Li Weilan discovered a strange thing.

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The person who helped him doesn’t seem to be with him 24 hours a day.

After one time before, she suddenly disappeared without saying a word, but this time she seemed to disappear again.

But unlike the last time she disappeared, he was not so worried this time: that person might have her own things to do, and what he should do is to help her clean up the farmland during her absence, help her harvest the crops, and then take care of the base.

In terms of her hamster style of sweeping into his space whenever she felt like, Li Weilan just accepted it and continue to evolve his own space ability.

After all, only when he continues to evolve, the fog currently exits in the space will dissipate, and only by further evolution can he always meet her requirements.

Otherwise, if one day she finds that his space is at its limits, or the things she wants to plant can’t be planted… Will she pick up another person to help?

Li Weilan was very afraid of being abandoned, and he has a sense of crisis, but he didn’t dare to tell her what he’s feeling.

They are not equal, standing in the position of being the one who has been helped from the beginning to the end, saying to each other, “Please don’t leave me, don’t leave me no matter what.” Wagging your tail and begging for pity like this, isn’t it annoying to stick to the other person?

Li Weilan couldn’t do it.

He just stared at the mountains of supplies in the space, and the supplies swept from Wal-Mart in a daze, and he was shocked to find that there were still dozens of boxes of condoms, the kind that could not be used up until the expiration date.

What does that person want to do with so many condoms?

He was a little embarrassed.

After knowing that the person was a woman, the image Li Weilan had built for the mysterious person in his heart collapsed altogether.

Looking at so many condoms now, the mysterious, powerful, and indifferent image that was originally left to her… seems to have disappeared.

In this world, condoms are indeed a necessity for many people.
After all, if someone becomes pregnant and gives birth to a baby, one’s own safety will be a problem, not to mention the child’s food and clothing.
Starving to death is the most painful thing in the world.
But what use is this thing…for him? Even for the current Noah base, it is completely useless!

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Xi Nan and Xi Bei are a pair of brothers and sisters, let alone these two siblings, the other 20 women who were rescued were disgusted and fearful of men.
No matter how you looked, they didn’t look like they were looking for a partner.
At present, there is no plan to expand the base.
These dozens of boxes of condoms are really useless other than taking up space or taking it out to blow up a balloon.

But she took them all.

Maybe she wants to use it in the future?

When Li Weilan thought of this, a slight ripple appeared in his eyes, but he quickly calmed down.

He entered the door of the base.
The two female soldiers guarding the first floor were dozing off.
When they heard the sound of the door opening, they woke up instantly.
Seeing that it was him, they stood up immediately and saluted him, “Brother Li.”

Li Weilan nodded and glanced at them: He went out and came back after about a day, and the base already had the most basic measures.

In their previous base, there were more men than women, and the status of men was much higher than that of women.
In addition, only those with supernatural abilities had a certain status, and the entire base was quite lacking in vitality.

But Noah is different.

Even if there are only twenty women besides Xi Bei, these women know that Li Weilan is not the kind of base leader who treats them as consumables, and always respects them, without any obscene thoughts at all.
In this case, although Noah’s base is only a prototype now, the women have begun to give in full play to their aesthetic senses, selected their favorite rooms, and began to decorate the place with great interest.

In this apocalypse where beauty is extremely lacking, even a small pot of flowers or a butterfly folded with paper reveals a reassuring and warm atmosphere.

Seeing Li Weilan stop in front of the paper flowers they folded, the female soldier called out Li brother a little nervously, wondering if he would criticize them for spreading their girliness in the base.

They saw the tall, icy man suddenly turn around and gave them a rare smile: “Very good.”

Girls like flowers, maybe he should plant some flowers in his own space too? She will feel better when she sees it.

“???” What did we do?

The two women looked at each other, completely unaware that they were praised by Li Weilan for what they had done.

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Li Weilan didn’t explain, just said to them: “Inform you Sister Yan and Xi Nan that there will be a meeting in two hours.” This chapter is translated on ho lo lo novels dot com.
If you’re not reading this at the origin website, some parts will be missing.

“Brother Li, you…” one of the girls whispered, “you just came back, do you want to rest for a while?”

“No need.” Li Weilan said bluntly, “Two hours is enough.”

Noah’s base is still in its early stage, and every minute and every second is vying for time with the zombie tide.
He sleeps one more minute, and the danger in the future will be approaching one minute.
This base is not only an extremely precious gift, but also the hard work of that person, and he takes it very seriously.

Two hours later, the first ability user meeting at Noah’s base officially began.

Li Weilan’s first sentence shocked the people present: “This base is not mine, you can call me Brother Li, but I have to make it clear to you that the real owner of this base is not me.”

Yan Hongyu was the woman Li Weilan rescued in that small building.

She heard the words with a sharp look, and instantly exchanged glances with Xi Nan, who was also hearing about this for the first time, “Brother Li, what do you mean… you’re just an agent?”

Li Weilan nodded without hesitation.

Although that person said that Noah’s base is for him, he would never take it for himself.
At least he had to let others know exactly where this base came from.

Even if that person may not care, he still has to tell people clearly who is the real hero of all this.

All this gratitude and admiration, she deserves it.

“But…” Yan Hongyu hesitated for a moment.

Yan Hongyu likes Noah very much, and likes Noah’s current atmosphere, although it is only a base that has just begun to be established.
But everything here gave her a beautiful vision.

But what if Brother Li is not the owner of this base, and its real owner appears one day asking for this and that from them?

After the end of the world, people are simply divided into two types.
Supernatural and ordinary people.

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Yan Hongyu herself is a power user, but it’s not that she doesn’t know what kind of life the women among ordinary people live in most of the bases.

Except for some people who were married before the end of the world and whose men have certain abilities, women are just tools for giving birth and even as consumables.

Brother Li is not that kind of person.
They all found that Li Weilan is more like a machine without emotion, who is indifferent to everyone.

But such distance and indifference brought a certain sense of security to women who have experienced too much.

They don’t want to depend on the strong, they just want to live well and with a certain dignity.

But the person who hasn’t shown up yet… What if that person wants something different from Brother Li?

Yan Hongyu was uneasy, not only for herself, but also for the other women who escaped with her.

The light flickered in her eyes, more like anticipation, looking forward to Li Weilan’s ambition and desire.

However, Li Weilan just said seriously and solemnly: “Don’t think too much, that person is a good person.
She originally built the Noah Base, and she entrusted me to manage it.”

“!!!” Both Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu were shocked.

With such a large and full of black technology base, give it to someone just like that?

They both lived in the base and experienced firsthand how high-tech the base was.
The light ventilation system and the drainage system are not the wasteland technology after the end of the world.

Li Weilan wouldn’t lie, so the owner of this base must really be a rich and capable genius, right?

No matter what, even if Brother Li is really giving an excuse, just blow the rainbow fart at this time!

Xi Nan thought of his sister’s illness, and immediately said, “Brother Li, no matter who built the base, I will swear allegiance to whoever you pledge to, and I will follow you!”

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Li Weilan smiled rarely: “No, I believe she will appear in front of you one day, and I look forward to that day.”

Xi Nan endured the shock in his heart, glanced at Yan Hongyu, and also saw the undisguised surprise on her face.

In their opinion, an ability user with enhanced spiritual power, but shows such unreserved trust in another person and has never appeared in person before, and they can’t even see the slightest ambition and desire to seize power.
They really can’t understand.

Then you can only believe Li Weilan, and believe that the builder of Noah’s base is really as powerful and kind as he said.

Li Weilan finished talking about the most important thing, and finally turned the topic back to the real business: “There are a few things to be done in the base recently, I think you have already allocated the rooms in our base, that’s good, you guys report the number of remaining vacant rooms that can be occupied, and we have to build a small base on the ground to facilitate the reception of people who want to enter the base.
After completing the basic inspection outside the perimeter, they will be eligible to enter the main base.”

When it comes to business, Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu both nodded seriously.

Noah’s base needs to be developed, and naturally it needs to recruit people.
There are many construction rooms in the base that have specific requirements for abilities, which cannot be met at present, so the door of those rooms cannot be opened.

For example, in the hydroponics room, the personnel required to enter must have plant-type abilities, and the water purification room must have water-type abilities.
At present, Xi Nan alone can barely meet the drinking water needs in the base, but further needs are not enough.

At present, things such as warm water are done by fire-type abilities, and there is only one person in the base, Yan Hongyu, so recruiting has already been put on the agenda.

But Xi Nan and Yan Hongyu both knew that many black technologies in their base could not be directly exposed to people, and recruiting the right people was a big problem.

Li Weilan’s plan is indeed a relatively safe plan for the time being.

When Shen Cheng went online, the system just popped up a new prompt:

[Li Weilan asks you: self-recruitment permission.
Agree or not: Y/N]


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