“… Eh? Wh-What?”

When I touched my forehead, I found slimy red blood on my hand.

“It hurts… What is this? I’m bleeding… Wait, huh?”

This is strange.

I could not move a finger just a moment ago.

“Where am I!?”

Looking around, I saw a luxurious-looking room.

I don’t know this place.

Well, it’s not the Demon Lord’s castle.

“What’s going on here…?”

And just then, the door to the entrance opened.

“Julius-sama! Are you all right!? I just heard a loud noise…!”

The one who entered was a beautiful woman in a maid’s uniform.
Her long wavy light blue hair was tied up with a barrette.

When the maid sees me, she turns pale and shouts.

“Oh, No! Julius-sama is injured!”

Before I could call out to her, the maid had left the room.

“Who even is… Julius?”

As I looked around, a mirror hanging on the wall came into my view.

“Wha-!? Who is… this?”

I looked in the mirror.

There was a boy… one I didn’t recognize.

The age is about 15 years old, With black hair, black eyes upturned gaze.

“[Rejuvenation]? No, the color of my hair and eyes are different… This is… no way…”

When I raised my hand, the boy in the mirror also raised his at the same time.

“Is this me…?”

Then the maid from earlier enters the room again.
In her hand is a first-aid kit.

“Julius-sama! I will begin the treatment immediately.
Please sit on the bed!”

“Eh, aah… thank you very much.”



The maid dropped the first-aid kit in her hand at her feet.


The contents of the box are scattered.

Leaving it there, she repeatedly opens and closes her mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Ah… No, erm, m-my apologies.”

The maid then proceeds with the treatment, her eyes moving restlessly.
She stops the bleeding, disinfects it, and puts a bandage on my forehead.

“Hey, why didn’t you use healing magic?”

It’s just a cut on the skin.

It’s at a level where it can be quickly healed with magic.

“Healing is advanced-level magic, and only the best mages in the country can use it.”


While I was stunned, my treatment seemed to have been completed.

“Thank you.
Sorry for the trouble.”



The maid dropped again the first-aid kit she was about to take with her.

“A-Are you feeling unwell…? Shall I call a doctor?”

“No, it’s not something that serious… by the way, who are you?”

She froze instantly.

“Erm, I’m just a little disorientated! That’s right, my memory is a little fuzzy from when I hit my head!”

“… My name is Charlotte.
I am Julius-sama’s personal maid.”

“I am… Julius?”

“I’m going to call a doctor after all!”

Charlotte just ran off without even putting away the first-aid kit.

“What just happened? Well, I better heal myself.”

I removed the bandage and invoked elementary recovery magic,「Lesser Heal」.

The wound healed in the blink of an eye.

“What, I can use it just fine, the healing magic.
This is advanced….?

Appearing in an unfamiliar place.

The common sense of the maid.

“Could it be that [Secret Art of Reincarnation]… succeeded?

“The doctor will be here in an hour!… Wai- Julius-sama? What happened to your wound?”

“Eh, I healed it.
With magic.”

“M-Magic!? Julius-sama used magic!?”

She hurried towards me.

“It’s healed? No way, to think the manaless Julius-sama could use such advanced magic…”

Looking at the beautifully healed forehead, the maid mumbled in dismay.

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