An exclamation flowed naturally from Peter’s mouth as he watched the ceremony.

The other party is a being of a different status from a mere human being.

There is no point in resisting.
Just facing them will determine your fate.

Whether or not he wanted the sight in front of him was of little importance.

It was an existence that anyone could only marvel at the moment they saw it.

While Peter gazed at the altar where the villagers had disappeared with blank eyes, the girl who had finished the ritual approached Peter still holding the book in her arms.

“How does it feel to have a glimpse of the Great One?”

She still looks as pure and smiling as ever.

Peter’s fist tightened as he faced the girl.

Peter, who had been watching the ceremony, realized that he was no longer feeling alright.

He was now enveloped in fear.

Facing a being he was not even allowed to see, he shuddered at the mere sight of its presence.



“You, you, what the hell are you…?”

Peter, in a cold sweat, questioned her identity.

The girl’s eyes were full of interest at Peter’s question.

The girl, tapping the cover of the book she was holding, opened her mouth.

“Hmm, you mean me?”


A question of identity.

The girl’s answer to this was simple.

“Apostle, Euthenia High Lost.”

A hand reached out from the shadows and stopped in front of Peter.

Dark fingers pressed down on Peter’s forehead .

However, the shadow’s hand did not crush Peter, but a light knock.

After finishing her mean prank, the hand went back into the shadow of Euthenia again.

“The first bell in honour of the Great One.”

* * * * *

“What? Why are so many coming in?”

Smartphone screen showing Euthenia’s appearance.

I have been following the conversation from the moment Euthenia entered town, all the way up to now.

Until the first time Euthenia hunted the characters, I just thought about the characters auto-hunting on my behalf.

However, I couldn’t help but be surprised when I saw the message that came to me immediately after the offering ceremony was over.

The offerings made by Euthenia had brought in huge amounts of karma for me.

– [Apostle – Euthenia High Lost] has made an offering to you.

– Offerings made to you – 43.

– The effect of  is activated.

– Your karma has increased by 86 in proportion to the number of offerings made to you.

The number of characters offered to me by Euthenia is 43.

I was sure of this because I listened to the number of villagers from a character called Peter, and also because this is what was mentioned in the system message.

But the karma figure I earned was a whopping 86.

Compared to the karma I had simply earned when I hunted alone, I earned twice as much.

I couldn’t believe that I got twice as much when I hunted the same number of characters.

It was a scaling factor that was beyond the scope.

“So when a character makes an offering, you get twice as much? Wow…”

When Euthenia made an offering, it generated twice as much efficiency as I could move.

“I still don’t know whether this is thanks to the effect on the Balance of Karma, or because Euthenia is my apostle.

But one thing was certain: it was unconditionally more efficient than me hunting directly.

I didn’t realize that if you develop your character, you can level up in a more efficient way.

It seems that this game was not classified as an idle type for nothing.

“It would be better to leave it for a while.”

Of course, taking into account the speed of the character’s movement, there may be cases where my intervention would be more efficient.

Nevertheless, I saw the possibility of a neglectful Euthenia.

The number of apostles I can raise is not one.

If I continue to increase the number of apostles while collecting karma, my level will increase faster.

Perhaps, in some cases, characters who were not apostles could also make offerings.

As I drew up such a hopeful training plan in my mind, Euthenia, who had finished the ritual, looked at the sky and said.

– “I tried very hard to work accordingly, but did you like it?”

Did I like the experience?

That was a silly question.

Who would not be pleased to receive an experience that reaches twice as much?

For me now, Euthenia was like a precious limb.

I took a baguette from my inventory and threw it into Euthenia.

“Great, Euthenia.
I knew you were my character of choice.”

If you have made an offering, it is only natural that you should give a reward for it.

The baguette I gave to Euthenia was an expression of such reciprocation.

Upon receiving the bread, Euthenia bowed her head and bit into it.

She still looked well fed on the baguette.

However, you cannot simply settle for repaying a character who has earned 86 karma by doing this much for you.

I brought my finger close to the screen with the intention of patting Euthenia’s head.

As my finger grazed past the top of her head, I heard Euthenia’s scream from the speech bubble.

– “Arhg!”

Euthenia fell to the floor after my pat down.

Apparently, the touch hurt more than I thought.

I felt somewhat embarrassed looking at her, and I hastily turned off my smartphone screen.

I felt like hiding somewhere for a while.

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