tence in her mind.


No matter how much magic is used, corpses are bound to remain.

However, the unidentified magic even completely took away the corpses of the enemy.

It was as if all life had been put back where it belonged.

There was only one existence she could think of that could do this.

An omnipotent being watching over her in the distant sky .

In short, those who were called gods.

“I… wasn’t alone.”


A tingling sensation spread from Euthenia’s heart as she looked up at the sky.

It was similar to when, as a child, her father would watch over her at night and give her honey chestnuts, when she was afraid.

Her heart aches when she thinks so.
Tears trickled from her eyes.

Nevertheless, Euthenia still had a faint smile in her mouth.

Because now she realized she was not alone.

“Thank you.”

Euthenia put her hands together to convey gratitude towards the sky.

A sky without a single dark cloud.

However, Euthenia did not get a second honey chestnut.


“Oh, there’s just one left?”

I looked at the screen of my phone, holding back the morning yawn that threatened to spill from my mouth.

At the bottom of the screen, on which the game was turned on, various messages were still floating.

They were messages that had newly surfaced while attacking the bands of bandits that had gathered.

Of course, most of the messages were about using magic and that my karma had gone up after defeating the characters.



—Karma increased by 1.


—Karma increased by 1.

—Karma increased by 1.

I used magic to instantly defeat the bandit characters who had grouped together.

is a powerful skill that deals 15 damage even if used only once.

It did not take me very long to defeat a group of bandits.

However, even a powerful skill cannot avoid the drain on magic power caused by it.

In the end, I ran out of magic power and had to defeat the bandits by busily moving my fingers.

I moved my fingers nearly 100 times, which made my fingers ache from the quick barrage.

It wasn’t a total waste of time, though, as I gained karma that amounted to 5 because of it.

“Still, if I could only eliminate this one, I’d be done.”

I shifted my gaze to the last remaining character.

I could see the character sitting up in the middle of the screen, looking around.

It was the character who had just sat on the floor with a crying emoji on its face.

Perhaps it was because I had defeated all the bandits nearby.

She was now sitting up and crying .

I don’t know what happened between the bandits and her.

But now that I have led the bandits who chased her to the path of Hades, she will be able to meet her end comfortably.

“You shall also go with them.”

Thus the moment I touched the head of my one remaining character.

The speech balloon floating above the character’s head turned strange.

I looked carefully at the speech balloon blinking above the character’s head.

There, emojis with diverse content were alternately output.

– (sad)

– (happy)

– (thankful)

– (sadness)

– (happy)

She cried and laughed and thanked; she cried and laughed again.

For the first time in my life I was flustered by the emoji patterns I was seeing.

So far, the patterns shown by the characters clicked on me had been more constant.

Or a question mark symbol floating above their heads.

Or show an emoji that cries right away.

This character, however, showed a peculiar form of crying and laughing.

“Is there a problem with the AI intelligence?”

My fingers tried to click on the character, but somehow I hesitated.

How could a character express gratitude for being attacked?

This is one of the most unique characters I have ever met so far.

It would be nice to eliminate this character and earn some karma, but I might never see such a character again too.

After a few moments of pondering, I took my finger back out again, which had been approaching the character.

“Well, I guess I can spare this one.”

My fingers were just starting to ache from just hitting the character repeatedly.

It would be good to keep an eye on this character for a while while I play.

Because if I change my mind later, I can just use .

When I took my finger back and looked at the screen, the character who had been floating the speech bubble began to move.

And at the same time she started to move, a new message emerged from the bottom of the screen.

—[Euthenia] has acquired the trait.

—Karma has increased by 1.

I looked at the screen with a suspicious look on my face at the newly floated message.

This time it was because, despite not killing any characters, my karma had increased by one.

The message window said that I had gained the trait with it.


I don’t know in detail whose name that is.

However, there was one character or so that I could guess.

“Euthenia… Could it be the name of this girl?”

I see a character left alone on the screen.

A gray-haired female character who slowly began to climb the mountain.

Her name was Euthenia.

This character had acquired the trait and I began to gain additional karma.

So you can gain karma without having to defeat a character.

This was the first time I had learned this information through Euthenia.

“Still, hunting would probably go up even faster.”

Of course, it was still only one karma.

Regardless of how many characters may end up acquiring the traits of a , this cannot be repeated all the time.

No matter how much I think about it, character hunting is the most efficient.

So I immediately started moving the screen in search of my next prey.

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