Chapter 39

Translator: Deyonna

Min Yu languidly leaned on Shao Mingwei’s body, waiting for the elevator.
Shao Mingwei looked at the changing numbers on the right side of the elevator door and suddenly thought of something and said, “If you really don’t want to go to the hospital, then don’t go, there should be a professional doctor at home, ba?” 

Shao Mingwei thought to himself that it’s indeed true that if you worry too much, your head will be confused.
Feeling anxious, he completely forgot that with Min Yu’s family background, he might not need to go to the hospital if he had a minor illness, and a private doctor would come to check on him.
He didn’t have any other ideas.
He just felt that Min Yu’s spirit was not good and didn’t want to move around at this time.
In addition, he didn’t want to go to the hospital.
If a doctor came over to examine him, it would also be fine.

However, Min Yu raised his eyes discreetly and glanced at him, then he buried his face in his shoulder and shook his head.
“Don’t call.
When that time comes, the doctor will report back to the old lady, and the old lady will come to nag at me.”



Shao Mingwei listened, nodded, and did not force him.

The elevator came, and the two walked in.
Min Yu having a fever made his line of thoughts restless and he had become sentimental.
He didn’t know where he got the idea, but he suddenly grabbed the hem of Shao Mingwei’s clothes with one hand and asked expectantly, “Will you come with me to see my family in the future? They all know… I’m…” 

Shao Mingwei was startled.
He was too young.
Although he was precocious and thought of the future, the time he had been together with Min Yu wasn’t long and he had no experience.
He had never thought about this matter, so he suddenly didn’t know what to say for a while.


Min Yu also realized that his question was abrupt, and instead added, “I’m just asking casually…”

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Min Yu secretly repeated the phrase “live together,” on the tip of his tongue, happily thinking that he was too lucky to meet Shao Mingwei.
He whispered, “I’m not in a hurry.
I’ll wait for you to graduate from the university.
Besides, it’s really a bit early… you don’t have to be afraid. They are all very easy-going people.”


Seeing his duplicity and shyness, Shao Mingwei couldn’t help chuckling as he agreed.
“En, I’ll try my best.”

The two of them whispered and laughed, creating a sweet atmosphere that no other person could enter.
When they arrived at the underground parking lot, Old Sun, the driver, was already waiting.


At first, Shao Mingwei felt a little uncomfortable seeing Old Sun because of his relationship with Min Yu.
He always felt that the person looked at him with strange eyes, and Min Yu was probably aware of it too since he drove himself whenever he could while meeting him.
But when he and Min Yu officially got together, Shao Mingwei on the contrary felt that they were showing nothing shameful to the person and became aware that his speculation about Old Sun was purely subjective.
Although Old Sun was taciturn, he’s an easy-going person.
The two got along pretty well every day. 

It could be said that the place Shao Mingwei is most familiar with, apart from school and home, was the hospital.
On rest days, there are more people in the hospital than usual.
They come and go in a hurry.
Shao Mingwei took Min Yu to line up skillfully to register as soon as he entered the hospital.
He asked Min Yu to sit in a chair in the lounge and wait for him, but Min Yu did not want to leave him.

Min Yu is wearing a large unisex cotton-padded jacket, his face covered by a mask, and only a slender white hand was exposed from the whole body and it was held by Shao Mingwei.
The people in line before and after them only regarded them as ordinary couples, each with their own anxieties.
No one paid too much attention to them.

After registering and waiting for the doctor’s call, it was found out after the examination that it was indeed a common cold.
The doctor prescribed medicine and said that an infusion can make the recovery faster, and the body will not feel so uncomfortable after the drip.

Shao Mingwei thought that it was convenient that it was Saturday, and he had time.
Also, he wanted Min Yu to recover sooner, so he talked to him about keeping him company for the infusion. 

Min Yu agreed.

After paying the money and taking the medicine, Shao Mingwei took Min Yu to the infusion room for an infusion.
There were a lot of patients in the infusion room.
Just right on time, someone pulled out a drip needle and left.
It was a couple.
In the corner, there was an empty chair for two people.
Shao Mingwei hurriedly pulled Min Yu to sit over and waited for the nurse, who would put on the drip needle for the infusion.

After the needle was put on, not a moment later, Min Yu fell asleep in Shao Mingwei’s arms.
He slept badly the night before.
At this time, his bucket hat covered half of his face, revealing only his beautifully curved chin, breathing in with his nose and out with his mouth.
He slept very deeply, relying on Shao Mingwei wholeheartedly.
Shao Mingwei put his arm around him and gently held the infusion bag with his hand to warm it up and prevent it from being too cold and uncomfortable.

As that small episode played out, the aunt who came after Min Yu fell asleep in the seat next to him didn’t hear Min Yu’s voice.
Seeing that Shao Mingwei was so careful and gentle, she praised, “You guys really have a good relationship.
This young man here is a pain in the ass.” 

Shao Mingwei didn’t explain and only smiled politely.
An hour and a half later, when Min Yu finished the infusion and the two were about to leave, the aunt found out that Min Yu was a man and was dumbstruck.
Shao Mingwei pretended not to see her strangeness and nodded to her slightly as a gesture of farewell.

Coincidentally, the two of them ran into Xiao Luoyuan again when they went down.


Shao Mingwei looked indifferently at this Mr.
Xiao who possessed a passionate attitude towards Min Yu. He was greeting him so eagerly.
He also didn’t know how Min Yu, who was tightly wrapped and dressed in a completely different style of clothes than when he was working, would be recognized at a glance and be stopped by him.

All of Min Yu’s EQ was probably centered around Shao Mingwei, that he was slow in understanding other people’s goodwill in this regard, and his attitude was naturally polite to Xiao Luoyuan. 

Shao Mingwei felt a little sour in his heart – he didn’t know that he still had the potential of becoming a vinegar jar.
Seeing Min Yu’s courteous and business-like attitude, he was a little happy, but when he saw Xiao Luoyuan expressing his goodwill without hesitation, he immediately wanted to show his identity as a boyfriend.

But his reason told him not to.

After a while, Min Yu said goodbye to Xiao Luoyuan.

Without saying a word, Shao Mingwei silently held Min Yu for a while, and then he pulled him under the unmanned stairwell.
Min Yu was a little puzzled and asked, “What’s wrong?” 

Shao Mingwei looked around, saying, “There’s surveillance.”

“?” Min Yu didn’t know what he was talking about, but just as he was about to ask, he felt Shao Mingwei pulling down the edge of the furry bucket hat in front of him, then took off his mask.

Shao Mingwei leaned forward, not waiting for him to finish speaking.
After that, he kissed him under the cover of the bucket hat.

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