like she had plenty of room to spare, readjusted his posture.

If you let your opponent take the initiative like this, it will only put you at a disadvantage in battle.

Having adjusted his posture, Rick tried to run towards the girl again.

If it weren’t for the enormous amount of magic that began to gather above Rick’s head.

The attack magic comes.

It looked like the simple low-level magic.

However, the amount of magic power gathered to use the magic was at an unusual level.

It was too late to get out of the magic’s range.

The only option left was a defense.

Rick raised the magic in his entire body and prepared to withstand the attack .


A powerful thunderbolt pierced Rick’s body with jolting lightning.

Rick screamed in intense pain as his internal organs burned .


Even though the power had been increased to reduce the amount of impact, it was still this powerful.

A few direct hits were enough to endanger his life.

Rick analyzed the situation while suppressing the pain transmitted throughout his body.

The opponent could pour in magic power from a long distance.

If the distance opened up, he would definitely have to endure their one-sided attacks.

He had to somehow close the distance with the girl in front of him.

Rick Weil.
Pull yourself together .

Rick motivated himself and regained his posture.

If you stay still, the enemy will attack you.

To close in, he had to break through his opponent’s long-range attack.

A simple rush would easily be blocked.

Having formulated a strategy to deal with the evil priest, Rick started running forward with his sword.


With a light body movement, Rick moves forward.

Even as Rick moved forward with anomalous movements, the lightning magic that was raining down towards Rick did not stop.


With a succession of thunderous claps, lightning fell where Rick moved to dodge.

Even if it was menacing lightning, it was meaningless if it didn’t hit.

Rick, who had avoided the lightning with his quick body movements, rushed towards the girl, his whole body covered in magic power.

“Die already–!”

In a flash, Rick’s sword, which was close by, swung at the girl.

The girl with the magic book was in no state to respond.

Rick had no doubt that his sword would cut through the girl .

Until the girl’s lips moved as she watched him.



The sharply swung sword flashed across the surface of the barrier.

A large crack appeared on the surface of the barrier, where the sword, which was filled with magic power.

The sudden appearance of the barrier was a baffling sight.

Rick postured again and attempted to swing his sword.

If he swung his sword once more, he could destroy the barrier in front of him.

If only it hadn’t been for the lightning that fell from above Rick’s head.



Rick’s body was startled by the lightning that fell from the sky.

Struck by the lightning, Rick tried to raise his magic powers to stop the next attack.

However, the evil god watching over Rick did not condone it.


Lightning struck above Rick’s head several times as he held his sword.

One after the other, the lightning struck Rick’s body in succession .

“Haa… haa…”


The sword fell from Rick’s hand and dug into the floor.

Having lost his sword, Rick collapsed down with his eyes closed.

But the evil god’s wrath towards Rick showed no mercy to the fallen.


Lightning continuously raining down from the sky.

Rick’s consciousness gradually began to fade from the lightning strikes that struck his own body one after the other.

The moment Rick looked up ahead at his dissipating consciousness, sensing his end.

The girl in his eyes looked awe-inspiring.

* * * * * *

Cloud-Centurius Branch.

Second-level agent Huss-Alemeir had a mixed expression on his face when he saw the paper in front of him.

It had been ten days ago, when Rick, a third-level agent, had left the branch to search for traces of an evil god.

However, Rick, who had embarked on an investigation, had yet to return to the branch.

If he hadn’t found any traces near the village, he would have come to Huss for help, but all he came back with was a single report, not Rick.

“Rick Weil…”

Huss read the contents of the paper in front of him again .

Rick Weil.

His horse was found in a nearby village.

Cloud’s investigator missed his regular reporting deadlines and even left the horse he was using elsewhere and disappeared.

Undoubtedly, something strange had happened.

Huss clutched the report in his hand as he recalled his vanished junior colleague.

“Evil… evil god?”

Without leaving any trace, the entire population of four villages disappeared.

It was hard to believe at the time when I first heard the report from Rick.

What could have made the inhabitants disappear without a trace?

It was clear that Rick had failed to investigate thoroughly.

However, even Agent Rick, who presented the report, had now disappeared without a trace.


There’s something going on in this area.

Huss bit his lip as he felt this fact.

A being that can get rid of people without a trace.

And a being that could wipe out an entire village soundlessly.

Such a being was staying nearby.

“….I’ll have to ask for advice from the Holy Land”

Huss took out a piece of paper and inked it with a dry pen .

Huss straightened the paper and began to write a letter on it.

The other party was not an ordinary criminal.

And dealing with an evil god was something that required a suitable specialist.

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