The first period was a history class.

A female teacher stood at the podium with a textbook and began talking.

“Today, we will learn about the battle that took place 2000 years ago between the Hero Eugene and the Demon King Venomzad.”

“Two thousand years!?”

I unintentionally raised my voice.

“What’s wrong, Mr.

The teacher looked at me.

I look at her and say, “I’m sorry, it’s nothing…”

“Stop interrupting the class, ni–san.
It’s embarrassing that we are both members of the Carlisle family.”

‘Gaius is right.
I have to reflect.’

The teacher continued the lesson.

“Long ago, a Demon King, the worst of all beings, led demons and brought destruction and chaos to the world.
The one who was chosen to defeat him was Hero Eugene.”

‘Okay, let’s sort it out.’

In the history textbook, there is a description of the Demon King and the Hero.

The name of the Hero was the same as mine in my previous life.

I flipped through the textbook.
The history before the Holy War was the same as what I had learned in my previous life.

‘So this is the world 2000 years after my death…,’ I thought it was a completely different world, but I was simply reincarnated into the future world.

“The hero Eugene, who defeated the Demon King, is said to have been guided by the heavens to become a God as a reward for defeating the Demon King.”

“A-a God!?” I suddenly stood up and raised my voice.

Carlisle, are you not going to listen to my class seriously?”

“Ah, no… I intend to listen.”

“Then let me ask you a question.
If you listened to the class, you can answer the question, can’t you?”

‘I don’t know.
I’m not sure I can answer a question about posthumous history.’

“Then let me ask you a question.
Who are the Four Saints who taught the Hero Eugene.”

“What?” I said, ‘Isn’t that too easy a question to ask the Hero himself?’

“What’s wrong? Can’t you answer the question?”

“… Come on, ni-san.
You have to answer.”

Oops, I forgot to say something.

“First is the sword saint, Soden.
Originally a slave, he was active as a gladiator in the arena.
He uses the [Sword of the Void], which cuts through all things, even space itself.”

“ “What…?” “

All the eyes in the room turned toward me.

“The next is the Great Sage Sally.
She is a genius wizard from the village of elves who uses all magic that exists in the world.
She was the one who invented the concept of chantless magic.”

I know my masters very well.
All of their knowledge and skills were given to me, their apprentice.

“Saint Seyfert came from an orphanage.
Her healing technique [Complete Regeneration] instantly healed all injuries and illnesses.
Martial Artist Take Mikazuchi is from a samurai family in an island country.
When it comes to using fighting techniques, no one is better than him.
When he was 10, he devised the forbidden physical enhancement technique, Demonization.”

I asked the stunned teacher, “Is that enough?”

She says, “Yeah, yeah, very good.
You’ve studied very well.”

Well, I didn’t study.

“… Hey, Gaius.
You could have answered that question just now, right?

“… I had no clue…”

“What!? You didn’t know?

“… H-How! There is no way I will be beaten academically by the deadbeat!”

My classmates are suddenly buzzing.

‘Did I do something?’

“…Wow, to know such a detailed history that even I don’t know.
Was there such an excellent student in this class?”

The teacher looked at me with widened eyes.

“Damn, you! You put me to shame! You are supposed to be just dry!”

My brother was seething with anger.

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