u saying that to me?”

One day I came home drunk from a relationship problem.

I got drunk and let my usual mobile game run.

At first, I was thinking about looking at the screen with no thoughts.

As I did so, I suddenly became frustrated and found a target in the game to be annoyed and angry with.

What I found was one of the villages in the middle of nowhere.

I pressed the screen until the characters in the village disappeared, ignoring the fact that my fingers hurt.

I moved my fingers in a hurry until all the magic power I had was depleted.

When the magic power that had been drained that way recovered, and all the magic power that had risen again was drained.

Having completely annihilated one village, I was able to discover a single message floating on my smartphone.

>>>Your karma has increased by 10.

>>>You are now at level 2.

It was the moment I discovered a new feature in the game that I didn’t even know existed.

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