If you know you made a mistake, you must correct it.
If you know that your cub is jealous and acting up, you must give him enough security.

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That’s what a responsible mother should do.

If her cub’s mood continues to be low, Shen Cheng knows that it is a small matter if his mission is not completed, but the debuff in the game continues to be a problem.

But how can I make him feel better?

It was lunch break time, she was sitting in her seat holding a mobile phone and thinking hard, the elder sister sitting next to her looked at the little girl with a frown, thinking that Shen Cheng would be holding a mobile phone when she was on her lunch break these days.
She came over and looked at the young girl with a smile.
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At a glance, she could see what was on the phone screen.
She said with a smile: “Little Cheng, you are playing games? Why are you looking so worried and unhappy when you’re playing a game?”

“Sister Ma,” Shen Cheng smiled shyly.
She was usually the kind of well-behaved girl in the company.
She looked honest and soft, and she was very fond of women who were older than her.
She suddenly remembered that Sister Ma has a cat at home.
She would usually post cat videos in her circle of friends.
Her life was carefree and enviable.
They all say that Sister Ma knew her pet well.
Shen Cheng thought some and asked, “what would you do when your cat is unhappy? ah?”

When it came to her little furry child, the nature of Sister Ma surfaced.
She glanced at Shen Cheng with some rarity, thinking that it was unusual for this little girl to take the initiative to chat some gossip, she couldn’t help but blushed, and said to her face: “My cat is so arrogant, I sometimes feed stray cats downstairs with the leftovers that he doesn’t eat, he would scratch my face if he finds out.” She stretched out her hand, and there were two very pale white marks on it, “but he is very good.
One time, my husband and I were arguing, and he jumped up and pointed at his nose, meowing like he was saying that my husband was not allowed to speak loudly to me.
Thinking about it this way, I can only coax him when he is unhappy.”

Shen Cheng couldn’t help but smiled knowingly when she heard that the cat was jealous.

She then asked Sister Ma: “Sister Ma, how did you coax him?”

“Cat, if he’s greedy, you have to feed him little dried fish, if he’s unhappy, use pats and hugs, and if he’s just being temperamental, just let him sleep it off.
In short, it depends on his mood.
Sister Ma glanced at the little girl and said with a smile, “I have to say, I quite like his arrogance.
He is a master, and everyone has to follow his mood.
In a word, I have to give him what he wants, don’t give him what you think he wants.”

It sounded a bit convoluted, but it was pretty clear..

Shen Cheng now understood.
You have to coax and prescribe the right medicine, and you cannot generalize it either.

Shen Cheng was thoughtful.
She couldn’t help but start to think about one thing: for cub, what is his “little dried fish”?

In fact, it can be seen from the fact that sending a black card or an incense burner did not work.
Her own cub was not the kind of coquettish bitch in some games that as long as you sent something from a local tyrant, the more expensive it is, the happier the character will be.
They only cared about the value of the gift.
As for her cub, she had to be careful!

Shen Cheng thought about it for a while, and suddenly understood something, she smiled brightly at Sister Ma, and said gratefully, “Thank you Sister Ma! I know!”

“???” Sister Ma was taken aback by her sincere thanks, and she regained her senses after awhile.
She couldn’t help thinking: This girl’s smile is quite sweet.
She’s so pitiful, I heard that With both her parents dead, it is quite sad to be all alone in a big city.

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She even thanked her, and she didn’t do anything special, just chatted a few words, That was all.
Sister Ma decided that the next time someone in the company was going to gossip about the little girl behind her back, she will say a few words on her behalf as a repayment of Shen Cheng’s kindness.

Shen Cheng didn’t know what Sister Ma was thinking.
She opened the game interface and entered ‘home’.

Looking at the golden rice waves, Shen Cheng controlled the cursor with her fingers and drew a special pattern when harvesting.

“If it doesn’t work well… then it’s definitely a problem with the game mechanics…” Shen Cheng muttered to herself in front of the phone, after seeing that the lunch break was over, she closed the game.


Li Weilan entered the space in the afternoon.

As soon as he opened the warehouse door, in the golden wheat wave, he saw that some rice had been cut off.
From his point of view, he could only see a few rows missing in the middle, but he couldn’t see its pattern at a glance.

The rice was cut like this, no doubt it was the credit of that one.

Li Weilan didn’t want to care what she did, but in the end he couldn’t hold back the numb feeling like a cat scratching in his heart, and walked into the rice field.

He walked little by little along the cut off rice, and the image of the line was already sketched in his mind.

From the clasped hands to the small bottom to the fat middle section, Li Weilan became clearer and clearer with the pattern in his mind, and his heart was beating louder and louder: the pattern is a pair of hands together forming a heart, she is talking to him, wholeheartedly!

This was her explanation.

What he wanted was not for her to coax him, nor for an expensive gift.
For some reason, Li Weilan only felt that his heart was suddenly sweet, and the corners of his mouth curved involuntarily.

He cut the rest of the rice and piled it in the warehouse, and then exited the space to prepare for the departure.

The grievances between Tenglong Base and him were still unclear.
When going to Tenglong this time, what Li Weilan thought was to make good use of this black crystal card.

100,000 credit points, he doesn’t know how she saved it, but what he wanted to do was to go to Tenglong and earn as much as he spent.

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With such a large amount of money, if he let those profiteers take advantage of half a cent, he would be too incompetent.

The plan in Li Weilan’s heart was that this trip was not only to dig up Tenglong’s walls, but also to get a good impression in return, just to show how well he used this “start-up capital” in front of that person.
He wouldn’t use it more than what he needed for business.

Because there is such a plan, it is worth discussing what materials, what personnel and what kind of identity to bring to Tenglong.

When Shen Cheng boarded the game, a new prompt popped up in the system.

[Daily Mission 2: Raise the protagonist’s mood to more than happy completed]

Gold coins gained: 50

Ah, is the cub in a better mood?

Shen Cheng was still very happy: it seems that as long as you use the right method, the cub is still easy to coax.

The system task continued to pop up a prompt after she clicked the Done button:

[There seems to be a meeting in the base, please go and see what they are saying.]

“???” Shen Cheng looked for it and found that the little people in the base were sitting in the conference room.

“Brother Li, if you do this, you may offend the management of the Tenglong Base greatly…” What Xi Nan wanted to do was to go to the Tenglong Base to pick up his friend, buy medicine for his sister and leave, so when he heard Li Weilan’s plan, he almost subconsciously showed hesitation.

There are nearly 100,000 residents in the Tenglong base.
This number is a world away from Noah, who only has three or two kittens.

Although their Noah base has all kinds of advaned technologies.
Xi Nan has discovered it these days, as long as they don’t do anything excessive, the zombies will not be able to find this underground base at all, and the only thing to worry about is the mutation that may burrow out of the ground.

But even so, Noah’s security is much higher than any other above-ground bases, and it is more secure than the city wall.

Xi Nan was sure that as long as they begin recruiting, the 20 small rooms at Noah’s base would soon be overcrowded.

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Therefore, Xi Nan felt that there was no need for them to have a head-on conflict with the people of Tenglong right now.
To make a fortune in silence, first brush Noah’s own security, technology, and talents to the point where they have fundamental interests with the big base.
Isn’t it better to fight again after conflict?

Why use economic means to ‘sanction’ Tenglong at this time?

Li Weilan looked at him quietly, did not speak directly, turned to Yan Hongyu and asked, “What about you, what do you think?”

Yan Hongyu hesitated for a moment.

She had lived in the end of the world for more than half a year before she was caught by that group of people, but because she had never entered Tenglong, she knew nothing about the size and strength of this base.

The ignorant are fearless, and for her, Li Weilan is the god who saved them, the damsels in the distress.

She raised her chin; “I listen to you.”

Xi Nan hesitated for a while; “Brother Li, I’m not against you, it’s just with only the two of us who are going here, I’m afraid something happens and you’ll be stuck there and won’t be able to get out.
Tenglong, after all, it’s a big base, and we’re there for ‘Dawn’… it’s already eye-catching.”

Li Weilan’s dark eyes stopped for a moment on his face.

The thought processes of Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu can’t be said to be good or bad.
They just have different personalities.

For Xi Nan, the most important thing in his life may be his sister.
For this purpose, he seeks stability and does not want to take risks.

But he is different.

What he wants is… to get all the dawn, and then destroy them all!

This thing should not be passed down in the human world!

Because, those who gain fame and fortune because of it are not worthy!

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He has returned from hell, and he will surely make them pay the price.

Shen Cheng watched their conversation and probably understood the plot.

Right now, my cub is going to make trouble at a base called Tenglong—she understands, probably because the game is going to open up new maps and new gameplay to her.
But the subordinates next to him were worried about his safety, afraid that he would fold himself inside the Tenglong base.

Since it is a new map, and my cub wants to go, it is natural to agree!

Shen Cheng felt that there should be a series of quests, and the prompt the game gave her now should mean that in translation.
Are there any quest items that can reduce the danger of her cub on the new map?

Shen Cheng looked for it, and really found this item in the system mall:

[A mask that can change the appearance at will: This is a new type of ‘human skin mask’.
It only costs 300 gold coins and you can have whatever face you want.
Of course, you can also choose to have no face! Remaining usage times: 10/10]

“…” The last introduction is a bit weird, yes, but looking at the introduction, it should be something similar to the ancient ‘human skin mask’! As long as her cub has this, no one will recognize him when he wears it!

Cub, you can rest assured and go make the waves, grandma will make good money to buy masks for you!

Shen Cheng glanced at the price marked [300 gold coins] below, and counted her remaining gold coins.
There was a little problem: she didn’t have enough gold coins left to buy this mask.

The total amount of gold coins left by Shen Cheng is 199 yuan.

After hesitating for a moment, she recharged 100 yuan – 100 yuan for the first charge, and 100 yuan for free, and there was still 100 gold coins left to put away.
She bought this mask and placed it directly on the table!

Hehehe, with this, you can roam freely!

Shen Cheng rubbed her hands and sat in front of the phone, and saw the little man who seemed to be stunned by the mask that appeared out of thin air on the table, and smiled happily.

Except for Li Weilan, the other two little people all held the exclamation mark of “!!!” on their foreheads, their eyes widened and their faces froze.
Translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.mLooking at their expressions, Li Weilan didn’t know why his heart felt a little dark.
He coughed lightly and took the mask that appeared out of thin air, like a human skin, and even felt a little warm.
Facing the two people in front of him, he said: “don’t worry, our leader has such a style, you’ll get used to it early.”

Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu glanced at him in shock, they couldn’t understand what he meant by “get used to it early”.

To be honest, this kind of leader who is elusive and may appear at any time to stare at you to see if you are doing the job well or not… It’s super scary!

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