The rain was still falling, and the damp smell permeated through the thin window curtains, enveloping the two who were silently facing each other. 

“Please give me some time.”

After the words were said, Shao Mingwei looked at Min Yu, waiting for him to respond.



Shao Mingwei seemed calm and determined.
His voice was low and composed, but his eyes were filled with an innocent and youthful blooming of a first love.
The youth’s simplistic nature was bashing sideways, colliding straight onto his mature and steady façade.
With things rapidly developing this way, he wasn’t prepared.

In this cold and rainy weather, the tipsy Min Yu was tempting and shaking him, however, only he knew it and Min Yu, the proprietor, was unaware of it all. 

His fist kept on clenching and unclenching.
The white feathers were repeatedly scratching his heart, but in the end, they were all pressed down by Shao Mingwei and were turned into a sentence: “Please give me some time.”


Min Yu looked up at him blankly.
It was unknown whether he was surprised by Shao Mingwei’s kiss on his forehead or by those soft words.

It took him a long time lying in wait for the clouds to part to see the bright moon! so the subtle emotion of joy was bursting from all of the corners of his body.
Min Yu was selfish.
He used the excuse of lending money to Shao Mingwei to demand friendship and use it as an opportunity to get close to the other party, holding the selfish thought of wanting to obtain this young man.
At the same time, facing the young man who was younger than him by more than ten years, he felt inferior and cautious but easily satisfied.
And by only getting the sign that things would probably change for the better, all the grievances, embarrassment, and eagerness in his heart were all soothed, only leaving the boy in front of him.

Only Shao Mingwei was left.


His eyes were red and his face was flushed but he still smiled softly.
Under the soft sound of the rain, he whispered “Okay, I will wait for you.
Don’t worry, I have a lot of time, a lot of time to…wait for you.

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But it is undeniable that Shao Mingwei does not reject being treated like this and he was even intoxicated. 

After Min Yu’s tolerant response, Shao Mingwei’s heart relaxed and an inexplicable cordial reliance flooded in the tip of his tongue.
“Thank you…” He hesitated for a moment and before the sentence was formed in his head, Min Yu’s soft but tolerant attitude made him rational yet impulsively say, “I don’t think it would be… very long.”

He clumsily comforted Min Yu.
He didn’t know whether it was because of his kind-heartedness that he couldn’t bear him waiting or was it because he was afraid that the other party would wait too long, be impatient and then leave that made his heart panic so he vaguely added a deadline.
Setting a date to start the relationship and giving Min Yu an indistinct yet also distinct promise of the future.

Isn’t this in favor of Min Yu?

Min Yu’s eyes curved into crescents, smiling brightly. 

The two people played their own love scene completely forgetting about Jack and Ennis playing their scenes on the TV.
When the two recovered and turned their attention back to the TV, the movie was already at its climax, but no one mentioned going back to the plot that they had just missed.
Their seemingly absorbed eyes were staring at the screen however their thoughts were already flying up to some unknown places.

At this time, Shao Mingwei’s mind was like a ball of paste.
He was watching Jack closing and opening his mouth, but he no longer didn’t understand the English words that were coming out from his mouth.
All of a sudden, he felt a slight movement in his left hand on the sofa next to his thigh, and when he was about to look at it, he felt that his left hand was being held.

The hand that held him was gentle, thin, and cold.

Shao Mingwei paused and turned his head to look at Min Yu, but the other party wasn’t looking at him.
He was watching at the screen earnestly, as if the storyline did attract him and as if his right hand had its own will and was being disobedient, grabbing Shao Mingwei’s left hand of its own accord. 

Shao Mingwei chuckled, not pointing or exposing him, gently curling his fingers on the thin and cold hand, and then proceeded to absent-mindedly watch the movie.

After a while, only did Min Yu glanced at Shao Mingwei from the corner of his eyes.
He pursed his lips and smiled silently.


The two adults held hands and watched the whole movie in this way.
Although they missed half of the movie, Shao Mingwei watched the movie until the end, giving off a trace of melancholy.

There was a silence in the room, and Shao Mingwei was about to say something when he felt his shoulders sink.
He looked down and saw that Min Yu was asleep. 

Min Yu was drunk, face flushed into ruby-red.
He was fast asleep on his shoulder, so held him close.

The sleeping Min Yu was really cute, his ruddy lips were slightly open, his dark and long eyelashes were slightly trembling, and his whole body revealed the gentle and peaceful breath of a harmless animal.

Shao Mingwei examined his peaceful sleeping face, and couldn’t help asking himself: Why resist?

And then ask again: Do you really want to accept it? 

Shao Mingwei can’t figure out his heart.

He only knew that if he couldn’t see Min Yu he would miss him and would be absent-minded.
When he sees him, he would be happy, would relax naturally, and would unconsciously want to get close to him.

He only knew that Min Yu had a special influence on him, and he held those soft white feathers that could reach his heart.

He only knew that now it was not because of his good looks but because the other party is outstanding.
He wanted to obtain him thus he came up with a rational conclusion that he liked him because he was too good. 

He only realized just now that Min Yu had really seduced him.
He wanted to kiss and touch his lips without hesitation.

Only he knew how much effort and determination he exerted to hold down his desire and restlessness.

But Shao Mingwei could not and would not kiss him because he understood and valued the meaning of kissing.
He didn’t want to start a romantic relationship hastily.
It was irresponsible and perfunctory.
He would be deceiving himself and even more Min Yu.
He didn’t want to disappoint and play Min Yu.
He wanted to treat him with heartfelt sincerity.

Because Min Yu helped him wholeheartedly in every possible way, Shao Mingwei will be sincere and truthful to him. 

That’s why Shao Mingwei wondered: Does he like him? or was it because of various factors like complex emotions such as gratitude, guilt, desire, and so on.
Is he confused?

He needs some time to figure out his heart, or rather, he is willing to work hard to make such a good Min Yu, who he doesn’t want to disappoint, truly walk into his heart.

Not because of some chaotic emotions or other things, only because it was Min Yu.

He is willing to like Min Yu–as much as he can. 

After a long time, because of the heavy rain and the unclosed windows, Shao Mingwei felt a slight chill that pulled him back from being dazed.

He secretly laughed at his unreasonable thoughts, but there was no slightest regret or hesitation.


After that, Shao Mingwei moved carefully to turn off the TV with the remote control, opened the folded blanket next to him with one hand, and gently covered the two of them.
Amidst the gurgling rain and the dim night sky, the two of them fell asleep on the sofa.

Then autumn has finally come. 

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