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Min Yu never met that person until Shao Mingwei came.
He unconsciously let go of his politeness and dispelled the alienation.
He became enthusiastic and frank, either consciously or unconsciously being coquettish in front of Shao Mingwei, seducing him.
However, the days before, Min Yu hid in his heart the embarrassment and insecurities of his behavior in front of Shao Mingwei.
He is so much older than the other party, but every time he’s in front of this person he always acts like he’s some kind of weak bird needing protection. 

He couldn’t help but feel helpless.
Although he’s in a dilemma, it was still as sweet as a syrup.

Suddenly, Shao Mingwei’s words now gradually eased his inferiority and uncertainty.

Min Yu pressed Shao Mingwei’s palm on the side of his face, showing a sweet and gentle smile.
With a trace of shyness, he gave a low “en”.

Shao Mingwei became excited by his one-syllable answer.
He has been in Min Yu’s car a lot of times, and he is very familiar with its structure and functions.
He moved the co-pilot’s seat to the back with his hand and then pulled Min Yu’s waist with both hands. 

Min Yu was caught off guard and cried out in surprise.
There’s plenty of space in the car, but Shao Mingwei insisted on holding the flower from the driver’s seat to his lap.
He⁸ held the other party’s shoulders and complained coquettishly.
“You scared me.”

Shao Mingwei chuckled and didn’t explain that it was because he couldn’t wait to hold and get close to him.
He slowly crossed the distance between him and Min Yu.
The tip of their nose touched, and he said in a low voice, “Min Yu, can I call you Min Yu from now on?”

Indeed, this wolf pup is getting impatient, and it wants to grow up quickly and become strong alongside Min Yu.
But obviously, this is impossible, so the first step was to never use the address “Mr.
Min” which is full of distance.
He wanted them to be on a first-name basis to make the relationship free from the shackles of an age difference.

Neither is he older than him, nor is he younger than him. 

Min Yu moved his lips and whispered, “Before I asked you to call me by my name directly, why are you still asking?”

Shao Mingwei paused, then looked up.
Their eyes met with each other.
“I thought you only said that because you were drunk.
And once you sober up, you’ll forget about it.”


“Fool.” Min Yu smiled secretly, his hands cupping his face, saying softly.
“Hearing you call so stiffly, I don’t want to force you, ah.”

Shao Mingwei looked at him with fixation, then thought: He is such a considerate and transparent person, so understanding and so sincere. 

“Not forcing.” Shao Mingwei said in a low voice.
He leaned forward to capture Min Yu’s lips, kissed his lips gently, and then withdrew.

Their lips were sometimes pressed against each other and sometimes inches apart, as if both opposite and same magnetic poles were present, attracting and repelling each other.
The little distance was covered with the smell of their breath.

“Really? Really not reluctant…” Min Yu’s words faded into silence.
Finally disappearing between their pressed lips.

“En.” Shao Mingwei absentmindedly responds. 

They smoothed out their breathing, but unable to escape from temptation, they started kissing again.

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