Since meeting Min Yu, Shao Mingwei’s life has changed a lot.
And when thinking about it, he has been smoothly moving forward. 

During the New Year's Day, Min Yu and Shao Mingwei took Shao Rong out to play for a day.
When she was discharged from the hospital, the doctor advised Shao Rong that she could go back to school and continue her studies after half a year, so she had been recuperating at home since she was discharged from the hospital.
Because Shao Mingwei was worried that she would be exposed to unknown viruses when she goes out.
Shao Rong rarely went out except for walking and exercising in the community with Aunt Jiang every day.
The teenage girl has been bored in the hospital and at home for more than four months.
Even if Shao Mingwei and Min Yu often come back, Shao Rong is already accustomed to it and will inevitably feel bored.

Shao Mingwei was too concerned about her health, but being a big man, he didn’t notice his sister’s little emotions.
Once Min Yu came to visit Shao Rong, the two finally finished the puzzle that they had been working on intermittently.
Before leaving, Min Yu touched Shao Rong’s head gently, and in front of her, he asked Shao Mingwei, “Shall we go out to watch a movie together on New Year’s Day? We can also eat together outside.”



Shao Rong’s eyes lit up and looked at her elder brother expectantly.

Shao Mingwei hesitated for a moment, recalling that Shao Rong was really listless these past two days, he agreed. 

On that day, Shao Mingwei dressed Shao Rong thickly and put on a hat, scarf, and mask.
When Min Yu came to pick them up, he was amused by Shao Rong, who was as plump as a bear.
Shao Mingwei silently glanced at the coat he was wearing, evaluated that the thickness was within the acceptable range, and went out with the two of them.


Shao Rong hasn’t gone out for a long time.
When she was in the car, she stared outside the window and was very excited.
The three of them had a meal, watched a popular comedy movie, stopped over at a jewelry store in a mall, and lingered there for a long time.
Shao Rong looked at the fancy objects inside, her eyes widening.
Min Yu let her look at the good-looking ones and let her try them on.
He acted as her advisor, earnestly giving his opinion, being considerate and a gentleman.
Shao Rong was a little shy at first, but she was really attracted by the gleaming stud earrings, and brother Xiao Min’s eyes were so sincere and admiring as if she was some kind of big beauty so she quickly and happily picked them up with Min Yu.

Shao Mingwei waited patiently beside them, looking at the various small things hanging on the craft iron frame by the wall from time to time.
In his opinion, there is really no difference between these shiny and beautiful trinkets.
He couldn’t say any other words aside from “beautiful”.
Shao Rong asked him twice, and when she heard her brother’s same perfunctory answer, she no longer embarrassed him and turned her head to discuss with Min Yu cheerfully.

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At night, Min Yu stayed in the guest room.
Half awake and half asleep, he vaguely sensed a tall figure opening the door.
It came in, got into his bed, and hugged him.
Min Yu asked in a daze, “Mingwei? ”

“It’s me, sleep, ba.”


A deep voice sounded next to his ear, and there was a kiss on his forehead.
Min Yu nestled in Shao Mingwei’s arms and quickly fell asleep. 

After New Year’s Day, colleges and universities have entered into a reviewing period for the upcoming exams.
Q University is well-known for its “late holidays and early opening of semesters” type of school.
The final exam’s battlefront is very long, and the official holiday time on the school calendar is very close to the Chinese New Year.

The schedule for reviewing was tense.
To save time, Shao Mingwei often goes back to the dormitory after leaving the library, meeting Min Yu less frequently.

Min Yu also thoughtfully did not disturb him.

Coincidentally, Min Yu was going on a business trip abroad for two weeks, and the flight was at 8:00 in the morning.
After Shao Mingwei found out, he stayed in Min Yu’s condominium the night before. 

At five in the morning, Shao Mingwei turned off the alarm of the vibrating phone on the bedside, and quietly got up and put on his pajamas.
He tucked Min Yu under the quilt and kissed him before walking out of the bedroom with a ceramic cup, then went out to the other bathroom to wash.

After he made breakfast and woke Min Yu up, the doorbell rang.

Shao Mingwei opened the door.
It was Secretary Ren.
He greeted him and asked with a smile, “Has Secretary Ren already had breakfast? Would you like to eat with us?”

Ren Yiqing paused, then smiled, “To refuse would be impolite.” 

Ren Yiqing sat in the living room and waited for a while, hearing the whispers of the lovers inside the bedroom.

Min Yu got dressed and walked out while buttoning his cufflinks.
Shao Mingwei followed behind him and said, “Let’s eat, ba.”


Secretary Ren stood up and nodded to Min Yu.

Min Yu asked, “Did you bring all the documents?” 

Ren Yiqing: “I asked Assistant Pei to bring the other documents.
She’ll be meeting us at the airport.”


After eating, Ren Yiqing gave a meaningful wink.
On the pretext of waiting for the elevator, he took Min Yu’s luggage and went out first.

Shao Mingwei was still wearing pajamas, so it was inconvenient to go downstairs.
He escorted Min Yu to the condominium’s door, helped him tighten his scarf and coat, and warmly instructed, “Remember to wear thicker clothes outside.
I’ve read the weather forecast that it would probably snow over there in the next two days.
I put a few pairs of thermal pants in your suitcase.
Don’t forget to wear them.
There’s a hand cream in the compartment, remember to use it.

“En, I know.” Min Yu looked at him with his beautiful and warm eyes, the expression in his eyes extremely gentle.
He held the hand of the young man who was fixing his clothes, intertwined their fingers, rubbed it lightly, and said softly, “I will miss you.”

Shao Mingwei is, in fact, very dependent on Min Yu.
Although Min Yu usually seems squeamish and soft in front of him, his presence makes Shao Mingwei at ease, not to mention that he will often guide him like a competent elder.
During the past weeks, although the number of their meetings was not relatively high, Shao Mingwei always felt that Min Yu was by his side.
And to be suddenly separated from each other, he was indeed a little unaccustomed and a little reluctant—although it was only for two weeks.
However, Shao Mingwei would not say these things.
He was restrained in front of Min Yu, only whispering, “I will miss you too.”

Min Yu reached out and cupped his face.
“Call me if you want.”

Shao Mingwei nodded.
He lowered his head, giving Min Yu a light kiss. 

Hearing that the elevator outside the door had been opened and closed twice, Min Yu finally opened the door and said, “Then I’m leaving.”


Ren Yiqing was leaning against the wall, sending a WeChat message to his girlfriend.
When he saw Min Yu coming out, he quickly typed a few words on the screen.
After telling her that he was about to leave, he put away the phone and said, “Mr.

Shao Mingwei sent Min Yu and Ren Yiqing to the elevator, and when the elevator door closed, he also went back to the condominium unit and closed the door. 

He came back to clean up the dining table and mop the floor.
Then he changed his pajamas and carried his bag to school.

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