At the beginning of October, Shao Rong underwent a kidney transplant.
When she recovered, she was transferred to a general ward where she was under the close supervision of doctors and nurses all the time.
Aunt Jiang is also with Shao Rong most of the day.
Shao Mingwei has classes during the day, so he will come at night instead to take care of and accompany Shao Rong with Aunt Jiang. 

It’s just that Shao Rong is still under close observation and her body is in a weak state.
Shao Mingwei fears that the people he comes in contact with at school were carrying some virus.
To avoid infection, he must perform complete disinfection from head to toe every time before entering the ward, which consumes a lot of time.

Min Yu probably thought that Shao Mingwei was busy after Shao Rong’s surgery and just wanted to accompany his sister, so he thoughtfully did not invite Shao Mingwei like before.
But he would call him early in the morning, and in the evening he would send him a message on WeChat from time to time to tell him what he was doing at the moment or what he was eating.
Sometimes he would act like a spoiled child, complaining about things like busy work and not wanting to socialize.
Min Yu in WeChat showed Shao Mingwei his vivid and childish side, not the mature and estranged Mr.
Min at work and not the gentle and shy Min Yu trying to woo him, but rather an ordinary person who is open to Shao Mingwei.
A person who would also frown, be unwilling, dawdle in bed, and act coquettish.



Because Min Yu took the initiative to report, Shao Mingwei also developed the habit of telling him what he was doing.
Originally, Shao Mingwei was always with Shao Rong.
He was calm and independent.
All that he thinks about was his studies, part-time jobs, student union paper works, and Shao Rong’s illness.
Besides classrooms and libraries, he rushed about busily anywhere to make money.
Even the dormitory that was only for his sleeping was rarely used.
Using the words of his roommate and classmate Liu Yang, “all year round, gods appear and devils vanish, his whereabouts unknown”.
He had been to a lot of different and complicated places.
Shao Mingwei wouldn’t tell Shao Rong’s since she was still young, also he never had a girlfriend, so he had no one to report to.
So Shao Mingwei was really uncomfortable telling Min Yu where and what he was doing at first.

In fact, Min Yu did not ask him to do this, but Shao Mingwei has always been a man that honors his words.
He wanted to work hard.
He recognized his feelings and so he decided proactively like Min Yu, insisting on treating him earnestly.
Besides, although he’s not used to it, he’s not unwilling.
He knew that every time Min Yu chatted with him on WeChat, he was happy, and time would pass quickly without knowing it.
After getting into this habit, he gradually felt that there was someone who was thinking and caring about him.
Min Yu slowly soothed his rootless confusion and his wandering life after coming to Beijing. 

And without realizing it, Shao Mingwei happily contacted Min Yu.
Two people were unsure about the relationship they had.
They’re not lovers, but they’re better than lovers.
And they’re passionately in love with each other without knowing.


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That afternoon, Shao Mingwei left school and went to the hospital.
Before entering the ward, he went to see Doctor Sun and find out Shao Rong’s stage of recovery.
Doctor Sun told him not to worry too much, that everything was in good condition, and she’ll be discharged soon and can stay at home for recuperation.

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The call was immediately connected.
“Hello, Mingwei, what’s the matter?”


Min Yu’s gentle voice that came out from the microphone revealed a hint of concern and joy.
Although the two of them get in touch on WeChat frequently and often talk on the phone, in most cases, it was Min Yu who always took the initiative to call Shao Mingwei.
On the other hand, Shao Mingwei was afraid of disturbing Min Yu’s work.
Besides, he was inexplicably embarrassed to contact Min Yu.
It was like an arranged marriage but with mutual affection, brimming with ambiguous affection of you know and I knew, that can make one blush and feel shy.
This young man had yet to taste the intense blazing wonders of love, a wonder that could be as soft as water, or as scorching as fire, so he subconsciously hesitated and deterred in the face of unknown temptations.
So it surprised Min Yu when he received Shao Mingwei’s call, but soon became worried about what might have happened to him.

Hearing Min Yu’s voice, Shao Mingwei felt at ease, but regretted that he had nothing important to say and just called him impulsively.
He didn’t know if he had disturbed him.

“Um… nothing.
I just want to tell you that Rongrong’s body is recovering well.
Have I interrupted your work?”


Min Yu smiled.
His soft voice went straight to Shao Mingwei’s heart.
“It’s okay.
I am in the car now and not working.
Aside from the driver, I’m alone in the car.” 

Shao Mingwei’s heart skipped a beat.
“Would you like to go out tonight?”

Min Yu: “It’s Mr.
Ma that you’ve met last time.
Ma Jialiang invited me for a meal, saying he wanted to introduce someone to me, so I must go.
Actually, I don’t want to go.
This kind of meeting is always boring, but I should give him some face.”

Shao Mingwei remembered Ma Jialiang, he was at the gathering where he and Min Yu first met at the Nights.
This person’s appearance looked ordinary, good at doing business, but he had a licentious behavior.
Although he already had a wife, he had colorful flags fluttering outside, fooling around with both men and women.
He had likely fantasized about Min Yu before, but Min Yu is not someone he can get involved with, so he can only think about it in his heart.
He is especially close to Min Yu, sending him invitations twice every three days.
Min Yu can always push as long as he can, but this time Ma Jialiang has a firm attitude.
Min Yu didn’t want to make trouble with him, so he prepared to go to this appointment.
But Shao Mingwei naturally didn’t know these things.
He only vaguely remembered that Ma Jialiang was the person who asked him to toast at that time.
He didn’t seem to be a good person.
In addition, he would even gather in a place like Nights and this time he wanted to “introduce” an acquaintance to Min Yu.
Shao Mingwei felt a little uncomfortable, but he knew maybe it meant something else, so he could not help but secretly scold himself for being petty.

He unintentionally blurted out, “If you really don’t want to go, he won’t force you, right? Can you not go?” 

When Min Yu heard he was concerned about him, he felt sweet inside but still patiently explained, “I can.
But I have pushed it many times already, and my family and Ma’s family had a close relationship and business cooperation.
I can’t make it ugly with just a meal.”

“Oh.” Shao Mingwei replied silently.
This is Min Yu’s business.
He was not qualified to say more about the matter, but his mood fell uncontrollably and his mind became troubled.
Then he asked, “Why didn’t you call me these past two days?”

The frequency of Min Yu’s WeChat remained the same in the last two days, but the number of calls was close to zero.
Shao Mingwei was a little worried, but chose not to ask.
He just took the matter into his heart and could only ask all at once now.

There was a long silence, then with a hint of complaint and joy, he said coquettishly, “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.
Just by hearing your voice made me want to see you, but you have to take care of your sister.
I don’t want to bother you, so I can only endure not calling you…” 

Shao Mingwei was stunned, and was about to blurt out: Why endure?

Just as he was stiffly controlling himself to shut up, he heard Min Yu whisper, plainly confessing, “Mingwei, I miss you…”


Min Yu seems like he’s worried that someone in the car would hear, so the microphone was very close to his mouth.
Shao Mingwei could clearly hear the sound of his swallowing and breathing.
Min Yu’s words were tickling his heart and making him blush.

Shao Mingwei hesitated, not knowing what to say. 

Min Yu was shy but at the same time enthusiastic.
Then he asked him in a low voice, “Where are you? Do you also miss me?”

Shao Mingwei confronted with this kind of Min Yu, his troops became a clump of shrimp soldiers and crab generals, utterly defeated.
He can only answer honestly, “En, I miss you, too.”

Min Yu didn’t expect to get Shao Mingwei’s answer, but in the end he was given an answer that can make one feel flustered.
He squeezed the phone tightly, then said softly, “I miss you so much… I want to see you.
Can we meet tonight?”

Shao Mingwei simply smashed the pot and said, “What about your appointment?” 

Min Yu sat up straight, wanting to immediately start the appointment with Ma Jialiang, but reason stopped him, and said with a smile, “I’ll leave early…” He felt like he’s a young student who had never experienced love, planning enthusiastically on how to meet his subject.
“Um… eat less and then I’ll meet you for a midnight snack.
How about it?”

Shao Mingwei was infected by him and couldn’t also contain his smiles.

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