ame to a certain extent.

I resisted the itching in my fingers to press the draw button right away.

It was all for my wallet.

* * * * * *

Euthenia – High Lost.

A gray-haired girl with dry lips looked up at the sky.

Before she knew it, three days had passed since she had locked herself up in the mountains with a sense of emptiness about her ruined village and hatred for the world.

A nameless god saved her from a life-threatening situation, but that did not bring a happy ending to Euthenia’s life.

Family – Friends – Relationships.

Everything that supported her had already been shattered.

All that was left now was God, who looked after her, and Euthenia herself, who was left alone and lonely.

Even that was only surviving thanks to an nameless god who had saved Euthenia’s life.

If it had not even been for the nameless god who had saved her at the last moment by striking down the lightning, she would have given up her own life long ago.


A sigh escaped her mouth as she gazed at the darkened cave.

The empty cave was damp and dark.


After three days of not eating anything, her stomach began to scream.

And hungry.

Had she ever experienced hunger for such a long time?

At least not as far as she could remember .

For Euthenia, who had grown up eating at a dining table with plenty of food all the time, this experience was unfamiliar.

That said, she could not suddenly expect a rich table, so the best she could do was to forget her hunger.


Euthenia’s gaze passed through the empty cave.

Mossy ground, damp air.

Nothing except Euthenia.

Once more Euthenia’s gaze moved.

Mossy ground, damp air.


Mossy ground, damp air.
Black bread that looks hard.

Life returned to Euthenia’s eyes, which had been moving with a loss of strength.

“… a bread dropped?”

What fell on the floor was, for all intents and purposes, bread.

It looked quite hard, as if a lot of time had passed, but it was still bread that people could eat.

As she picked up the bread that had fallen to the floor, Euthenia looked up at the ceiling.

The bread couldn’t have suddenly bloomed on moss in the middle of the cave.

There was no way she could have overlooked it lying on the ground, so it must have fallen out of the sky, in Euthenia’s opinion.

However, all Euthenia could see in the ceiling she looked at was plain-looking stones.

“I am sure it’s a god gave it to me.”

A smile blossomed in Euthenia’s mouth as she lifted the black bread.

The lightning that had struck was not the last time.

The nameless god cared for Euthenia.

On top of that, knowing that Euthenia was hungry, he even prepared a separate loaf of bread for her to eat.

Bringing the black bread to her mouth, Euthenia gently chewed on it.

Crack.! Crack.!

Her teeth touching the black bread, bounced back, unable to bite into it all at once.

The old bread was harder than she had expected.

“Do I have to lick it slowly to eat it?”

It seemed that the only way to eat the hard bread was to wet it sufficiently.

LICK~! Euthenia’s tongue ran over the surface of the black bread .

Normally she would not have looked at this hard bread.

Still, the bread that she got in a hungry situation felt delicious, even if she simply lightly licked it with her tongue.

Euthenia put the hard black bread in her mouth, slowly melting it.

The situation was not so generous that it could be unravelled in a matter of seconds.
So there was no choking or stomach churning for Euthenia as she ate the black bread.

( I wish I had had some milk…).

She even felt a little disappointed that there was no milk to wet the bread because it was hard.

But bread eaten in a hungry situation was like no other delicacy.

Besides, wasn’t the black bread she now had a heaven-sent food of mercy?

In her opinion, any more grumbling would worthy of punishment.

“Mmm, mmm…”

It had been quite some time since Euthenia had started eating the bread.

The large black bread had almost disappeared into Euthenia’s stomach before long.

All that was now left in her hand was the last chunk of bread.

Euthenia put every piece of bread left in her hand into her mouth and looked at the sky with a satisfied look on her face.

It felt good to have a full stomach for the first time in a long time.

Clasping her hands together, Euthenia said a short word of thanks to the sky.

“I ate well Thank you very much.”

She didn’t know what kind of god was looking after her, but she had been saved by that being many times already.

Now Euthenia was ready to serve him, no matter what god she was dealing with.

It was the last remaining guide to Euthenia’s life, which had nothing to offer.

It would have been foolish in anyone’s eyes not to follow the only path left.

Even if that opponent was a god full of evil tales.

As Euthenia, feeling a little cheered up, was praying to the sky, she heard something falling from the sky.



One crude dagger fell in front of Euthenia, along with one shabby cloak.

A light dagger that anyone could use.

And a warm cloak to cover her body.

Her god was worried not only about her food, but also about her life in the mountains.

When she saw what was bestowed before her, Euthenia lifted the dagger with tearful eyes.

“In what words should I thank you? Really, it is difficult.”

They say that after every ordeal comes sweet rewards.

She thought that every trial she had ever gone through was for the encounter now .

Devotion to an nameless god.

That was the path the gray-haired girl had chosen for herself.

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