learning magic.

“It would be fun if she learned some magic.”

A magic book is also something that can be given to a character, after all.

I didn’t think that was possible for no reason.

The game interaction itself worked better than I thought it would.

Surely there must be some preparation for magic as well.

At least that’s what I believed myself.


After handing Euthenia the magic book, I pressed a button to turn off the smartphone screen.

I had done all I could do.

Now it was time to wait for the magic to replenish again.

“Aah, my 70,000 won.”

I looked at my wallet on the bed.

My own empty wallet looked shabby for today.

Apparently, I had to settle for ramen tonight.

Damn developers.

I threw myself into my fluffy bed, swearing at someone somewhere.

* * * * * *

It has been quite a long time since Euthenia started living in a cave.

It was an escape that she made because she didn’t want to face the world any more.

She thought it was better not to meet people from the outside world, even if she had to go hungry and died cold.

But she hid in the cave and never went hungry.

It was all thanks to the grace of a nameless god who was watching over her.

The nameless god visited her regularly and gave her presents.

A dagger and a cloak.
Even black bread to eat there.

She was given goods that she would have no shortage of to live in the mountains.

If she wanted meat, she could catch rabbits with the dagger, and if she was freezing, she could wrap herself up in an old cloak.

Although the objects were a bit crude or old, they were perfectly suitable for use in the cave.

It made the cave life of Euthenia look quite prosperous.

Thank you for looking after me every day.

Therefore, as usual, Euthenia was in prayer today too.

Although she had never met the gods face to face, she clearly recognized only their presence.

She felt that one day, if she became a better believer, she would even be able to hear their voices.

As Euthenia was absorbed in prayer with her hands clasped together, she heard something falling from the sky.


The sound echoed through the cave, and her gaze turned to look in front of her.

There was the sight of a single soft sponge cake placed there, along with a small wooden plate.

“…What is this?”


Euthenia brought the cake in front of her close to her …

Euthenia was the daughter of a baron, but she was still just an aristocrat from a poor country town.

Even for her, a noblewoman, the sponge cake in front of her was not an easily accessible food.

A wooden fork was placed just beside the sponge cake.

Taking a dagger from her pocket, Euthenia neatly cut the sponge cake and took a slice.

“It’s a dish given to me by the god, so I should be grateful”


The fork gently digging into the cake impressed Euthenia, who was watching it.

It was softer than the black bread she ate every day.

She swallowed a drool at the sight of the cake cut out with the fork.

Cutting off a piece of cake, Euthenia immediately put it in her mouth.


The cake in her mouth softly melted and disappeared .

The section of cake that touched her tongue tasted of sweet sugar.

It was a sweetness that could never be tasted in the dry black bread.

No, she had not had many opportunities to eat food like this in her entire life.

Euthenia, who had been munching on a generous piece of cake, exclaimed with an exclamation on her high-energy face.

“…It’s sweet.
Very nice.”

The cake in her mouth quickly disappeared.

Having eaten all the cake that came into her mouth, Euthenia turned her gaze once again to the cake in front of her.

Did you give her a special meal today?

After all.
A different kind of food from the usual black bread was given to her.


A small drop of water formed in Euthenia’s eye as she lifted the cake once more.

“Really, how can I repay this favour?”

Saved her.

Gave her food.

And now she is being taken care of.

It was too much grace to be given to an individual.

It was something that Euthenia had no idea how she would even be able to return this favor to.

As Euthenia was about to eat the cake with a wave of emotion surging through her, the object fell in front of her again.

The item that dropped this time was not food, but clothes.

“This… looks like clothes.”

Euthenia lifted the clothes that had fallen in front of her.

It was a rather fashionable looking tunic.

It was the kind of clothing that she would have no problem putting on and leaving right now.

The main difference was that it was clean and stylish compared to the equipment she had been gifted.

Unlike the old rags she had been using, it didn’t look like something she would be able to use in the mountains.


The moment she saw the clothes that fell in front of her, it was then that Euthenia finally came to understand the intentions of the god who was watching over her.

Unlike before, she was given clean clothes.

In Euthenia’s view, it meant only one thing.

Put these on and go outside.

Now she was told that there was not much left to escape this insidious cave.

“That person wishes me to go outside, isn’t it?”

From the moment her life was saved against the bandits, she decided to live for God.

As such, it was unacceptable for her to be confined to a cave.

She could not run away from the world forever.

There was something left for me to do.

And that would surely be to do the will of the Great One who watches over her.

“If that is your will.”

As if in support of such a will of Euthenia, the last gift fell from the sky.


The thick-covered magic book rolled across the floor.

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