Shao Mingwei stopped the movements of his hands.
He soaked the rag in the basin of water, washed his hands and wiped them, then walked over and asked with a smile, “Why did you come here today?” 

Min Yu touched Shao Rong’s head and said softly, “I came to see you and Rong Rong.
I also bought some clothes for you and Rong Rong on the way.
You have a late holiday this year, so you haven’t had time to buy it yet.”

Shao Mingwei was stunned, glanced at the big bags Min Yu was carrying in his hand, and whispered, “I planned to take Rong Rong outside to play.
I don’t plan to buy it this year.
You can buy it for… But I have a lot.
I haven’t even worn them a few times.
And I’m already an adult, so there’s no need to buy a lot.”



Min Yu didn’t immediately respond to his words.
He smiled and looked at Shao Rong, who was looking at them with big round eyes full of expectation, handed her the one that belonged to her, and said softly, “Rong Rong, don’t listen to your brother.
You can take it to the bedroom and try it to see if it looks good.

Shao Rong smiled bashfully at him, then looked at Shao Mingwei hesitantly. 

Shao Mingwei glanced at Min Yu in disapproval, but was defeated by his docile but persistent eyes, and helplessly said to Shao Rong, “Then you go in to change and let us see.”


“Thank you, brother Xiao Min!” Shao Rong’s eyes lit up, happily took the paper bag from Min Yu’s hand, and briskly went to try on the clothes.

Min Yu smiled and watched her close the bedroom door, then pulled Shao Mingwei’s hand to go to the other bedroom and said, “You also come and try it out.
Let’s see if it fits.”

Shao Mingwei continued, “You have already bought me a lot of clothes.
Some of them can’t even fit in the closet anymore.”


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Min Yu pulled him to the full-length mirror in the bedroom and took out the folded long gray woolen coat from the bag.
He glanced at Shao Mingwei’s black, mid-collared thin sweater.
The slim-fit sweater outlined Shao Mingwei’s wide shoulders and narrow waist, emphasizing the strong and smooth sexy lines of his torso, and the full and beautiful chest muscles extending out of the slender neck and Adam’s apple.
His eyes stopped at the sculptured chin.

Min Yu’s heart heated up as he looked at him.
He pursed his lips into a smile and said, “It just so happens that the one you’re wearing is suitable.
You don’t need to change, just directly put this on.”


Seeing him staring at him impatiently, Shao Mingwei sighed and obediently took the coat from his hand. 


Min Yu bought Shao Rong a dress, as well as a matching coat, socks, and small leather shoes.
Shao Rong hummed a song and changed into the complete set.
She turned around in front of the mirror, admired the delicate skirt for a while with satisfaction, then went out impatiently to show it to her two brothers.

There was no one in the living room.
She looked around and saw that the door of her brother’s bedroom was ajar.
There was a faint sound coming from the inside, so she walked over.
At the door, she was about to call her brothers to look at her, but as she glanced inside, she subconsciously didn’t make a sound.

In front of the full-length mirror, Min Yu was fixing Shao Mingwei’s collar.
Min Yu smiled and whispered something.
His eyes were slightly bent with affection, and his movements were careful and gentle.
Shao Mingwei looked down at him with no expression on his face, but Shao Rong could somehow sense the hidden devotion and gentleness on his face. 

On a winter afternoon, the golden sunlight shone through the window, shrouding the two of them, leaving an elongated shadow on the floor, so beautiful that it was like a painting and everything around them seemed superfluous.
In an instant, she realized that except for their gender, which is both men, the two were equally handsome and they matched so well, which reminded her of her parents, who were very affectionate but restrained on weekdays.

Shao Rong looked at it blankly for a while, then suddenly blushed.
She did not disturb their exchange of soft whispers, just quickly turning around to return to her bedroom.
She has the unique sensitivity of a girl, and she seems to feel something after seeing the scene earlier.
Obviously, there is nothing ambiguous between her brother and brother Xiao Min’s actions, but the natural sweetness in the atmosphere and the serious look of brother Xiao Min in her elder brother’s eyes can’t be concealed, even making her face throb from the heat and quickly escaped from the soft and romantic atmosphere.

Soon, all the confusion that Shao Rong had in the past disappeared, and she suddenly became enlightened.
Why did her brother suddenly have a friend with such a big difference in status and age? Why did brother Xiao Min take care of them so much? Why does brother Xiao Min behave in a way that is too considerate, even when he appears to be just a very good friend? Why did the two people look so intimate? And the little and gentle feelings of interaction between the two people she never paid attention to before, immediately became clear: the holding of hands from time to time, the occasional silent glances at each other, the tacit understanding of knowing what the other needs without having to communicate, and the memories that only the two of them knows… all indicate that their relationship goes far beyond that of being friends.

Shao Rong sat on the edge of the bed, somewhat happy for her brother, but somewhat flustered.
After all, in her understanding, such relationships are not totally accepted by the mainstream of society. 

In the evening, Min Yu stayed at Shao Mingwei’s place for dinner.

Because Shao Rong discovered something incredible, she didn’t eat much, only quietly looking at Shao Mingwei and Min Yu, paying attention to their interaction: Shao Mingwei made dishes for Min Yu very easily, and Min Yu tasted the soup in the bowl and knew that Shao Mingwei was accommodating to his and Shao Rong’s preference.
The taste was light, so he silently brought salt from the kitchen and put it on the side of Shao Mingwei’s right hand.
Shao Mingwei didn’t even look at it and just took the bottle of salt, sprinkling some into the soup bowl.


They didn’t talk much, and they didn’t have any particularly intimate actions.
Everything was the same as when they ate together many times before, but Shao Rong inexplicably felt that she was very bright, as if she shouldn’t be at the dining table.
After the meal, she was completely sure that her brother and Xiao Min were lovers.

Seeing that Shao Rong was seemingly eating without appetite, Min Yu said with concern, “Does Rong Rong feel uncomfortable? Why did you eat so little today?” 

Shao Rong quickly put on a smile, shook her head, and said, “I’m not feeling uncomfortable.
I ate too much at noon and had no appetite.

Shao Mingwei on the side said with a blank face, “I told you that you can’t eat more leek pies, and now you’re full, you’re not listening.
It’s better to eat less at night, otherwise, you’ll ask me for digestive tablets again.

Shao Rong stuck out his tongue at him and didn’t speak, then showed Min Yu a silent, crying face.

The corners of Min Yu’s mouth pointed upwards as he watched her play tricks.
The bright lights made him gentle and elegant, with a picturesque appearance.
Shao Rong thought to herself: Brother Xiao Min is so pretty, ah… 

Not long after eating, Min Yu was ready to leave.
If it were in the past, Shao Rong would have asked him to stay, but she just discovered Xiao Min and her brother’s relationship.
If he stayed, he would sleep in the same room with her brother.
She didn’t have the face to ask him to stay, so she only looked at him.

Shao Mingwei said, “How about you stay the night here?”

Min Yu smiled and said, “I can’t.
I’ve been staying in the ancestral house recently.
I don’t usually go back often.
I will take advantage of the Chinese New Year to spend more time with the old lady.

Shao Mingwei nodded and understood.
“It’s better to spend more time with the elderlies.

Shao Rong was about to get up and send Min Yu off with Shao Mingwei but Min Yu saw her movement in the corner of his eyes and said to her, “It’s okay, Rong Rong, you don’t need to send me off, you can watch TV.”

Shao Rong’s eyes shifted.
Stroking her head, she obediently waved goodbye to him.
“Goodbye, brother Xiao Min.
Be careful on the road.


Min Yu opened the anti-theft door, turned around, and whispered to Shao Mingwei, “We probably won’t have any time to meet each other before the end of the year or after it.” 

Shao Mingwei lowered his head to look at him.
“It’s alright.
I know you’re busy.”

Min Yu glanced at him and said, “Then let’s call each other?”

“En.” Shao Mingwei looked at the living room where there was no movement except for the TV.
He held the door frame with his hand and the door handle with the other.
He slightly leaned forward outside the door and lightly kissed Min Yu’s forehead.
“Go back and be careful on the road.
Tell me when you get home.”

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