challenge it.

It was a price that people who had an abundance of money could challenge.

Perhaps, reading my feelings or something, the game floated a new guidance message on the screen.

>>> You can obtain various items that will help you in your gameplay if you use 10 draws.

“Are you crazy?”

Although I was not one of the lowest average spenders on mobile games, I was still not the black bull I would pay for such a game.

I’d rather spend 100,000 won on other games.

The moment I was about to close the shopping window with this thought in mind.

I sensed something was wrong.

The cause was my finger that was operating the screen.

“…Oh no, I pressed the wrong button.”

I made a mistake and pressed the draw button for 10 consecutive pulls as I was trying to go outside.

Of course, in a normal game this would not have been so much of a problem.

The payment confirmation window would have appeared in the middle of the game because I didn’t have enough goods, and if I had pressed cancel there, I wouldn’t have been able to close the account.

However, this game was not so normal.

As soon as I pressed the button, I was immediately taken to the 10 consecutive gacha screen.

“What… why don’t you ask me if I want to pay?”

No matter how crappy the game is, it at least confirms the payment transaction.

Yet this game showed me the 10 consecutive gacha screens, admirably ignoring even that minimal rule.

Jara jara.

Ten items float before my eyes in sequence.

Not even the effects indicating the grade are visible.

I don’t know whether all the items were only the lowest grade items, or whether the items originally had no grade classification.

A quick moving gaze scanned the list of items that floated by.

>>> You have acquired the [Rusty Iron Sword].

>>> You have acquired the [Rusty Iron Sword].

>>> You have acquired the [Crude dagger].

>>> You have acquired the [Hard black bread].

>>> You have acquired the [Magic Book:Lightning].

>>> You have acquired the [Hard black bread].

>>> You have acquired the [Hard black bread].

>>> You have acquired the [Hard black bread].

>>> You have acquired the [Torn Cloak].

>>> You have acquired the [Rusty Iron Sword].

The objects looked equally like rubbish, even if you could only read them with your eyes.

Hell, even most of them appeared as duplicates.

The moment I saw the items, I realized the fact that these were things I should never buy.

No, I already knew this to some extent, so I began to feel it directly in my body.

When I saw the list of items, I immediately denied reality.

“I didn’t choose a payment method for this, haven’t I?”


As soon as I finished my story, I received a message.

It was a message from the credit card company informing me of a transaction of 49900 won.

It was an amount drawn from a cash transaction, not a credit card payment.

It’s a crappy game and I thought I couldn’t even get the payment right, but this part of the game is slipping out like a sword again.

It was a game that went on to candy ball users with impunity.

“No, what is this… what am I really getting out of this?”

The more you play, the more maze-like it gets.

I folded my arms and had to worry about the amount of money that had already been deducted out of my card.

Should I delete the game and get a refund?

Or continue playing the game with the thought that I had been bitten by the dog?

So distressed, I quickly made a decision.

“Yeah …… I guess so.”

Still, I thought I had enjoyed playing the game so far.

I decided to think of the 50,000 won or so as a purchase cost for the game.

It is only with consumers like myself that there will be more diverse games.

Of course, such a billing model should inevitably be stopped.

Having finished my decision as quickly as possible, I closed the shop and returned to the main screen.

Then I looked at the items I had won in this 10 draw.

>>> [Rusty Iron Sword].

This was rubbish.

It was impossible to use, except to dump it on the floor.

Only characters seemed to be able to move it from the start.

I identified the following items.

>>> [Hard black bread]

>>> [Crude dagger]

>>> [Torn cloak]

These were still the same as the [Rusty Iron Sword].

There was no option but to throw them away.

In other words, scattering them among the characters.

I can’t believe that what I bought for 50,000 won would be like this.

It is a disappointment.

>>> [Magic book: Lightning].

However, the last item [Magic Book: Lightning] was different from the others.

It was the only one that brought to mind a direct interaction button with me.

When I pressed [Magic Book: Lightning] in my inventory, a single option floated above the inventory screen.

The newly emerged message was about learning magic.

>>> Do you want to learn a skill?

>>> You will no longer have the [Magic book].

>> Yes/No.

There was only one choice, of course.

I pressed ‘yes’ without hesitation.


The magic book disappeared from my inventory with a light notification sound.

>>> You have acquired [Lightning (lv.

>>> You can now use Lightning Magic by consuming magic power.

At the same time, Lightning magic was created in the skill window.

The button for Lightning Magic was different from other skills in that I could press the button.

I immediately pressed Lightning Magic .

Then, along with the small target mark, the magical power it had was reduced by almost 10 per cent.


I pressed a point on the screen and a terrifying bolt of lightning fell from the sky.

Lightning, a low-grade magic that ejects lightning.

It was the first moment I gained an active skill in this game.

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