The Extra’s Return

Maturity Ceremony (2)

The reason why I was able to defeat Daniel even though I didn use mana was because I already had a lot of experience fighting in life and death conditions.

In short, it was because of the difference in experience.

So, even though my current body is much weaker than it was in my previous life, I still have a fighting instinct that far surpasses people with raw strength like Daniel.

I ignored all useless system messages. Then I walked out of the mansion, ignoring Daniel who had flown far away.

As a result of the commotion that I had, which was I had thrown Daniel out, the servants who were heard the commotion immediately rushed over to take a look.

”Aren you going to save him? ”

I asked one of the maids who was looking at me with disbelieving eyes. Then they ran out, from inside the mansion to the front yard, to fetch Daniel.

While the maids were busy, I just walked leisurely. When I reached the front yard, there was already a horse carriage parked.

Next to the horse-drawn carriage was Willa, who was wearing a beautiful noble dress. Even though the dress covered her entire body, it still looked good on her.

”Don you want to ask me something? ”

”Hmm? Do you mean about Brother Daniel? If its him, I don care. ”

She seems to have her own predicament, thats what I thought.

”​Lets go now. Mum and dad might not be able to go with us because they have to take care of Brother Daniel. ”

After say like that, Willas gaze suddenly turned to something hanging from my waist. She looked quite surprised. Then she asked by placing her hand on her small mouth.

”By the way, why are you carrying a sword? ”

”I saw a sword hanging on the wall, so I took it. Don worry, this would be just for precaution. ”

”Brother. Thats not what I meant. Isn it okay to carry weapons during the maturity ceremony? Well, whatever, I doubt you can use them. ”

Willa shrugged, gave up, and turned around. Then, she got into the horse carriage.

I also followed behind her, but just as I was about to enter, following Willa into the horse carriage, two people immediately stopped me. They wore full armor, which covered their entire bodies.

The two of them were guards. Indeed, if a noble was going to go somewhere, they would always bring a guard, right, thats what they were.

But what kind of trait do they possess? They blocked me into the horse carriage with spears in their hands. Did they provoke me?

First, there were the servants (named Gil if Im not mistaken), then Daniel, and now this guard? Im really tired of people looking to mess with me.

”Young Master Mesties is not allowed to enter the same carriage as Young Lady Willa. This is an order from My Lord. ”

”Oh, so you guys weren deliberately looking to mess with me, huh. ”

Who would believe you if you put on a disdainful expression like that?! Do you guys think Im stupid. But Im too lazy to beat you guys up.

I turned back to find another carriage.


When I gave up on forcing them, I heard a loud noise. It was like the sound of metal clashing.

I turned around and saw that Willa had banged the heads of the two guards. Since their heads were protected by armor, they only looked a little dizzy. The proof is that many stars were spinning above their heads when they look down.

Why is Willa angry?

I saw that Willa was looking at the two guards in annoyance. Instantly, when she glanced at me, she immediately smiled and said softly.

”Brother, please come in and sit beside me. ”

For some reason, her smile looks so scary.


Gallop, Gallop, Gallop!

The sound of horse hooves rang in my ears. The carriage that I was riding in shook with every step the horses took. The vibration made my butt hurt.

I am now in the horse carriage. I put my elbow near the carriage window, and I saw the scenery outside the window.

The view of Ryam City began to appear. The city of Ryam has a population of around 100,000, so you could say its a small town.

Understandably, this area was the Frontier of the Misonia Kingdom.

Even though this area is classified as a remote area, the noble district Im currently passing through still has good place management.

As the carriage continued to run, it left the noble district and entered the area where the commoners people lived.

While waiting for my destination, I turned my gaze toward Willa who was sitting beside me. She looks very nervous.

”Why are you so nervous? ”

”Aren you nervous too? ”

”Why I should be nervous? ”

”Because we are going to the maturity ceremony? ”

According to what Willa said, now we are heading to church to attend the ceremony of coming of age.

Maturity ceremony.

In this world, children who are 17 years old, for boys, and 15 years, for girls, will undergo the ceremony of maturity. After that, they are considered as adults.

In this world, age is not determined by the date or day they were born, but only by year. So, there is no such thing as a birthday party.

As for when someone wanted to attend the maturity ceremony, it was up to them.

Actually, the maturity ceremony is just to get an ID Card from the Kingdom. And I did this just to get that ID Card.

By the way, since there is no such thing as a birthday, after I attend the maturity ceremony, I will be recorded as 17 years old. And Willa will be recorded as 15 years old. For that reason, Willa and I attended the ceremony of maturity together.

”Looks like weve arrived. ”

I noticed this horse carriage had stopped at some point. Then the coachman opened the carriage door.

I took a step first, then Willa followed behind me. As soon as we got out of the carriage, there was a magnificent building in front of our eyes.

The building is a church, where the place is reserved for the worshipers of the God of Light, whose name is the god, Apollo.

By the way, the Church of Light is the only religion that exists in this world. So, its only natural that they are a rich religion.

The proof is that their church is among the houses of other ordinary people. They build churches among ordinary peoples houses maybe because they want to be seen always with the people, but to me, that is just their mere arrogance.

Do they want to show off that their organization is a rich religious organization?

Why am I so negative about this religious organization? Of course, because they were the organization where Jullian was.

Actually, I was the someone who doesn believe that God exists. If there is, he must be an impudent being. Where hes playing with my life.

I don know what people think, but I feel that Im not a racist. So, I will not kill or hate those who disagree with me.

Even so, my hatred for Jullian is still contagious to the religious organization to which he belongs.

I threw those disturbing thoughts in the trash, then I walked toward the church.

I saw that in front of the church, there were already two people. One was an old man and the other was a girl. I don know who the old man is, but I know who the girl is.

My eyes immediately widened when I saw she was there. Why is she here? My mind raced fast. My brain is thinking of various possibilities. Damn, if this girl was here, then that person might be….

Meanwhile, I unconsciously stopped moving. My feet are stuck to the ground. My body stands like a tree that can move

”Brother, whats wrong? ”

I could hear Willas voice, but it passed through my left ear and came out of my right. Meanwhile, I just kept looking at the girl. If Im not careful, my eyes will be drop.

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