er sleepless nights.

Oh no, that’s not it.
Her Cub isn’t really a pet, is it?

Although, Cub can be quite a handful.

Thinking of the appointment with Li Weilan last night, a slight blush appeared on Shen Cheng’s face.
The faint change of color didn’t escape tSister Ma’s eyes, who smiled with a hint of knowingness: “I understand now.
It seems like this commotion isn’t about a cat, but about your boyfriend?”

“No, no!” Shen Cheng was startled and almost jumped up.
Her eyes widened in surprise.
How could she say it was her boyfriend? This was clearly the difficult mentality of a mother raising her child.
“I don’t have a boyfriend!”

Seeing that her complexion didn’t seem fake and the shyness from before disappeared, Sister Ma realized that she had misunderstood.
It didn’t seem like Shen Cheng was refuting her out of shyness, so she shook her head and laughed, “From the way you looked earlier, I thought you were in love.
It looks like I misunderstood.
What were you busy with last night?”

At this, Shen Cheng became a little restless.

She had been working in N City since graduating from college and had been living here ever since.
But when it came to familiarity with the city, she was far from being as knowledgeable as Sister Ma, a native of the city.

Since she planned to set up a stall, it seemed like a good idea to ask the locals for advice.

She carefully looked around to make sure her boss wasn’t nearby before speaking up, “Sister Ma, I want to set up a stall after work.”

“Huh?” Sister Ma hesitated for a moment, looking at Shen Cheng’s thin and weak body.
“Can you handle it? Running a stall can be tough.”

Shen Cheng hesitated for a moment.

She wasn’t afraid of hard work, but…the game was still just a game.
Although she had summarized some engagement of business in the game and had done some research, she wasn’t sure if it would be useful in real life.

She wasn’t afraid of anything else, she just didn’t want to lose money.

If she ended up losing all the small savings she had prepared for her Cub, it would be a disaster!

But when she thought of her cub’s collection task this month and the possibility of increasing the amount of in-game purchases in the future, according to Shen Cheng’s experience playing other games, her Cub might have a difficult time surviving without spending real money…even the Noah Base might be overrun by future zombie tides, and the little people she had raised in the base would all die.

She felt relieved at the thought of these things and the retreat in her chest disappeared.
Looking at Sister Ma with clear eyes, she said, “I’m not afraid of hard work, as long as I don’t lose money!”

Sister Ma smiled.

Looking at this young girl in front of her, she thought of herself when she first started working.

If it weren’t for her decades of hard work, she would not have been able to accumulate such a large amount of wealth for her family in this new first-tier city- Sister Ma now has four houses in N City, and the money from renting them out alone is enough for her family to live on.
But she came from a humble background herself and knew how difficult it was for a young girl to live on her own.
She had received help from many people during her many years of struggles, and helping others was a positive way to give back.

She smiled and said, “Have you decided what to sell?”

Shen Cheng nodded, “I plan to sell fruit, even if I can’t sell them…at least I can eat them myself.”

As she spoke, her voice became quieter.

This was her decision after conducting “market research” for her job.

“Well then,” Sister Ma smiled with some appreciation, “if you can’t sell them, I can help you promote them in my social circle.
They will definitely sell, you just need to make sure you have the right variety, price, and quality.”

“Thank you, Sister Ma!” Shen Cheng’s eyes lit up.

She didn’t expect Sister Ma to give her such great help.
They hadn’t had much contact before, and Sister Ma helping her promote her products on social media was truly a favor.

Shen Cheng silently took note of this favor.


Li Weilan had been keeping an eye on the progress of the rice collection in the Tenglong base.

Even in a large base like Tenglong, rice with a pollution level below 10% was actually a scarce commodity.
After distributing some as salaries, universal currency, and promises to the base’s ability users, the remaining amount was not enough to complete the transaction with him.

He left behind 100,000 credit points to prove his financial ability.
In this situation, the leaders of Tenglong base, tempted by the 50% profit, would definitely be lured in.
They didn’t dare to touch or use the reserve of the high-level and core ability users, so those who were not so crucial to the base would be the ones who were exploited or supplied with inferior goods.

Li Weilan believed in one thing: people must help themselves before they can be helped.
If these people were willing to be exploited by the base, to live like dogs, or even to risk their lives in Tenglong base, then Noah didn’t want them.

He was right.

Li Mo received his deposit and his request, and immediately began to collect the grains from the less important people in the base.

It was chaotic and disorderly.

When Shen Cheng came online, she received a new system prompt:

【Daily Task 1: Check Li Weilan’s psychological state, 20 gold coins

Upgrade Noah, current bed capacity 200/300, 50 gold coins】

This was the first time the daily task required her to upgrade the base.

Shen Cheng was stunned for a moment, and quickly clicked on ‘Base’ to check the situation of Noah Base.




Thingyan (editor): I stopped translating and editing coz I got so busy with school and couldn’t find the motivation to do so at all.
Now that I’m finally on a short break, I found some of the motivation back, only then I realized how much I miss this novel ( •̯́ ₃ •̯̀)

The original translator, Sandy, has a few chapters she already translated, waiting for me to edit.
I’ll get to those soon as I can 

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