from the Hammerheads body. The Hammerheads shell very quickly fell apart as a chain reaction from the sub-light engines engulfed the ship in a hell-fire. The Captain could not even order an evacuation before the ship was obliterated. The shock waves from this explosion forced The Axiom upwards in a gut wrenching jolt, Captain Smith was thrown with the rest of his crew suddenly towards the front of the room. His head colliding with the helm console, the warm wet blood now flowing from a fresh gash on his forehead, his white hair now showing a crimson streak. Unable to regain his footing, the old mans vision became impaired, blurry figures danced around him, rushing from console to console, shouting out reports. Captain Smith felt a sensation he had not felt in more than three decades. He felt drunk. With another sudden jolt the Captain was pulled from the side of the helm console by a shadowed figure and dragged to the rear of the room where he was propped up again the cold metal wall. An unfocused face was now inches from his own, a dull voice echoed through his ears, unable to focus, unable to hear, Smith blinked, shaking his head, hoping this would allow the crew member to understand his words could not get through.

The Bridge soon did not glow with the green hint from the consoles or the flashes of the weapons, but quickly grew blue.

”Sir! Plasma, incoming! Brace for impa… Evacuate the bridge! Its heading straight for us! ” cried a tactical officer in a breaking fearful voice. Captain Smith tried his very best to regain focus in his un-bloodied eye, only to see the electric blue gel impact the reinforced glass of the bridges skin that held only for the briefest of seconds and turned into fire as it engulfed the once proud ship and its crew.

The Junior Aliens stood in awe as they observed the scene of carnage, security teams stood silent and still, years of discipline forcing them to stare only forwards, awaiting their next orders, ready to move into action at the first sign of trouble or a word from the governor, but remaining as stone statues until then. Governor Arden stood limply shaking his head as he watched the final ship burst into a fire ball of orange and blue. The Jenny Lee fell apart with all hands, just like all the other ships, wreckages drifting through the once again silent, peaceful void. The Senior Communications team stood by the blue glowing consoles with their long mouths drooping open as Governor Arden approached them.

”Find out where they came from! send a message, we will not tolerate any bullying from any race! I want all available information about our new enemy! Send search parties to the wreckages. Use extreme prejudice. ”

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