Ch 23: TGCIR

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After Shen Cheng received the daily task reward, she relentlessly charged 160 yuan to buy the acceleration item.
After she closed the game, she looked at her humble little room and felt a little distressed in her heart.

It was like returning to reality from a fairy tale world.
The sense of difference at this moment made her feel empty inside.

In retrospect, it seemed that it was the first time she spent so much money on a game—counting back and forth, she had spent 260 yuan so far, which enough for her food for a week.
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Although she had a lot of fun playing the game, both the characters and the plot line did make her feel excited and the satisfaction after helping the cub, if she continued to spend money at such a speed… Shen Cheng was sure that she actually might be going bankrupt.

It was impossible to stop playing the game, and it was impossible to let cub suffer.

She didn’t want to stop so abrupt.
She didn’t know why, after seeing the Tenglong Base, Shen Cheng suddenly felt that she really had a responsibility on her shoulders for her cub—Whether he would be doing well or not, whether he would have to live in the dark like those ordinary people in the Tenglong base, all depends on the degree of involvement of this mother.

Shen Cheng wanted to see him grow up.

She wanted to know the story behind the gloomy, hesitated, and exhausted look he showed from time to time.

She wanted to heal the sadness in his eyes and to see that his wishes could be fulfilled in the life of the game.

But…she did need a lot of money.

She couldn’t just continue using her own money to buy things in the game.
The only way out of this constant hassle might be starting a business.
But how?

Shen Cheng thought for a long time until she read a news story on the internet: the country has let go of street stalls!

Shen Cheng suddenly remembered the stalls in the Tenglong Base that she saw in the game: the roadside stalls are not a bad idea.


Li Weilan felt his sleeve being tugged.

His originally irritable and gloomy mood turned sunny almost instantly.

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Where is she going?

Feeling her gently pulling, like a little girl, with a little excited tentativeness, the corners of Li Weilan’s lips, without he himself noticing, curved up and a little smile blossomed.

She was pulling him to leave the house.

Does she want to go shopping on the street? But haven’t you been there during the day?

Li Weilan had some doubts in his heart, but he still followed her wishes and walked into the night market, which was livelier than during the day.

The street market at Tenglong Base was usually more bustling at night than during the day.

After thinking about it, Shen Cheng guessed the reason: the power users in the Tenglong base had to go out in teams to kill zombies during the day, or work in various buildings.
At night, since the zombies began to be a lot more active and the overall dark environment was not suitable for humans, they will naturally return to the base to rest.

This was completely logical.

She didn’t expect a game to have such subtle details! A five-star rated game!

This thought flashed through Shen Cheng’s mind.
She blinked and suddenly felt a very strong sense of understanding: in this game, the sense of substitution comes from its details; even people like her, who usually plays games and does not spend any money on game items, would begin buying this and that not only because of the beautiful characters but also because the plot was very good without any sense of disconnection anywhere.

In high spirits, Shen Cheng pulled Li Weilan and carefully looked at the stalls one by one.

This time, unlike the daytime, she was no longer thinking about simply buying and buying, but observing these stall owners from the other side.

Like… how do they sell it?

Also, what do they sell and which stalls have the best business?

Her perspective was limited to one or two meters in front of and behind Li Weilan.
Shen Cheng often had to pull his sleeve after watching around carefully for a while.
The cub on the phone screen was well-behaved, he walked in any direction exactly as she wanted.
He didn’t have the slightest impatience at her trivial request of going here and there.

While watching the system’s introduction to the items at the stalls, Shen Cheng felt particularly warm in her heart: My cub is so good, ooh, ooh, grandma will definitely spend more money on you!

Li Weilan, who was dragged around by her, could feel that person’s special concentration this time.

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During the daytime, she was more of encouraging him to buy, buy, buy, but this time, she seemed to be curiously and intently observing every detail on the street.

She stayed a little longer at two of the stalls.

What’s so special about these two stalls?

Li Weilan frowned slightly.

The first stall sold fruits.
On the chopping board, there were some cut fruits that looked fresh and tender, and some power users accompanying their women would usually buy one.
There were only two kinds of prices, 5 credits and 10 credits.
The price tags were explicitly inserted into each fruit.

Li Weilan’s shrewd brain calculated the profit in an instant.

But no matter how profitable it was, for a person who could easily give himself 100,000 credit points, such a petty profit was nothing at all!

Or is she just greedy and wants to eat one?

That’s right, although this ‘guardian angel’ had only spoken once, but the voice was still that of a young girl.
Li Weilan saw that most of the women who were not so price sensitive were indeed young women, and he thought he had guessed something right.

He didn’t hesitate any longer and said to the man behind the stall, “give me one that’s 10 credits.”

“…?” Shen Cheng stared blankly at Li Weilan who bought a piece of fruit with 10 credit points, but didn’t eat it.
He just held it in his hand and looked at it for a long time, with a strange smile on his face.

“…” Cub, what about your enthusiasm for not buying anything during the day? Where did that cub go? Besides, buy if you wanna buy, why are you still smiling so strangely at the fruit?

Forget it, just buy whatever.

Shen Cheng didn’t take this little episode to heart, she just thought that the cub was tired and wanted to eat something.
She set her sights on the stall opposite: both were selling clothes, one obviously had more buyers, and the other one could be said to be empty.

The stall owner with no customer was shouting vigorously.
Shen Cheng saw a small bubble on the NPC’s head every second, with sweat dripping off her face, but the goods in front of her were not decreasing at all.
The stall next of it that was bustling with customers only had half of the clothes left in a short while.

Why is this so?

Shen Cheng put her finger on the goods they were selling.

Washed down jacket】

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Treated wool coat】

Cleaned woolen coat】

There were the items of the stall that sold well.
The prices were also very cheap.
One piece was only about 5 credit points.
Shen Cheng was quite curious about the prefixes of these items.
After thinking about it, she still did not quite understand why the game operated the two stalls like that.
The prefixes were specially marked.

“These clothes…” Small bubbles appeared on Li Weilan’s head, “They were all picked up from the dead and taken care of.” Perhaps realizing her doubts, Li Weilan suddenly whispered something.

“!!!” Shen Orange froze for a while.

She turned her attention to the other stall.

The same warm clothes, the other one’s price was twice as much as this one.

Perhaps for people in the game world, it didn’t matter whether the dead wore it or not.
What matters was the scarcity of credit points, so the system emphasized the word ‘cleaned’.

For some reason, Shen Cheng’s mood was a little down.

However, she really didn’t think she could do this business of clothes.
The reason why the stall owner could make this fortune in the game world was mainly because the manufacturing industry was almost equal to zero after the end of the world.

On one hand, there was no new products, and on the other hand, there were still the needs of the living.
Naturally, humans who could survive the end of days would not be as selective as when they used to have abundant products.
So, even if it was the clothes worn by the dead, as long as they were warm and cold resistance, people would still buy it and wear it.

If she compared it like this, the fruit business she just saw… seemed more appropriate!

Shen Cheng pondered for a while, originally wanted to drag Li Weilan to take a closer look, but Li Weilan had already turned around and entered a dark alley next to the stall, and there was no one at first sight.
He put down the small fruit box in the dark, He smiled lightly at the empty place in the air, and a speech bubble appeared on his head again: “Do you want to eat it? This one is for you.”

He stood quietly in the empty, dark box.
Seeing that the fruit didn’t move for a long time, he didn’t feel disappointed, just smiled slightly and turned around: “I put it here, you can take it yourself.
Don’t just look at things with envy, I’ll buy you everything you want.”

“???” Grandma… can’t eat it.

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened, only to hear her heart pounding non-stop at that moment, she almost instantly felt hot on her face, and when she touched it, she flushed: Cub, aren’t you too good at flirting?

But after a few minutes, the heartbeat turned into a satisfied sourness: she is not as good as her cub, and the cub spent money for her without hesitation.
At the beginning, she felt distressed even for 1 yuan!

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Woohoo, I’m sorry, cub cub!

Li Weilan looked at the corner of the wall quietly, smiled and turned to leave.

Shen Cheng was reluctant to leave, and she kept the camera on the fruit box in the dark.

It didn’t stay quiet for too long.
Suddenly a young man with cat ears appeared in the dark place.
He looked around vigilantly, grabbed the fruit box on the ground with a swipe, jumped up, and ran.
In a flash, he dexterously merged into the shadow at the end of the street.

“!!!” That was given to me by my cub! Put it back! Stole something else! Thief!!!!!!!

Who let you take it!

Shen Cheng’s eyes widened.
She was sure that the cub was talking to her in the void just now, but who was this wild child, grabbing whatever he wanted, and the worst thing was that he didn’t even say thank you!

Woohoo, poor grandma has grown so old, but this is the first time I received a gift from cub cub!

But a few minutes later, the sadness in Shen Cheng’s heart hadn’t subsided, but Li Weilan dragged the boy with a dark face and appeared at the end of the alley.

He said angrily: “Who asked you to take it?”

“Wasn’t it you?” The cat-eared boy’s mouth kept twitching, and red juice flowed down the corners of his mouth, “You told me just now not to envy!”

“…” Li Weilan was speechless for the first time.
Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.
He looked into the void and saw that the person had never appeared, and a layer of sadness gradually appeared in his eyes.

Looking at the cat-eared boy again, he felt a little angry.

“Hey, big brother, don’t go!” The boy grabbed his hand, “you agreed to buy things for me! Take me with you!”


The two people in front of the phone and in the screen showed a headache at the same time.

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Sandy [Translator]: Kept my promise.
Pushed this chapter out as soon as I could  … By the way, is this cat-eared boy gonna the new character?

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