It was best to run away if possible.

“Warlock …”

“There is no time! Master Roan! Please use your powerful magic, to dispose of the enemy!”

“No, I……”

“Master Roan! We have to hurry!”

But he couldn’t afford to run away from the bandit, who was looking at him with a zealous expression on his face.

A wizard’s assets are magic books and research materials.

Even though he is a Warlock, his essence has not changed.

The moment he abandoned them all here and fled, everything Roan had accumulated over the decades would be lost.

Sighing, Roan walked past the bandit in front of him.

As he walked out of the tent, he saw the Bandit Boss being held hostage, just as he had been reported.

“Ah, Roan…! You have to help me!”

As soon as the Bandit Boss saw Roan, he immediately shouted his name for help.

Roan looked at the uninvited guest standing behind him with the held-up Bandit Boss.

One young man with an impression of naivety.

And behind the young man, a girl holding a thick book.

In the book held by the girl, magic power with an unknown depth was swirling.

It was a supreme treasure that one could guess its value just by looking at it.

“Are you the wizard who is said to live here?”

The gazes of Roan and the girl met in mid-air.

The girl had an innocent expression on her face and turned to Roan, asking his identity.

However, Roan was not fooled by the girl’s innocent expression.

The person in front of Roan was a wizard.

A wizard with tremendous magical power, whose abilities he had no idea what she was capable of.

She was not someone to be taken for a fool.

“Yes, I am the Warlock Roan Hebris.
And you, who are you?”

“My identity, sir?”

“If you asked a question, wouldn’t it be fairer to take one?”

“I guess so, yes….”

“So reveal your identity.”

Roan, who swallowed his spit, watched his opponent’s every move with a guarded stare.

At Roan’s request, Euthenia took a light step forward.

As she advanced, Euthenia’s steps came to a halt right next to the tied up Bandit Boss.

Stopping a short distance away from Roan, Euthenia immediately opened her mouth with a calm voice.

“I am an apostle, Euthenia High Lost.
I am an apostle who serves the Great One.”


“Is that not very familiar to you?”

“No, I think I understand a bit now.”

God’s apostles.

I don’t know exactly what kind of god that god was, but I could guess that it was unusual to have met with an apostle of God.

Those who follow the path of black magic must understand ritual acts of all kinds.

The offerings to the evil gods were no exception.

You make an offering and receive power accordingly.

This was one of the foundational contents of the subject of black magic.

Seeing Euthenia, who called herself an apostle, Roan realized the fact that he had to make a quick decision.

“I see.
I’m glad we could have an understanding.”

“I suppose that’s all I wanted to ask.”

“It looks like you are going to use magic.”

A spark flew into Roan’s hand as he increased his magic power.

Creating a lightning arrow, Roan fired it straight at the target.

The arrow flew like light and collided with the target in a flash.

“Lightning Arrow!”


The arrow shot by Roan pierced the Bandit Boss next to Euthenia.

The body of the Bandit Boss, who was hit by the arrow, sparkled and started foaming at the mouth and convulsing.

Yes.! It was not Euthenia who Roan attacked but the Bandit Boss.

The Bandit Boss, hit by the sudden attack, screamed and passed out.

Euthenia, who was watching over him, stroked the book’s cover and spoke to Roan.

“You have done an interesting thing,” she said.

“I already came to a conclusion from the moment I first saw it.”

“Is that so?”

“Please accept me as your disciple.”


Kneeling down, Roan hit his head on the ground.

This was the only conclusion Roan could draw.

An enormous aura surged behind Euthenia, who moved her shadow.

From the moment he confronted it, Roan had realized that his opponent was an existence he could never hope to win against.

He had no superior talent for magic, but he was born with an ‘eye’ to recognize the level of his opponent.

His opponent was, to his surprise, an apostle of an evil god.

While connected in some way to the being she served, she was drawing near-infinite magical power from that being.

It was the very existence close to the ideal that wizards dream of.

How could they dare to stand and fight against such an existence?

It was an act no different from a foolish Moth jumping towards a bonfire.

Euthenia shook her head at Roan’s request.

“That’s a pity.
I don’t think I can take you as an disciple.”

“… Yes?”

“Even if I recruit believers, I don’t accept disciples.”

“Then please accept me as a believer! I will serve the Great One!”

Hearing Euthenia’s response, Roan immediately changed his plans and hit his head again.

If disciples were not good enough, he had to join a religious.

This was even more so if it was a highly influential god who could even create apostles.

Euthenia smiled at the sight of Roan, who bowed one after the other.

A hand extending from the shadows stroked the head of Roan, who was lying face down.

“Is that so? I am sure the Great One will be pleased.”

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