’t understand anything were better off, but those who were half-grown had to either fight to the death in the Young Pioneer army or rely on adults for support.
Those without a home basically died of starvation.

As a second-order ability user, it was no problem for Chen Feng to support himself, but the main reason for his rebellion that day was for the children in the orphanage where he lived.

Before, he could risk his life for a month in the ability user team and exchange enough food for 20 children to eat.
Sometimes he would exchange some high-pollution food with other ability users for some low-pollution food, but he could always keep one child from starving to death.

But this month, the food that was sent down was 20% contaminated.

When he took it to the black market to exchange it, they rejected him outright when they tested it.
When he went back to argue, he was beaten and thrown out!

This was not just a threat to Chen Feng’s life, but also to the lives of the half-grown children he was supporting!

But he knew in his heart that the base would only dare to withhold the abilities of those without background and whose abilities were not high.
They were counting on them, even if they were sold as inferior goods.
They had nowhere to reason, and they dared not leave.

Now, these two people, the leader looked like a ignorant second-generation, what could he do as a leader?

When this guy heard that he wanted to take care of children, would he be mocked for being unrealistic?

Unexpectedly, the man’s surprisingly black eyes hesitated slightly on his face but did not hesitate too much.
He nodded and asked only one question, “How many children?”

“Twenty,” Chen Feng smiled bitterly twice.
“Our orphanage used to have nearly a hundred children, but I couldn’t support them.
The older children went out to make a living on their own.
Now there are only twenty left.”

Seeing this, Shen Cheng felt a sense of admiration from this destitute, tired, and even slightly hunched figure.

【Do you want to recruit Chen Feng (Electric level 2 ability user)? Y/N

Contract terms: 20 orphans successfully survive to Noah Base

If there are any deaths, the mission fails.
Chen Feng will become an enemy force】

Shen Cheng hesitated slightly.

She wasn’t hesitating about the requirements of the mission, but the game background was the end of the world wasteland.
20 orphans had to successfully survive to Noah Base, and who knew how many dangers awaited them along the way.

Children were fragile, and if a mission failed due to a headache or fever, wouldn’t it be a waste of effort for her own cub to make an enemy?

Li Weilan frowned slightly.

He had intended to say, “I’ll prepare food for twenty children on the road, and you can take them along to Noah,” but before he could speak, he heard her gentle and pleasant voice in his ear, “Promise him.”

At the same time, Shen Cheng pressed Y.

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Because she saw that when the game was updated last time, there was a “Children’s Day Special Gift Pack” that included a prop that could be bought for only one yuan, which was the “Children’s Toy (for children only).” Looking at its properties, it was tailor-made for this mission!

Li Weilan didn’t hesitate and agreed immediately to Chen Feng’s request: “Yes, you can bring the children with us when you leave.”

Chen Feng’s eyes lit up.


After accepting the mission, Shen Cheng looked at the map of the Tenglong base and saw a place called “Orphanage” added to it.
She saw that cub and Chen Feng seemed to be discussing something, so she switched to the orphanage first and took a look inside.

There were twenty skinny little children that looked like monkeys!

The map of the orphanage was simply a haunted house.
The house was dilapidated, the screen was covered with spider webs and stains, and the children hid in the shadows of the house, only revealing a head, peeking at the door, probably waiting for the man named Chen Feng to come back.

Shen Cheng checked their status and almost all of the children’s status was “hungry” or “extremely hungry,” “thirsty,” “tired,” “nervous,” and several even had “malnutrition” and “colds,” with a dense row of debuffs on their bodies.
It looked really alarming.

Shen Cheng took a deep breath.

She looked around the house and could guess why these children were in this state.

This house was basically a dangerous house even if it wasn’t dirty and dilapidated.
Given its location in a safe area, it could have been probably already occupied by someone.

It was only because it was dirty and dilapidated, and there was a Level 2 electric ability user protecting them, that these children could barely have a place to stay.

But even so, they dared not light a fire here, could not have a hot meal, and could not get proper medical treatment.

Under these conditions, these children could survive to this day, which was really a miracle.

Shen Cheng took a sniff and was grateful that she did not live in the wasteland of the end times.

She opened the “Space” and found a can of canned food and spaghetti that they had found in a Walmart supermarket before, bought a small pot in the mall, cooked it and placed it in the center of the house.

The smell was extremely sensitive to those children, and Shen Cheng could even see their noses twitching twice on the screen.
Then, the leading boy asked the girl next to him with some doubts: “Xiao Ai, have you smelled something fragrant?”

The girl nodded.

Two small mice poked their heads out of where they were hiding and looked carefully towards the direction of the fragrance.

When they saw the little pot that appeared almost out of nowhere in the center of the house, a low cry of excitement burst from the boy’s chest, and he quickly covered his mouth, looking excitedly at the little girl next to him: “Is it my illusion?”

In mid-air, the pot jumped.

“!! The pot moved!”

Girls are obviously more mature.
Xiao Ai whispered, “It’s not your illusion.
Maybe it’s a kind big brother or big sister…”

But this kind of kindness, they haven’t encountered for a long, long time.

Shen Cheng looked at the children with some heartache.
They didn’t care about the heat and steam and rushed over to start eating.
The older ones even remembered the younger ones and gave them a little more.

When they were all full and lying on the ground, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but feel itchy and bought a children’s day gift pack in the mall.


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