Li Weilan has bad memories of Tenglong Base.

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His expression was stern, Xi Nan felt the strong emotions from him that was like ice and snow on the edge of a blade, and could not help but asked cautiously, “Brother Li… is there something wrong?”

Li Weilan closed his eyes slightly.

it’s already over.

All that is over.

“Nothing,” he took a deep breath, “you continue.”

Xi Nan hesitated: he was born with the intuition of small animals, and he was quite good at reading people’s faces.
Even though Li Weilan had tried his best to cover it up, in his eyes, he knew the anger in Brother Li’s chest had not completely faded away.

Does Brother Li have grudges with Tenglong Base?

Should not be ah.
Ability users are a sweet treat wherever they go.
With Brother Li’s ability, Tenglong, where everything is “strength first”, would not treat Brother Li like them two siblings who are only good for logistics.
He should have been able to live very well there.

“My sister is an logistics ability user, but abilities are important luxury supply after all.
At the beginning, our life was very comfortable.
Until my sister entered the logistics department, a second-level ability user fell in love with her and harassed her every day.
However, her threshold for advancement to third-level is that she must plant apple trees with a pollution level of less than 10%…” Xi Nan said, grinding his teeth, “If it wasn’t for planting seeds, my sister would have given up that job long ago.
She couldn’t help it, until the day she entered the supernatural riot, that person wanted to force my sister to submit, my sister had to destroy all the fruit trees, and we ran away.
But my sister’s ability……”

Li Weilan frowned.

The advancement of each level of the ability user has a talent-specific advancement task.
If it can be completed, the ability user will be able to cross the threshold of this next level.
However, if you fail to complete the advanced requirements for a long time or are stimulated by other things, the ability will start to riot if you accumulate too much energy, and you will enter the “power riot period” that power users fear most.
During this period, they didn’t even have the ability to protect themselves at all, and they might even be as confused as Xi Bei, short for burning their heads.

Once you enter the “power riot period”, either you have to survive on your own to awaken, or you have to buy a medicine called “Dawn”, after taking this medicine, you can awaken, and then you can complete the task, advance the level.

However, “Dawn” is only available in the auction houses of a few large bases.
The quantity released each time is extremely limited, but every time it appears, it causes a frenzy.
Xi Nan knows that even if he goes bankrupt, he cannot afford a bottle of “Dawn”.

“My sister was still a little conscious at the time.
She persuaded me not to think about buying Dawn,” Xi Nan said with a faint choking voice, “She said she would wake up on her own.
I would definitely listen to her usually, but I can’t just sit back… Dawn may be her only chance to awaken.
Even if Dawn can’t be bought, that second-level ability user still has a very low-pollution apple seed in his hand, if we can get it , my sister will be able to complete the advanced tasks when she wakes up.”

When he first heard the word ‘dawn’, Li Weilan’s whole body faintly had a chill like ice and snow.

But after hearing the following words of Xi Nan, his expression gradually softened, and finally turned to be stunned.

Xi Bei has a good brother.

He was also lucky himself… After all, someone was watching over him all the time.

“I still have a friend at the Longteng Base,” Xi Nan glanced at his face, “he is a soil-type ability user.
Before the end of the world, he was engaged in civil engineering and construction, and he deals with building things every day.
His power also helped in this situation.
At the beginning, the Longteng Base was doing a lot of construction work, and his life was a little better.
Later, when the construction was almost done, their department sat on the cold bench.
I thought… we could pull him over to our base.
It’s good to do planning.
Before I thought that we wouldn’t need him in our base, I didn’t dare to mention it.
Brother Li, since you are planning to build a sub-point on the ground, you can use him.

Li Weilan pondered for a moment.

In fact, he also thought about going to the big base to trade and buy.

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Noah is now empty, and there is a shortage of talents and materials.
Even if he wants to recruit people, he must first spread the name of the base before screening. If you’re not reading this at ho lo lo novels website, some parts will be missing.

What’s more, he has taken some materials from Walmart that he can’t use, and he has to exchange them for practical materials.

Thinking about it this way, Li Weilan’s opinion on Xi Nan went smoothly: “In half a month, it will be Tenglong’s next auction, right? Apple seeds should be available by then, you prepare, after we have arranged the interior of the base, let’s go to Tenglong.”

“Thank you Brother Li!” Xi Nan jumped three feet high in excitement.

Li Weilan smiled, and habitually reached out and put his hand in his pocket, but suddenly felt a hard thing in his pocket.

“?” He vaguely wondered.

He remembered that his pockets were empty.

Could it be…

This thing is a thin card, slightly hard, smooth on the surface, and warm to the touch.

This kind of feel can only be achieved by one material.

It is the substance extracted from the crystal nucleus in this era – black crystal.

This material is also only used for one thing.

Black Crystal Card.

As soon as Xi Nan left, Li Weilan took out the card from his pocket.
Under the slightly yellowish light of Noah’s base, the card surface shone with crystal clear light.

He mercilessly laughed at his poverty and lack of knowledge.

Black Crystal Card, with a limit of more than 100,000 credit points.

Enough for him to… buy all the “Dawn”.

Li Weilan’s eyes wandered, although he was used to that person’s elusive appearance, but at the same time he faced this black crystal card, he deeply felt his weakness.

Give a base to use at your fingertips.

Give away a powerful lightning weapon.

Give a black crystal card.

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That person… what did she take him for?

A faint red flashed across Li Weilan’s face.
He grinded his teeth and licked his back molars, feeling sore.


Of course, Shen Cheng didn’t know that Li Weilan was slandering her as a wealthy rich woman, and imagined her to be the kind of greasy rich woman who buys, buys, buys and sends as soon as a word of disagreement arose.
Even if she knew, she would probably have to hide her face and cry.
Cub ah, Grandma is actually not that rich! Mother fans just want to buy gold coins for their cubs, but they don’t want to do anything to you.

Her life today is simply terrible.

When she woke up in the morning, Shen Cheng went to the bathroom sleepily to wash up, but when she opened the door, she saw a man with a toothbrush in the bathroom!

The key is that his upper body is bare, revealing his flabby abdomen.


He was humming a song with ease, but Shen Cheng was startled when she entered the door.
At that time, she almost jumped up like a rabbit, hurriedly ran from the bathroom, and went back to her room to hide behind the door.
She put her ear to the door and listened to the sounds coming from outside.

Soo soo.

Soo soo.

Then there is the conversation between the man and the woman.

“Dear, have you finished washing up?” The woman’s slightly sweet voice.

“Yeah,” he gave a kiss, and then the man said, “Didn’t you just push the door and come in?”

“Hey, it’s not me!” The woman’s voice was slightly higher, “What were you doing just now?”

“I’m brushing my teeth,” the man smiled, “don’t worry, I’m not taking a bath or peeing.”

The two of them ‘hahahaha’ for a while, and the sound of footsteps stepping on high heels suddenly walked towards the door that Shen Cheng was against.

Shen Cheng was startled.

“Tuk Tuk Tuk”.

She just took two steps back when there were three knocks on the door, and through the door, a woman’s voice came very penetratingly: “Cheng, are you there?”

Shen Cheng shivered!

Ah ah ah! She didn’t know why she was shaking!

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It was clearly not her who did the wrong thing!

It wasn’t that she left the door unlocked in the bathroom, and then her boyfriend walked in!

It’s not that she clearly promised not to take a man home for the night, but she brought a man home on the first night of the shared stay!

It’s not that she still comes to her right now without any guilt!

She stared at the door panel, she actually knew the reason, but for some reason, she was afraid of tearing up against someone like such a righteous woman.

Shen Cheng’s toes rubbed the ground.

She took a few breaths before going over to open the door.
Before she had time to speak, the door of the room had already been opened, and the sweet and well-behaved woman smiled softly at her: “Cheng, did you see something just now? Do you want to go to the bathroom? My boyfriend is done, you can go.”

Shen Cheng opened her mouth.

What she was trying to say was ‘Didn’t I tell you before I moved in that we wouldn’t bring men home for the night’?

When the words came to her lips, the woman raised her wrist to look at the watch on her wrist, and hurriedly said, “Ah, I might be late, so I won’t chat with you today, see you tonight!”

She hurriedly walked over and took her boyfriend’s arm, the two of them smiled at Shen Cheng and left together.

“…” Shen Cheng pursed her lips.

She knew she should protest.

It should have been this way since last night.

But sometimes, expressing one’s dissatisfaction directly in life may only make life full of more contradictions, and more contradictions will bring more thorns.

She could only hope that it was the first time to bring her boyfriend back like this, but the last time.

Otherwise, although she may have to tear it up, she can only tear it up.

There was an inexplicable sadness in Shen Cheng’s heart: she felt that her whole day was ruined by this incident.

She thought about it, she’s afraid it won’t work like this, she still has to think of a way for other options.

Every penny of the poor girl is based on the budget.
It is difficult to save money, but to spend is a different story.

What other options she has?

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No matter, play the game for a while to wake up.

Last time, the difficulties she faced with the landlord were solved by her cub.
Maybe this time, she can also learn something from him.

Thinking of Li Weilan, Shen Cheng’s mood quickly brightened up.
ho lo lo novels.
Don’t support thieves.
She poked the game and found that the game’s icon actually turned rapidly, and the new version was updated in just half a minute!

This game company is too powerful!

When Shen Cheng played other games, the game company’s patch update was as short as an hour or two, and as long as half a day.
A game company like this “Last Survivor” is simply the conscience of the industry, and all the updates should be like this!

Lightning speed wow!

Shen Cheng entered the game and found that the task system was updated directly after the game, and there were now two types of tasks under the game.

[Main quest: Current progress: Main quest 4 (completed)

Main quest 5

Recruit a plant-based power user for the base.

0.5/1 completion.

Quest reward: Free upgrade of the hydroponic room once.]

[Daily tasks:

Check Li Weilan’s status (unfinished).
Gold coins: 50

Raise the status of the protagonist to happy or above (unfinished).
Gold coins: 50]

“…” Today is also a bad day for the task.

Main quest 5 is obviously a continuous quest.
The current status of plant-based abilities is 0.5/1.
Obviously, after she opened the hydroponic room before, there is currently a plant-based ability user in the base, but this person is in an ‘abnormal’ state, so there is no way to operate the functions of the hydroponic room normally.

Thinking about it, it should be… Which sister is that?


Shen Cheng scratched her head, it’s hard to remember the names of the supporting characters.


Translator: ughh Shen Cheng is such a pushover.
These kind of people shouldn’t be left alone to step all over you.
They have no boundaries.

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