The young man’s voice was trembling, but just after he said this, the task of [Exploring Walmart] in front of Shen Cheng had just started to run and the progress had reached 10%.
Suddenly, the elder next to Li Weilan said: “You think he will let you go if you tell him everything? Don’t forget, you also have a share in all this!”

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The young man’s voice stopped.

He swallowed, looked carefully at the sharp edge of the knife in front of him, and said in a low voice: “…I … I’m very afraid, would you promise to spare my life? This plant is really powerful, it is our brainchild, it took several years in our yard to cultivate it like this… You can destroy half of it, but it may still be able to live.
You promise to spare my life, and I will tell you everything.”

“???” Shen Cheng swallowed in front of the screen. Best reading experience at h olo lo no vels, believe the translator.

In the game, Li Weilan also seemed to stop.

The game stopped, and an option popped up in front of Shen Cheng: [The young researcher uses his life as a bargaining chip to exchange with you for clues about ‘unknown plants’.
please choose:

Promise him and let him go

Don’t promise him and kill him

Ambiguous, let’s talk after listening]


Shen Cheng looked at the frozen screen and couldn’t help but hesitate.

Speaking of choosing A, looking at so many dead faces on the tree, it is estimated that these two have committed a lot of crimes.
Even someone like her who is not good at intrigues with people knows that if she chooses A and then learns about the evil things these two have done, she will probably have to uninstall the game.

Choose B, it is obvious that this task cannot be carried out.
Although exploring Walmart is a daily task, cub has worked hard to push the progress of the mission to this point.
Isn’t it unfair to him that grandma destroys the mission because of her moral values? This chapter is machine translated on hololonovels.
If you’re not reading this at the origin website, some parts will be missing.

However, option C is the most unclear and ambiguous among the options given…how much ambiguous are we talking here?

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Shen Cheng hesitated for a while, and finally chose C according to her heart.

When Li Weilan heard the young researcher say these words, he actually felt very funny; he wanted to refuse, but at this moment, a soft and gentle voice suddenly came from his ear, it sounded quite irresistible: “Promise him.”

It’s a female voice!


The mysterious person turned out to be a woman?

Judging from the soft tone of this voice, it is possible that the speaker is a young, gentle and good-looking woman!

At this moment, all Li Weilan’s previous speculations about the mysterious man collapsed.

All his previous estimates turned into mistakes after hearing this sudden voice.

Li Weilan’s eyes rolled, and he swept the two researchers in front of him, but saw that the young man under his knife was still waiting for his answer.

Not wanting to go against the intention of the person who saved him, Li Weilan agreed to the young researcher’s request: “Okay, I promise you that I will never kill you with my own hands.”

The young researcher breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the words.
He was about to say something when the older man lying underneath suddenly sneered gloomily: “Wang Tao, you can’t be so naive, right? He said that he wouldn’t kill you personally.
You really believe he would let you leave safely! How much you and I have done, do you think anyone will let you go if you tell them all about it?”

Not good!

Shen Cheng also knew the language trap in Li Weilan’s words.
At this moment, the old man made a clear statement, seeing that the expression of the young man had turned suspicious and alarmed, and the situation turned sharply in a matter of time, Li Weilan suddenly sneered and said, “I’m not as mean as you! If you’re worries, I will swear that as long as you don’t say one word of falsehood or one word of deception, and I still harm you in any way, I will be punished without a place to stand, and a death without a place to be buried.”

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Hearing him say such harsh words, the young man kicked the old man with some resentment: forcing such a powerful guy to make such a vicious oath instead of holding his thighs.
He didn’t mean to get to this point at all! It’s all this old man’s fault; after doing all these bad things, he thinks everyone’s like him.

The older researcher groaned.
Obviously, this force was not strong enough.
He had already said all his provocative words.
Hearing the man in front said such cruel words, he couldn’t help but doubt his own judgment: Did he really see it wrong? But the man’s eyes flashed just now, and it was clearly filled with killing intent!

Without any scruples, the young man pointed to the dying plant, and sighed with some pity: “Before the end of the world, this tree was a pitcher plant grafted in our research institute, and its late mutation direction is very strange, it eats rotten meat, rotten skins, bones and other proteins and produces a new food for us to eat.”

Following the young researcher’s words, Li Weilan quickly understood what was going on at Walmart.

These two researchers are those responsible for taking care of the tree.
At the beginning, they just knew that there was a lot of rotten meat in the freezer of Wal-Mart.
They brought the tree here and secretly fed a little every day, and then depended on it to absorb the meat that was produced: a white lump they called “mana”.

This plant was very weak at first, so they only dared to hang around in the room, occasionally bringing in two zombies to feed it, and once it had a full meal, they would have food.

But later, as the plant grows, it needs more and more nutrients.

They later found that once it swallowed an ability user, the “mana” produced was enough for them to eat for a month.
It was a kind of white, rice-like but not easy to spoil food, and it was their food for more than a year.

So… every ability user, who came to Wal-Mart to explore, became the tree’s nutrients.

“What do you know,” the older researcher laughed mockingly, “We don’t just eat it ourselves, I have studied it, the food it produces has high nutritional value and is not easy to spoil, and the tree has a certain degree of self-protection ability, and seems to recognize us two, there is no malice or threat to us, isn’t it the savior of the future of mankind? Now you have destroyed half of it with one stroke, it’s not just a plant you destroyed, it is the future of all of us! Since you are an ability user, then you are more powerful than us, you can completely attract zombies to swallow it in exchange for food, you don’t have to be like us… If you have a choice…”

Before he could say anything, Li Weilan’s hand flashed, and the head on his head fell.
His eyes were still wide open, as if he had never guessed that his death was so sudden.

“Ahhhhhhh teacher!” The young researcher screamed in fright, trembling all over in fear, and angrily said, “You agreed…”

“It’s just you that I promised.” Li Weilan sneered lightly.

His face was slightly sideways, as if he was about to listen to the instruction voice just now, but the voice was only short-lived, as if it was his hallucination.

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He didn’t speak any more.
Li Weilan smiled instead: Since that person didn’t say anything, she must have no objection to his actions.

This is good.

The killing intent rolled in his chest and was not yet dispelled.
If that person wanted to stop him from keeping his pedantic promise, he would have to part ways with her from now on, which was a pity to think about.

But now…

There was a slight smile on his handsome face.

Picking up the researcher with one hand, Li Weilan found some oil on the same floor.
He splashed the oil on the dying tree, which seemed to be alive and breathing, and set it on fire.
The tree screamed, a harsh and sharp sound came out.

However, the faces on the tree slowly closed their eyes.

Shen Cheng looked at this scene, and then heaved a sigh of relief.
Until this moment, she seemed to fully understand that this cub she raised has a more attractive heart than appearance.

For the survivors struggling in the last days, how tempting it is to exchange zombies for food is clear from the appearance of these two researchers.

If it is replaced by another person, maybe their lives will be saved in exchange for a long-term food exchange.
But in that case, how can the dead souls on the tree rest in peace? Does the blood debt of the past need not be repaid? This tree eats carcasses, but when the rotten flesh runs out, will it eat a living person? Ethically, the mana eaten by these two researchers is almost equivalent to a living person!

The cub may have lost something, but the behavior of him now makes grandma even more proud.

【Explore the Secrets of Walmart Supermarket: Completed】

The task prompt popped up at the right time.

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[Gold coins obtained in this raid: 50]

[Please note: Due to the player’s choice, this sweeping location will be permanently closed after 10 minutes, please exit the map within 10 minutes]

Ahhh ten minutes! Shen Cheng hurriedly poked Li Weilan, trying to grab the villain and run around the supermarket quickly.

After Li Weilan came to this floor, the whole map can be clearly seen: there are some daily necessities on the other floors, such as towels, washbasins, clothes, etc.
Anyway, there is still room for cubs to pile up, hurry up and go collect! Only ten minutes! Don’t wait!

Li Weilan felt that someone was pushing him, and he couldn’t help but smile again.

Looking back, he saw the young researcher who was squatting in front of the plant like a concubine.

The young researcher looked at the closed door and the tree screaming and twisting in the fire.
Only then did he realize that something was wrong: the door was closed so tightly that he couldn’t get out.

“Little liar…” Shen Cheng poked the cub’s back, looked at the little man who seemed unmoved, and muttered softly.

Li Weilan heard it again this time.

I heard her speak.

He didn’t know why, but he retorted in a low voice: “I gave them two chances, but two things are no more than three things.
If I let them go today, someone will be unlucky in the future, and I will become their accomplice…” He muttered.
Halfway through speaking, he felt that his explanation was ridiculous, and he frowned in self-loathing, and stopped talking.

Shen Cheng’s heart trembled when he saw bubbles gurgling above his head.
Poke him again.

Cub is not a good person! But… it seems that I like him more so what should I do?

Shen Cheng’s heart skipped a beat.
While trying her best to scan the remaining resources in the supermarket, she couldn’t help but think about her cub’s methods again, then she thought to herself: hmm, it seems that dealing with the landlord, this method would be quite effective!

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