Li Weilan sat up.
The sight in the room made him frown.

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The people who spoke just now were an old man and a young man.
The two were as thin as skeletons.
Looking at the clothes and thin body of the two…they look like two researchers?

Seeing him wake up and open his eyes, both the old and the young seemed to be stunned for a moment, with the same surprise on their faces.

Why are you surprised?

Li Weilan thought about it and guessed something.

Just now, he pretended to be disgusted on purpose, and when the thorns sprayed the green gas, he held his breath and didn’t even inhale it at all.
But if he was disturbed by the ubiquitous smell of carcass, and let his guard down because he didn’t see a monster on the second floor, would he be able to wake up now? If you’re not reading this at the origin website, some parts will be missing.

These two appear sickly and skinny.
They must have been in this place for a long time.
What do they rely on to survive here? He heard that a lot of power users disappeared in this supermarket.
What role did they play in this process?

This dirty white robe aroused Li Weilan’s darkest memories.
He has no trust in these researchers.

The old man saw that he was awake and his eyes were clear, with a hint of surprise on his face, he spoke with complicated happiness and worry: “Young man, you didn’t inhale that monster’s gas?”

Li Weilan didn’t answer.
The clarity in his eyes gradually faded, replaced by sleepiness, weakness, and exhaustion.
His eyelashes fanned the mountain fan slightly, his eyes gradually became sluggish, his lips twitched, and his voice was low and hoarse: “Where am I? Smells…”

“Teacher…” The younger voice whispered softly, “He doesn’t seem very good.”

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The older man was not in a hurry to answer this time.

He observed Li Weilan for a while, and then he said with consideration: “You are on the fourth floor.
Speak a little quieter, the monster is next to us.” Then, he pointed lightly at the wall that was close at hand.

Li Weilan’s face instantly showed fear: “What’s wrong with me?”

“You seem to have inhaled the gas released by the monster.” The old man whispered, “This plant has mutated.
It was probably a carnivorous plant of the family of Nepenthes Rafflesia.
I don’t know what happened.
It has developed to eat both zombies, animals, and people, and every time it eats one, it can produce some gas, which should be the one you inhaled.”

Shen Cheng looked at her cub on the screen and saw that he didn’t even have a debuff on his body.
So, he started pretending to be weak again? She didn’t really understand: what is this cub doing?

Even if you can’t figure out the little villain’s intentions, you can’t mess up and break the cub’s plan.
As an ordinary person who thinks that her IQ may not be as good as the AI, she can’t understand it now, so she just reaches out and pokes his hair lightly.

A big question mark floated over the little man’s head.


Why are they touching his head?

Li Weilan’s heart trembled: He guessed that the person might still be there, but he never imagined that the way that person said “I’m still here for you” is actually by patting his head!

But for some reason, when he knew this, the worry that still remained in his heart suddenly disappeared, and a strange wave appeared instead.

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Shen Cheng saw that his mood had turned into a mess, but she looked at it with a thoughtful and serious expression, and then looked at the yellow signs of the two people marked “Researchers” opposite him, Shen Cheng couldn’t help but feel a little strange.
The group of gangsters they had met before had red above their heads, so they obviously had malicious intentions, while Xi Nan and the others went from friendly blue at the beginning to green as teammates, although they were holding daggers at the beginning.
but soon after, it turned enemies into friends.

It was the first time for Shen Cheng to see this kind of yellow bar, and she was a little curious: Yellow? First time encountering it.
Is this the reason why my cub has been acting?

Just waiting for the plot to run on its own, Shen Cheng zoomed out the camera a little, looked at the situation on this floor left and right, and felt that her spirit was polluted.

Right next door to Li Weilan and the others, there was only a thin wall, and countless bulging human faces were attached to the bark, like lumps, which almost caused people to suffer from intense phobia.

The tree was extremely huge, and the trunk seemed to have blood vessels bulging, expanding and contracting and vibrating.
The crown of the tree had pierced the roof.
The sunlight outside sprinkled on its crown, and the green color was in the sunlight undulating.
The trees they saw sticking out of the wall outside the Walmart were part of this strange tree.
The faces on the tree trunk seemed to be sleeping, with their eyes closed and their mouths closed, like scorpions growing on the tree.

“…” Ahhhh! Shen Cheng almost dropped the phone! She is most afraid of this kind of thing that is a cross between human and monster.
What is the purpose of drawing the monster’s picture so realistic in a simulation game of nurturing cubs

Don’t look at it, just watch the cub and wash her eyes.

Shen Cheng honestly put the camera back on Li Weilan.
The little villain was already half-tied down at this time.
If it weren’t for the support of his elbows, he would probably be lying on the ground.

Seeing that his eyes were opening and closing little by little, but it was obvious that he couldn’t hold it anymore, the old man said to him: “You should rest for a while, when the monster came over, it would be very noisy.
We’ll wake you up.”

Li Weilan replied vaguely “Okay” from his throat.

Even if she already knew that her cub seemed to be acting, watching the scene, Shen Cheng’s heart raised in her throat.
In this supermarket, She couldn’t even find the bones of a human, and the tree was densely packed with faces.
Have all the ability users become the nourishment of the tree? Looking at the dense knots on the tree, she didnt know how many ability users have been harmed.
They couldn’t beat this tree.
Can her own cub really get through this?

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The little man actually lay down and fell asleep.

After a while, the older one of the two researchers stood up, walked over and lightly touched Li Weilan’s face with the tip of his toes, first touching it lightly, then pressing it hard, to see that the other party was indeed without even moving his eyelashes, the yellow bar on the elder’s head turned red almost instantly.
He turned around and ordered the younger man coldly, “Take it next door.”

“!!!” The first time she saw the game NPC ripped off his pretentiousness and changed his face.
Shen Cheng, who watched the yellow turned to hostile red, was shocked by this routine.

This operation is really rude!

But how did the cub know that there was something wrong with these two people? She didn’t see it from the perspective of God, but her own cub actually saw through two scheming at a glance.
He is amazing!

There was a secret door behind where they were sitting.
The young man picked up Li Weilan, passed through the secret door, and placed him in front of the giant tree with knots.

The old man skillfully took out a small bottle of pink liquid from the interlayer of the clothes, and slowly poured it onto the leaves of the tree.
Looking at the eyes of the countless faces on the tree that opened instantly, he sighed slightly and turned his head to face the tree.
The young man said, “Give him to the tree god.”

The young man put Li Weilan down.

The giant tree slowly lowered its branches.
First, an extremely sturdy giant hand came over to fiddle with Li Weilan, and then the thick bark on the giant hand slowly opened, revealing a layer of tenderness inside, which was as soft as a flower.
The pink tissue stretched out towards Li Weilan’s body little by little.

Slowly, it wrapped Li Weilan.

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A slight smile appeared on the old man’s face involuntarily.
He looked at the position of the tree trunk, turned his head and said to the young man, “Today our Mana will be here soon…”

There was joy in his voice, but just as he closed his eyes and waited for the next moment in intoxication, the old man suddenly heard a burst of pain and anger coming from the depths of the tree!

He opened his eyes quickly: what’s going on?

However, Shen Cheng could see clearly from the screen.
Just when the old man said these words, the ‘Thunder’ blade in Li Weilan’s hand was unsheathed, and accompanied by a thunder like purple lightning, he cut off the plant with one strike on the most fragile part, the piece of pink tissue was completely cut off from the tree!

Li Weilan slashed it down, and the thunder blade seemed to have become a part of his body.
When using it, it was like his own arm and fingers.
When his mind moved, the thunder and lightning skills sealed in the blade would rush out.
Combined with the great force he used, along with the force of this blow, the claw sticking out from the tree was completely charred black!

He didn’t know if it’s because this monster is like a sinister, its resistance to lightning skills is almost zero.
With this knife, not only the most vulnerable part is completely cut, but even the greenery that originally circulated on the tree was completely subsided, the layer of jade-like color faded, and what was left was a rotten smell.

“Stop!” When the old man saw that the tree was seriously injured, he rushed up like a mad tiger, but he was kicked away by Li Weilan, and then put a knife on the young man’s neck.

He said in a cold voice, “What’s going on, you’d better explain it to me.”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t kill me…” The young man’s voice trembled.
He couldn’t piece together the truth about how things changed from winning the ticket to what they are now.
But he knew only one thing: until now, if he told the person in front of him, maybe for the sake of their research product, he would spare their lives.

The person who knows the current affairs is Junjie, and his own life is naturally more important than the lives of other people.
When facing the blade of this person and the experimental monster body they cultivated obviously cannot beat this person, of course, all he can do is… obediently give in to the situation.

“This is a plant in our research institute.
It was our key research object before,” he said tremblingly.
“After the end of the world, it mutated.”

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