p was one that even Roan couldn’t understand.

“An ritual of offerings….”

In order for the ritual ceremony to proceed, sacrifice are needed.

It appeared that after being taught about the ceremony by Euthenia, Roan needed to prepare the sacrifices required for the ritual ceremony.

In other words, if there were not a sufficient number of sacrifices, Roan would have to move in person.

After opening all of his palms, Roan immediately began to fold his fingers one by one.

Two, three.

Roan sighed as he recalled all the numbers of slaves he had locked up in the prison.

“I’ll have to go in person to fulfil the numbers by all means.”

* * * * * *

Several days have passed since he received the gift from Euthenia.

Perhaps it was because of the hectic time that had passed.

I have been able to spend quite a bit of spare time on the holidays, which I haven’t had in a long time.

Of course, I had more time than usual, but at best I was able to devote a little more of that time to games.

The best friend of the modern man is the smartphone, no matter what anyone says.

It has become our partner in life, or so I would say.

Nowadays, it would be difficult for anyone to dream of a life without a smartphone.

I too could not escape that fact.

“Don’t tell me you sent me another magic book today?”

Upon logging into the game, I first clicked on my inventory with expectant fingers.

It was to check the offerings just in case.

Not surprisingly, the list of items in my inventory was much the same as before.

It hadn’t happened while I was gone, with Euthenia sending magic books and so on.

I kept opening and closing the empty inventory, thinking that perhaps there was a lag.

Still, the inventory never produced an item in case it did.

“Yes, that s right.
Magic books wouldn’t come in every day.”

My feeling was that I would have liked Utania to send me one magic book a day, but unfortunately such a thing seemed to be impossible.

It was quite a dumb expectation.
If I say so myself.

If you just connect to the game, you can’t expect to have a magic book in your inventory every day.

Who would pay for such a game?

At least it would not be a positive part of the game’s pay-for-play concept.

After giving a glance of regret once, I looked at the shop button located in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

“Is it by any chance still under maintenance?”

I stare alternately at the insufficient inventory and the shop button.

The  was under inspection only recently, but the probability that it was still being inspected seemed low.

The monthly salary is also just in the bank account.

Ten quick gacha pull would fill up the poor inventory with suitable items.

Should I go for it or wait?

After a few moments of thinking about it, I made my decision and touched the button on the shop.

The screen switched to the shop page and a new message floated to the bottom of the screen.

– Skills extended.

– You have acquired the .

– You can now use paid goods to purchase the contents of the shop.

The messages that surfaced one after the other were unexpected.

The level of the  skill has increased.

It even called it Lv.
MAX+2, a completely understandable level of strangeness.

I was astonished at the sudden growth of the Gacha Shop.

“What the hell? How can this suddenly go up? It hasn’t even leveled up yet!”

The shop’s level had grown separately, even though it hadn’t even been leveled up.

And what was even more astonishing was that the price of the 10 times Gacha pull, which had previously cost 69900 Won, had gone up again.

10 times for 79900 won.

It was a whopping 80,000 won.

The amount charged was even more expensive than before.

An empty smile broke out from my mouth as I looked at the mess.

“It really is… a legendary game in many ways.”

Shops evolve on their own without the player’s consent.

Furthermore, it was impossible to even shop before it evolved.

What game in the world could showcase such a beautiful billing structure?

It was natural for me to be worried as I looked at the price, which was already at 80,000 won before I knew it.

80,000 won is not a small amount.

80,000 won.
With that kind of money, I could have ordered food delivery many times.

“80,000 won? With this money, how many chickens?”

As I was calculating the price of the chicken, my gaze turned to the TV news program that was on.

The news was just talking about chicken.

It was a reporter pointing with his hand at statistical data on chickens, with a large floating picture of a chicken behind him.

The data presented was mostly about the recent increase in chicken prices.

– “Recently, due to a series of food price increases, chicken suppliers have decided to increase chicken prices.”

– “Along with that, the delivery agencies have declared an increase in delivery costs…”

“80,000 won is well worth trying to return it, isn’t it?”

There seemed no need to worry any further.

I clicked the gacha button straight away.

With a familiar touch, the gacha outcome items began to display on the screen, one by one.

– [Baguette].

– [Hard iron sword].

– [Stylish tunic].

– [Sharp iron sword].

– [Sponge cake].

– [Steel shield].

– [Sponge cake].

– [Sponge cake].

– [Hard iron sword].

– [Magic Sword – Ednos].

Most of the output items looked similar to the last time.

Except for one item.

[Magic Sword – Ednos].

My gaze naturally fell on the item that was alone and shining with a sparkling light.

The last item I could see of was this one, with a purple halo emanating from the background.

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