appened, there was a round of applause.

“Next, Gaius von Carlisle.”

After a while, it was my brother’s turn.

“Gaius~♡ Do your best.♡♡♡”

“Watch me, Historia.
I’ll prove it.
I’m a genius and the right man for you.”

Gaius glanced at me and then touched the measuring board.

He looks confident.
He must have a lot of magical power.

The average value of a baby before was around 100, so he surely has a higher value than that.

“… 50?”

My eyes widened at Gaius’ result.

“That’s brilliant! You are a genius!

“That’s three times the amount of magic we have!”

“That’s great, Gaius! It’s a good thing I chose you over your defective brother!”

It feels like I am being spirited away.

Julius von Carlisle.”

It’s my turn, and I take my place.

“Let’s laugh together at the manaless trash who wants to be made a laughingstock.”

“Pfft, that’s right, Historia.
It’s a good time to shame my ni-san.”

I ask the teacher, “Can I use [Full Concentration]?”

What is [Full Concentration]?”

“It is a special breathing technique that takes the magical mana that fills the atmosphere and converts it into magical power within the body.”

“What are you talking about…?”

‘You don’t know?’

A human being’s mana capacity is insignificant compared to the elves and demons, who have enormous amounts of mana.

That’s why techniques to take in the magic essence in the atmosphere and turn it into magical power are a necessity.

“Ni-san, please just do it.
You are embarrassing me.”

“I’m sorry.
I’ll go now.”

As I touched the board, I used「Full Concentration」to take in the magic essence.

This way, you can generate unlimited magic power from the atmosphere.



“What? The measuring board is broken!”

‘What? I didn’t put much magic power into it.”

“Is there something wrong with the machine… Gaius?”

“…… That’s impossible.
That piece of junk is supposed to have zero magic power! How did this happen?

“… Wow, that’s amazing! A transcendental amount of magical power destroyed the measuring board! Who is that student?

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