le from normal magic.

The more complex magic was far more difficult to create on a massive scale.

The accuracy of the formula required depended on the scale at which the magician used it.

Therefore, the higher-level systems of magic that apply their effects over a wider scale are more complex and require more alterations.

However, Euthenia realized that such things did not make sense to her.

Complicated techniques were, after all, just an extraction to increase the range and reduce the amount of magical power consumed as much as possible.

Euthenia – High Lost.
She was an alien being who receives a sea-like magical power directly from God.

Magic efficiency was something that Euthenia didn’t need to place any value on.

Euthenia’s eyes, which were reading from a magic book, took on a different color.

“… Are you also interested in magic?”

“It was his will that I learnt magic, you see.”

“…I see.”

“Could you give me some space? After seeing the book, I suddenly felt the urge to read.”

A hand that moved under Euthenia’s shadow brought her a chair.

Euthenia sat down in the chair and calmly began to turn the pages .

At the proclamation of Euthenia occupying the tent, Roan looked at Peter with a questioning gaze.

But Peter merely nodded to his gaze.

The two eventually left the tent with awkward expressions.

Inside the tent, Euthenia began to spend some time alone.

* * * * * *

There are moments in your life as you live in the world when you have to deal with pressing issues that suddenly come to you.

For me, yesterday was such a moment.

I didn’t even have time to run the game yesterday due to the schedule that quickly piled up.

This is quite unusual considering that I have been connected to the game almost every day since I started playing it.


I grabbed my dazed head and raised my upper body, and the sunlight coming in through the window greeted me.

10 am.
Or maybe it was 11am.?

The sun already seemed to be rising close to the mid-sky.

I took a cup from the small table and quenched my thirst.


The lukewarm, cold water flowed down my esophagus.

My dry throat finally felt relaxed.

“Huh… I finally feel like I am alive.”

Even though my body still felt a little sluggish, I felt like I had some realization.

I reached over and took the smartphone that was under my pillow.

It was to check for any messages that had come in last night.

When I operated the smartphone and checked the message window, I saw an icon for a game that was now on the main screen.

I remembered that I couldn’t play the game yesterday.

It was something that might have happened to the game while I was not connected.

Since Euthenia started working, didn’t it become an typical idle game?

I clicked on the game icon and let the game start.

“What happened last night?”

Lately, I had been hunting on the other side of the flow line from her, keeping Euthenia docile.

It was an anticipated moment to see what Euthenia had been up to so far.

Scroll down to check the logs that have been floating around all day.

Did Euthenia do many last night?

Today’s message log was on the longer side in its length than I had expected.

– [Apostle – Euthenia High Lost] has made an offering to you.

– Offerings made to you – 17.

– The effect of  is activated.

– Your karma has increased by 34 minutes according to the number of offerings made to you.

The first thing that popped into my sight was the message of the offerings made to me.

It seems that Euthenia had offered additional offerings.

Is this because she is a character with the trait of ?

She was quite active in making offerings.

Looking at it this way, it felt like I had picked a pretty good character.

“Huh? What is this…?”

And underneath, there was a surprising message floating around.

It was a message from Euthenia saying that I had been offered a new magic book.

The name of the item, which was confirmed by opening the inventory, was “Magic Book – Lightning Arrow”.

Seeing that I had no memory of acquiring a magic book by messing around, I was certain that the item had been offered by Euthenia.

I didn’t know that I could be offered by an apostle and acquire a new magic book.

It was quite unexpected for me.

“Can I get magic without having to play the gacha?”

You can acquire a magic book without a ten-turn gacha.

My evaluation of the game changed a little upon learning this fact.

I felt that the game might not need to charge so much, surprisingly.

Of course, judging by the fact that I now have the magic book, the odds themselves don’t seem so high.

I pressed Inventory and clicked on Magic Book.

It was to use the magic book to learn new magic.

– You have acquired .

– Now you can use Lightning Arrow magic by consuming magic power.

The name of your newly acquired magic is Lightning Arrow.

Like the  magic I had been using before, it was a magic that shoots lightning towards the target.

When you get a new magic, it is only natural to test it.

I threw the magic towards the nearby village.

A massive bolt of lightning landed on the village, inflicting damage in a wide radius.

It looked more like a throwing spear than an arrow.


Fine sparks flashed in the vicinity where the magic had struck.

The damage inflicted on the enemy by the  used earlier was 30.

What a surprise, it was twice the damage of .

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