Soon, I arrived at the academy.

“It looks like a castle.”

The building is pure white, and it is shining in the sun.
It took me several dozen minutes to walk from the main gate to the entrance.

“What!? Ni-san? Why are you here!?”

Gaius, my younger brother, spoke to me from behind.

The horse-drawn carriage with [Reinforce] quickly overtook my brother’s carriage.

“I got on the carriage like a normal person?”

“Impossible… I had rigged it to break.”

Gaius mumbles something.

“I’m sorry, but do you know where my class is? I forgot where to go.”

“… You’re in the same class I’m in.”

‘My brother is in the same grade.
Are we twins?’

I follow him to our classroom.

“I’ve been in a bad mood since breakfast.
Ah, I want to see her as soon as possible and be healed.”

We quickly arrived at the classroom.

The men and women in school uniforms were chatting and laughing.

“Good morning, everyone.”

No one answered me.

Well, I guess they didn’t hear me.

I was walking between the desks, wondering where I should sit.

“Hey Julius, I don’t think you greeted me! You have the nerve not to say hello to me!”

The one who stopped me was a petite girl.
She had peach-colored hair in twin tails.
Her strong-looking eyes were narrowed in a sulky manner.

‘Do you know me? Anyways, I should just greet her.’

“Good morning.”

“What’s with that attitude? You can’t talk to me like! Who do you think you are?”

I don’t know; I’m not Julius.

“Historia! My dear Historia, I’ve missed you so much!

“Ahhh, Gaius~♡.”

Historia turned her eager eyes to my brother.

The two stood very close to each other, creating a warm atmosphere.

“You’re looking very charming today as well.”

“You look very nice too.
You’re thousands of times more handsome than some manaless scum♡.”

They both glanced at me after she said that.

Historia must be my brother’s girlfriend.
Since we are nobles, she may be his fiancée.

“Oh, I see.
This brother gives you his blessing.”

“What? What’s with that strange attitude? Shouldn’t you be angrier?”

“Huh… why?

“Why you say…”

Thinking I shouldn’t interrupt, I left them alone.

“… Princess Historia, you looked so in love today that your fiancée left you behind.

“Well, you are trying to take me away from him.”

As my classmates mumbled around me, I aimed for a seat at the far end of the classroom.

The window seat was open, so I sat there.


A female student was already seated nearby.
Her hair is long and shaggy.
Her face and ears were hidden entirely.
Her skirt was long, and since she was wearing the uniform, she had a sophisticated look.

However, the size of her chest was quite impressive.

“Good morning.”

“… good morning.”

Oh, she answered.

I was ignored a lot today, so I’m glad to hear this.

“I’m Julius, and you are?”

“… I’m Elise.”

“Elise-san? Nice to meet you.

I reached out my hand toward her.

Elise looked frightened but still took my hand.

“Did I scare you?”

“… no, no, I was just surprised…”

When she shook her head, I saw her ears through the cracks in her hair.

“Long ears?”

“Ahhh!” Elise hid her ears with both hands.

“Why are you hiding them?”

“… half-elves are… disgusting, right?”

“That doesn’t seem true.
You look rather cute.”


The classroom door opened, and the teacher entered.
It looks like class will finally begin

“… I was never called cute by anyone before…”

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