News soon came out of the Tenglong base about a little-known small base Noah and a second-generation ancestor Lan Li, who was very arrogant, and he said he came to their Tenglong base to do some shopping.

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No one has heard this Noah base before.

Since they have never heard it, they didn’t think much about it.
Claiming to be a base, maybe it is a gathering place of three or two kittens, and had the audacity to call it a base.
Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.
But there is one thing that makes the people in the air base jealous: a person from such an impressive place actually has a black crystal card in his hand! According to legend, this kind of card can only be obtained with at least 100,000 credit points!

Since there is a black crystal card, the “shopping” that this person is talking about will not be a small amount.

Li Weilan took Xi Nan to the market street in the afternoon, and Xi Nan, who was greeted with great enthusiasm by the merchants, doubted his life: It turns out that these people can be overly enthused about possible large-spending customers. When he recalls the frigid welcome he had when they initially arrived, he realizes that it is not because those people are unable of providing customer service, but because it was their true nature.

For Li Weilan and Xi Nan, the market in the Tenglong base is considered to be in order in a post-apocalyptic base, at least there will be no situation where they will kill people if they disagree or negotiate a price.

However, in the eyes of Shen Cheng outside the game, everything about the map of Tenglong is very different from Noah, which is the only base she has ever seen.

Tenglong Base’s background color is blue-gray, as if all of the buildings are veiled in a layer of gauze and covered in a coating of gray and fog, however this fog appears quite uncomfortable in the game, as if the entire map is covered in a layer of debuff.

There are not many people on the street market, and there are more stalls with red lanterns hanging on the roadside, flashing red light in the fog.

The market at Tenglong Base looks really gray!

In such an environment, you must spend money.
Just buy, buy, buy, and you will be in a good mood!

If I direct the cubs to do some shopping, will I complete the interaction task?

Shen Cheng tries to click on the dazzling things placed on the roadside, and the game actually pops up a prompt for her:

[Li Weilan refuses to buy instant noodles]

[Li Weilan refuses beef jerky]

[Li Weilan refuses to buy worn underwear]

“…” Opps, accidentally clicked something wrong.

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Woooo, today’s interactive task seems to be a bit difficult!

What the hell did cub come to buy on this street in the first place?

Shen Cheng tries clicking on other items one by one, until the last one was quite embarrassing, so she shook her head and stuck out her tongue.

You have 100,000 credit points, cub, let’s not be *Eugénie Grandet! Although grandma can’t buy things for you but a discount shopping card for only one dollar, if you spend it early, maybe we can get you a new one, OK?

*(T/N: a novel first published in 1833 by French author Honoré de Balzac.
It was about Eugenie who gave all her money to her playboy cousin she fell in love with when he was suddenly left penniless.
She waited for him to return with a fortune for seven years, but it didn’t end the way she expected.)

Li Weilan’s hand is pushed carefully in the direction of the small stalls, as if the ‘mom’ following him is very interested in these worthless little things.

Li Weilan is actually very itchy for this guardian, who sometimes spends a lot of money but sometimes shows curiosity like a little girl, and she just wants to buy and buy according to the direction of her finger.
Anyway, it is the money given by that person, so isn’t it normal to buy something to make her happy?

But he brings Xi Nan here to do ‘shopping’ which is really to discuss a big business.
Now that the little hamster hasn’t been satisfied yet, the big business has to wait.
So, although the nudge on his hand feels very itchy, Li Weilan still… suppresses the itch like a feather in the bottom of his heart and obediently follows the person’s plan.

“How much is the instant noodles?” He asked in a dignified tone as if he didn’t know the price.

“Ten credit points?” The stall owner asked tentatively.

“Tsk, it’s unpalatable to look at.” The picky customer glances, “Mister, is there any of this xxx brand?”

“This…” His question stuns the seller.

This is the first time he has seen someone who is so picky after the end of the world.
He is simply a young master who does not know the sufferings of the world.

Going to the next stall, Li Weilan continued to pick and choose, “How much is this beef jerky per pound?”

“This is mutant beef,” the stall owner hesitated for a while, “If you make buy more, you can save more, 30 credit points per pound.”

“What’s the level of the mutant beef?”

“Level 1…” The stall owner knew he has lost the sale as soon as he says it.
Li Weilan turns his head and leaves.
The voice of the stall owner hastily comes out, “Don’t leave, the price can be negotiated.”

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“What do you mean?” Li Weilan suddenly turns his head and stares at the stall owner coldly, “Do you think I can’t pay?”

“Hmph,” Li Weilan snorts softly, turns his head and leaves.

He stops in front of another stall again, his face seems a little blue, and points to all the underwear on the stall: “How much are these?”

“10…10…Credit points” The stall owner replies tremblingly.
For some reason, he always feels that the face of Mr.
Lan in front of him is particularly scary.

Li Weilan picks one up, turns it over, and whispers, “It’s too small, I can’t wear it.”

Then leaves again.

He walks around the small stalls, spending not a dime and being picky from the beginning of the street to the end of the street.
All the vendors look at him with anger but dare not speak.
This guy has a handsome face but they don’t know why they are intimidated by him.
The man stretches lazily and says to the little valet behind him, “It’s boring, I thought it would be rare to come out of our base, and I would be able to buy something delicious and fun stuff.
After walking around for a long time, this place only has common goods.
It seems that although the Tenglong base is known as the largest base, it is nothing more than that.”

“…” Even if Xi Nan knows clearly that Li Weilan’s original intention is to increase the hatred value, he can feel the angry light cast from all directions almost at this moment.

Brother, you have thick skin and I know you are not afraid, but I am still a little afraid.

Xi Nan only feels bitterness in his mouth.
Seeing that Li Weilan’s words draws a lot of hatred, he swallows hard, but out of the corner of his eyes, he sees someone quickly approaches them from behind.

“Want to talk about a big deal?” The man’s voice is like that of a snake with a slight ‘hiss’ sound.

Li Weilan’s body trembles slightly.

He turns around and shows an evil and charming smile on his face that belonged to Lan Li, but Shen Cheng, who is in front of the screen, clearly can see a dark cloud on his body, which seems to have condensed into reality in an instant!

Li Weilan looks into the man’s eyes, his hands tighten and loosen gradually, but he manages to control his expression in just a few seconds.

What he doesn’t know is that in the eyes of his own mother, the person in front of him was an NPC with blood strips!

In other words, it is a hostile monster!

Walking around the street just now, the man approached so suddenly, but this is the first red-blooded monster Shen Cheng sees on the street.

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She glances curiously, and before she can see anything else, a speech bubble pops up on her cub’s head:

“Yes, a big deal worth hundreds of millions.”

The man is left speechless, and watching this conversation, Shen Cheng couldn’t help laughing and spit out a sip of water: “Hahahahahaha.”

A big deal worth hundreds of millions? What the hell kind of deal would that be?

Li Weilan’s tone sounds firm, the man hesitates, and then suddenly asks Li Weilan: “Can you call the shots for a big business of hundreds of millions?”

Li Weilan suddenly stops!

The task prompt appears again on the screen in front of Shen Cheng:

[Do you agree to Li Weilan’s independent entry into the black market: Please note that this map is a hidden mission map, which may trigger the protagonist’s only hidden mission (difficulty: extremely high), and you cannot re-enter after failure.
Please confirm: Y/N]


Shen Cheng looks at the blood-red word “extremely high” and hesitates for a while.

She has clearly seen just now that when the man approached, Li Weilan’s behavior was obviously abnormal.
So, this map called the black market is obviously not normal.

On one side is the safety of her cub, and on the other side is a hidden mission with rich mission rewards…

Shen Cheng feels a little complicated.

Her fingers hesitate on N, but she doesn’t know why, at this moment she suddenly notices a trace of pain hidden under the evil and charming face of her cub.

Hidden quest… Could it be related to his past?

His attitude is different, and if this hidden mission fails, will it cause a knot in his heart again, or even become a lasting shadow?

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She herself is like this.
If some rotten flesh cannot be cut off, it will become an lingering scar over time.

Even if it is a character in the game, Shen Cheng, who has no friends in reality, puts herself in the other party’s shoes.
She hesitates for a while and finally clicks YES.

If that’s what the cub wants, so be it.
All she needs to do is be a back-office funder who is in charge of game coins.

The smile on Li Weilan’s face becomes vivid at this moment: “Of course, of course I can call the shots.”

The man glances at Li Weilan, then nods after a while: “Okay, come with me.”

Li Weilan follows behind him.
At this moment, if only his resentment can be condensed into reality, this person’s back will be full of arrows.

Yes, who would have thought that person who was already in hell would climb out again, and those who thought he was dead would come back with a different face.

Not to mention them, even Li Weilan himself has to sigh that his luck is quite good.

Although this kind of luck, all comes from someone.

There is a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, and his eyes cast into the void: If the person’s intentions are only for interest, then God bless, he hopes this kind of interest will continue on and last longer.

This is the only good luck in his life.

“Where exactly is the location of your Noah base?” The person walking in front has the word Li Mo on his badge.
He doesn’t realize Li Weilan’s eyes behind him when he asks.
Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.
Li Weilan smiles and replies to the question: “South, we are a new base with ten thousand people.”

“Ten thousand people?” The man repeats the word, and he smiles, “Then, what you lack the most must be…”

“Food.” Li Weilan nods, “Our base is not short of anything else, except food.
I heard that you have a special channel here.
I hope to buy some food in large quantities, mainly for the power users in our base to eat, and the contamination degree must be low.

“Oh,” Li Mo’s smile deepens slightly, “but you also know the price of low-contamination food.”

“Yes,” Li Weilan nodds, his eyes sharpen slightly, “Don’t tell me that your Tenglong can’t come up with enough reserves?”

“That won’t happen.” Li Mo smiles, a shrewd light flash in his eyes, “Anything can be bought and sold, as long as you can pay a suitable price.”

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