>From about a hundred people, Yan Hongyu only took one person, and it was not someone particularly outstanding among them.
When she announced the name, the others were stunned: this woman didn’t come up here before, and Wei Jinzhen had not shown his face in front of the base’s people much, how could they know him? How did they choose him alone?

Did this Noah base have a special way of judging?

Even Wei Jinzhen himself was a bit surprised.

He did not consider himself the most outstanding in terms of abilities, nor the most enthusiastic about entering Noah base among all the people.
How did they choose only him?

Wei Jinzhen almost doubted if there was something fishy about this Noah base, until he walked into the base’s elevator.



Is this so high-tech?

After the scanning sound of “didi,” Wei Jinzhen heard the interior of the huge building slowly opening in front of him: spacious, quiet, huge but with few people.

After the initial shock, Wei Jinzhen heard the voice of the fire-type ability user who led him in: “Your workplace is in the water room.
You only need to ensure the water consumption of the personnel in the base every day.”

“Can I ask…” Wei Jinzhen remembered the heavy pressure he felt on this huge prototype of the base just now.
He had a feeling that once someone wanted to go to war with this base, this steel fortress would quickly demonstrate its crushing power and turn the opponent into minced meat.

This was high-tech that he had never seen even in the world before the apocalypse.

This was what people after the apocalypse yearned for: peace and a paradise.

It was also a guarantee for survival.

Looking at the fire-type ability user in front of him nodding, Wei Jinzhen finally asked cautiously, “May I ask why you chose me?”

The woman smiled.

She bent her lips, looked up and down at the ordinary-looking water-type ability user in front of her, but couldn’t see anything special.
However, he looked like an honest person, “Be grateful that the boss chose you.”

In front of her phone, Shen Cheng was shocked to see Wei Jinzhen’s head turn from neutral yellow to friendly green as soon as he entered the base.

Huh? Are people so easy to deceive?

Or is this the game’s mechanism, as long as you become a part of the base, you automatically change from neutral to friendly?

Shen Cheng thought for a moment and shook her head: let’s try next time.
However, this time it was a prerequisite for the mission, and she still had to be cautious next time.
Otherwise, even if they were just small characters in the game, she would feel uncomfortable if something happened to the girls in the base.

She looked at the tent area full of red color marked avatars, and still felt a little conflicted in her heart.
There were only forty or fifty people in this tent area, and more than half of them were enemies.
She couldn’t even find a few usable ones among the people, let alone the plant-type ability users she had hoped to recruit.
What was going on here?

In theory, after experiencing all kinds of hardships and finally finding a place to stay, even if these people didn’t have any expectations or yearning for Noah base, it was normal for people like Wei Jinzhen to have a cold attitude towards it, right?

How come half of the people is red?

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However, she didn’t need to think too much about these things for now.
She happily saw the message “Dormitory 5 requirements have been fulfilled” and immediately clicked the “5” button.
She watched as the dormitories in Noah Base increased to 15 and the capacity increased to 300.
Satisfied, she nodded.

Another daily task had become almost a routine task to gain points.
Shen Cheng clicked on the avatar of her little cub and saw that his mood for the day was “looking forward.”

Li Weilan sat by the window, watching the scene of the street fight with blood and broken heads, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.
Shen Cheng could clearly see that his mood was two words: “looking forward?”

“What are you looking forward to?” Shen Cheng asked.
“Looking forward to seeing them beat each other to death? Looking forward to seeing blood and limbs flying everywhere? Why has my little cub turned into a violent cub? The game I’m playing is not a game of tyranny!”

She gently poked Li Weilan’s cheek with her finger and greeted him, “Hey, little cub, I’m here.” Her greeting poked a smile on his cheek, making him look both cute and sweet.

Mother’s heart is melting.

“You’re here,” he said softly.

“Oh, I see,” Shen Cheng thought to herself.
“What he’s looking forward to isn’t what I thought, but our meeting.”

If she had a mood, her mood index would probably be “happy,” and she couldn’t help but smile, forming a dimple on her cheek.

Li Weilan’s mood was indeed very good.
Outside his window was a commercial street, and the commotion caused by the collection of grain was already very significant.
But what he wanted to say now wasn’t about his purpose in doing these things.

He just asked the person who was hiding somewhere, “How come the rice in my space is ripe in six hours? Aren’t you tired?”

“… “Shen Cheng didn’t dare to look at her dark circles under her eyes.

The dark circles under her eyes told you, little cub, mother is very tired.

That person was guilty.

Li Weilan had a hunch about this.
She was tired, and if a normal person couldn’t sleep well at night, especially with the hard work in the field, they would be tired and exhausted.

He smiled and gave his solution directly, “Let me collect it, okay?”

He paused and his eyes shimmered like the sea.
“I know you’re the one who opened the field and provided the seeds.
Maybe these harvests are very important to you.
I won’t keep any of the rice collected.
Don’t worry, it’s all yours.”

“???” What was cub talking about?

Shen Cheng was confused.

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