Chapter 9: The Game Character I Raised is the Boss of the End of the World

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Apr 23 2022


Li Weilan was driving alone when he was slapped in the face by some object that appeared out of nowhere.

The trip from Noah Base to Wal-Mart took around two hours.

Li Weilan decided to go on his own. Thank you for reading on

He did not intend to directly confront the legendary mutant beast at Wal-Mart Base.
A person should have a small goal, but he wouldn’t neglect his own security.

Li Weilan used to be a ‘human cargo’ in his previous team.
He ate less and received less, but he never wants to make the same mistakes again in the present Noah base.

If there are actually many supplies in Wal-Mart, as Xiao Chu claimed, he will leave a big portion for the base, but if there are some resources that could improve the quality of life, he intends to sweep those into his own space first.

The person who saved him never appeared again.
Although Li Weilan was still worried about the changes in the space, he was more expectant of having his own livable independent place.

Who knew a weapon would fall from the sky and slam into his head with no warning.
He couldn’t even find the person who possibly could have thrown it.

Li Weilan’s steering wheel, which was originally in a good shape, was now tilted.
A long “crunch” sound could be heard, and the tires left a deep track in the mud.
The entire car was about to run into the dirty ditch on the side of the road.

Li Weilan slammed on the brakes and stopped the car.
When the long knife fell from the sky just now, the scabbard smashed straight into his face, causing his eyes to gleam in pain, and it took him a while to recover.

The knife lay quietly on his lap, as if it had been there all along.

Li Weilan was almost knocked out by this somersault.

Ripples appeared in Li Weilan’s eyes.
He had always been calm even after the drastic changes in his life.
Of course, five days is not a long time, but after the end of the world, the fate of humanity is uncertain, and those who are alive today may become the feces of a mutant beast tomorrow. Thank you for reading on

For five days, the person who saved him vanished.

Li Weilan contemplated whether or not that person was dead or would never appear again in his life.

But living in Noah’s base, just by looking at this underground steel city that has just taken shape, Li Weilan knew that there was a subtle hunch somewhere in his heart that that person would definitely appear again.

The investment that person made is too big.

Big enough to make him feel so special and so important.

And such an investment will not be easily given up.

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Even Li Weilan, who was always calm, felt a slight shiver in his heart after being smacked in the face by a sudden weapon.
Does this person truly want to invest in himself?

So, if it was a gesture of goodwill, why was it delivered in this manner?

He rubbed his still aching forehead, strongly suspecting that the other party saw the temptation that he wanted him to come out for a visit, and slapped him across the face to warn him to stop.

He drew the knife from its scabbard.

The word ‘Thunder’ was deeply engraved on the body of the knife, and like an electric dragon, it scurried back and forth on the body of the extremely dark black sword before disappearing into the knife’s grip.

Li Weilan’s pupils shrank slightly, and he reached out to touch the blade; it was razor-sharp and thin.  As soon as his hand got close, he felt a coolness emanating from the blade and a faint tingling of being electrocuted.
It is obvious that there is a relatively powerful thunder-type skill sealed within the blade, which is more in line with its name.

The least powerful type of ability users are those with the space.
His lethality is increased by a level because of this weapon that seals the high damage skills of the thunder ability.

Li Weilan’s hand stopped on the handle of the knife, where three characters of dragon rising and phoenix dancing have been engraved along with the words ‘Li Weilan’.

That man knew his name!

This weapon was specifically meant for him.
An extremely powerful weapon with heavenly blessings at that.
In this unstable world, such a high-quality weapon can be said to be invaluable, and considering the craftsmanship and tempering, it is simply not something that ordinary craftsmen can create. Thank you for reading on

This knife …

Li Weilan’s heart skipped a beat.

There is no man who does not admire such an extremely cool weapon, and he is no exception.

Is that person giving him a gift to make him happy?

It’s not necessary, is it.

Were they worried about his safety so, he was given such a weapon to arm himself?

The look on Li Weilan’s face was clearly visible on the reflective blade ..
weak, hesitant…

With a sound of “keng”, he put the knife back into its sheath, placed it on the passenger seat, and pursed his lips tightly.

Not far ahead, the Walmart sign stood alone, and the setting sun in the distance projected on the words like blood, reflecting an old and broken scene.


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Shen Cheng returned to the game, she saw the little villain had already arrived outside Walmart, and the map page had disappeared.

She saw her cub lowered his head and looked at the knife in his hand.
For some reason, she felt that the expression on Cub Cub’s face was not entirely happy.

Hey, this is the only item I have right now.

If she doesn’t spend real money and buy the weapons with game coins, Cub would not be completely satisfied?

Or is this weapon with thunder and lightning functions not suitable for my cub, so he reluctantly accepted it?

Shen Cheng was apprehensive, but saw Cub Cub pulled out the knife and examined it carefully.
She didn’t know what to think when he lowered his head and put the knife away.

After a long while, he suddenly took a deep breath and then wrote something on the window glass.

Shen Cheng focused her eyesight in the tidal mist and saw the three words inscribed on the glass,

‘Thank you.’

“Ahhhh” Shen Cheng almost turned into a screaming chicken.

Her cub is so warm!

The little villain’s words, written seriously and earnestly, instantly calmed her anger caused by the landlord.
For a moment, Shen Cheng held her face and smiled happily, but this pleasant feeling quickly ended as the system issued a new task.

[Daily task 1: Complete the Walmart supermarket exploration and learn the truth behind the mystery.
Current completion rate: 0%]

Shen Cheng was refreshed.
It’s time to be excited.

Li Weilan parked the car behind a giant tree outside Walmart.

She didn’t know who designed the landscape of this world; there are towering giant trees and greenery everywhere.

There is a tall tree outside Wal-Mart that looks to be at least a hundred years old.

Some branches even stretched out from the windows and the roof of the supermarket, as if the entire building had been infiltrated and enveloped by this towering giant tree, but unlike other places, there were no zombies here. Thank you for reading on

The cub stopped for a moment at the door.

Shen Cheng was a little worried: To be honest, this place gives her a weird feeling.

The trees are not the point, but the lights in the supermarket are still flickering.
The electricity in this world should have cut off long ago.
How can the lights be still on?

Occasionally flickering once or twice, lighting the entire supermarket as if it were daylight, then darkening abruptly.
The situation is strange to say the least.

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Maybe it’s because the cub has yet to enter the supermarket, Shen Cheng can only see the first floor of the building.
She swiped the screen, and there are still a lot of goods on the shelves on the first floor, as well as traces of monsters.

Shen Cheng pondered and attempted to click on the goods on the shelf.

The system immediately popped up an error warning:

[The game character is too far away to collect the items.]

Li Weilan has quietly walked around the supermarket.
He also felt the weirdness of this supermarket.

The strangest part is that no zombies, not even bugs, birds, or monsters, can be found near or within this supermarket.

He turned around, pried open a small door, and walked in quietly.

The door closed behind him, blocking out the sunlight, and the sight of the Walmart store caught his eye.

Apparently, someone had been on the first floor.

Most of the goods on the first floor are clothes.
Several shelves near the entrance have been turned over in a mess, and there is not many clothing left on the shelves.

Li Weilan’s ears perked up slightly.

He was attentive to every sound and walked in slowly.

The dark first floor became bright all of a sudden.

Shen Cheng laughed “hehehe” in front of the screen.

The little villain on the screen was obviously frightened, his eyes widened, and three exclamation points floated above his head.

She had been staring at the screen and noticed the pattern here that the entire place would light up for one second every thirty seconds or so.
She knows, but it seems her cub doesn’t.

Obviously, the cub was frightened by the sudden brightness.

She thinks Cub Cub is very cute as the calm and collected boss, but for her, as the mother, seeing her cub occasionally loses his cool, she still thinks this kind of cub is very cute.

If the usual handsomeness makes people want to lick the screen, then when he is scared, it makes people want to comfort and kiss his little fat face in their arms.

She laughed for a while, but the little villain was extremely serious, and suddenly hid behind a shelf, his ears trembled slightly and his eyes narrowed.

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Two seconds later, the lights suddenly went out again, and the entire supermarket fell back into the darkness.
Cub Cub seemed to finally understand what was going on.

When Li Weilan was looking around, Shen Cheng had already been clicking this and that on the shelves around him.
This time is different from before, the things on the shelves can be collected.

The first floor of Wal-Mart was probably looted by people who came before, and there were not many things left.

This floor used to mainly sell clothes, especially women’s clothing.
In the last days, there are not many practical clothes, such as wear-resistant and sweat-resistant, that are convenient for the life in the apocalypse.

From the perspective of mother Shen, most of the products here are not suitable for her own cub, because they are not beautiful enough.

She’s in charge of the clothes her cub wears.
After all, it is also one of a mother’s jobs to dress her cub. Thank you for reading on

But during the end of days, these ‘unfashionable’ clothes are all non-renewable resources.
If you miss this chance, you don’t know when there will be another chance.

So, Shen Cheng decided to take all these clothes when cub was walking around.
They can be distributed to other people in the base and make her cub become popular among the survivors.

Shen Cheng basically swept away everything she sees, and soon, Li Weilan noticed something was wrong.

His space … seems to be filling up?

The person, who gave him such an expensive weapon without even showing their face and an entire base without mentioning any conditions, was so down-to-earth that they even clear out the most common clothes?

Seriously cleared out everything … like the didn’t even leave a scrap of cloth.

If it weren’t for the fact that his space was already large enough after the power upgrade, he would have gone back to the base to sleep gloriously after he had finished picking up the remaining ‘garbage’ on this floor.

Li Weilan couldn’t help but laugh.
In this tense fighting atmosphere, he could not help but bend his lips slightly because of the mysterious person’s down-to-earth scavenging behavior, and relaxed for a moment.

He had intended to keep a low profile and discreetly investigate, but it appears that the mysterious person who accompanied him wants to create such a big splash that they wouldn’t even disregard a piece of cloth.
It seems … it’s no longer possible to stay low-profile and discreet anymore.

If there is a monster in this store, and the monster knows its way around, he must have been discovered by now.

In this case, Li Weilan gave up his original plan and prepared for the battle.

He stood in front of each shelf for a while, until every item on the shelf was put into his own space by the mysterious person and all neatly stored.
Only then he moved forward.
Soon, he saw the escalator leading to the second floor. Thank you for reading on

At this moment, he suddenly felt a sharp pain, like a needle stabbing in his head.

Shen Cheng suddenly stopped when she saw the cub’s painful expression on the screen.

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