MinYu was stunned and then smiled happily.
He thought it would take a lot of talking.
Truthfully, he’s a little nervous about his suggestion.
He didn’t want Shao Mingwei to feel that he’s a person who executes a criminal first then reports to the emperor later, interfering too much with the other party’s life and making the other party feel pressure.
But as an elder and a person who likes him, Min Yu can’t just ignore it.
He felt distressed that the young man had to run back and forth all day.
Not to mention that after Shao Rong’s discharge from the hospital, Shao Mingwei, an already big boy, had to share a small space with the two women.

Min Yu couldn’t save all the people in need.
He just wanted the young man in front of him who was not treated favorably by fate to live a better, decent and relaxed life.



When Shao Mingwei saw Min Yu’s surprised and happy expression, he knew what the other party was thinking.
He smiled bitterly in his heart.
He’s not a person that’s unable to tell good from bad, and he doesn’t regard Min Yu as someone who likes to use his money to solve everything.
He just thought more and more that Min Yu treats him too well, too tenderly, too considerately, and too thoroughly.
Obviously, he’s been so busy at work but he still carefully chooses a suitable temporary residence for him and personally took care of the complicated and tiring renovation, and even made his hectic work an excuse and doesn’t want to let him know. What virtue and ability does he have? How could he be worthy? He even felt shameful receiving his affection.
His heart slowly becomes a puddle of water.

Min Yu’s eyes were full of love and care for the boy, as well as the unique tenderness of being a man.
Seeing that, Shao Mingwei’s throat turned itchy and his ears heated up.
He pretended to scan the table and change the subject.
“Already full?” 

“En…it’s raining, ah…” Min Yu’s gaze turned to Shao Mingwei, then looked outside the window, his tone revealing some regret.


Shao Mingwei looked outside.
It was drizzling outside the window.

When he came over at noon, the sky was clear and the sun was shining.
It was unknown when the sky turned cloudy.
The cool breeze blew away the sultry heat of the summer’s last month, raindrops splattering on the windows.

It was the sound and rhythm of the coming autumn.


Shao Mingwei asked, “You want to go out?”

“En…” Min Yu walked to the window, opened it, and the cool and fresh wind came in instantly, “I planned to go out with you…” He looked back and glanced at Shao Mingwei, then turned back to face the heavy traffic outside the window, and smiled astutely and shyly with his back to Shao Mingwei.
“A date.
I didn’t expect it to rain.”

Shao Mingwei also thought that it’s been a long time since they’ve gone out together.
He also walked to the window, stood side by side with Min Yu, and thought for a while.
“We can go out even if it rains, watch movies, and…” He touched his nose and couldn’t think of any second option.
It was really hard for him to think about a place to go for someone who had never experienced going out with others.


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“Mbgufa la, ifa’r pera kjamt ja tbwf.” Zlc Te vlvc’a mibrf atf klcvbk jcv bcis mibrfv atf klcvbk megajlcr.
Ktf vfqgfrrfv wbbv mjwf yfmjerf bo atf gjlc jcv jirb ifoa yfmjerf bo atf gjlc.
“Pa gjgfis gjlcr lc Dflplcu.” 

Vtjb Zlcukfl ilrafcfv ab tlw jcv tjv cb bypfmalbc, bcis rjslcu, “Ktfc sbe ub qlmx ktja ab kjamt, P klii mifjc eq atf ajyif.”

Min Yu wanted to say just let it be that he would be the one to get it done later but as if he had seen through him, Shao Mingwei said, “It’ll be inconvenient because of your finger, why not let me do it.
There weren’t so many things to tidy up in the first place.”

“Then trouble you…”

Right after, Shao Mingwei wiped his hands and came out of the kitchen.
Min Yu was sitting on the floor in front of the DVD player.
He was holding a few discs in his hand.
Seeing him come out, Min Yu held up a disc and asked cautiously, “Is Brokeback Mountain okay?” 

Shao Mingwei’s footsteps paused, and then immediately said naturally, “En, I haven’t seen that one yet.”

Although he hadn’t seen it, who doesn’t know that it is a famous…gay movie.

Min Yu smiled at him and put the disc in the player.
In fact, he has watched this movie several times already.
He just wants to know how much Shao Mingwei can accept homosexuality.
Min Yu took out two cans of beer from the refrigerator and put them on the small table.
Amidst the pitter-patter of the rain and the cool wind, the movie began.

Seeing him opening the beer, Shao Mingwei frowned slightly, and whispered through the background sound of the movie, “Your hand is injured, it’s not good to drink.” 

The tips of Min Yu’s eyes were slightly bent.
He smiled softly and said, “Just drink a little bit.”

“…” Shao Mingwei was unable to say a word to refute.


In the somber afternoon, there was a sound of raindrops hitting the windows, horns of the driving cars outside, and the sound of the movie.
No light could pass through the still room, so the two people were covered in darkness.

Shao Mingwei thought he would be somewhat uncomfortable, but he didn’t expect that the movie would attract him as soon as it played. 

Until the two protagonists drank too much alcohol.
In the middle of the night, Ennis and Jack who were sleeping together in the same tent had sexual intercourse under the influence of alcohol and hormones.

Shao Mingwei thought that it was a bit unnatural that he was watching it with Min Yu.
Then a beam of scorching stare landed on him.
The stare was getting hotter and more profound as time passed as if it would turn into some hot substance that would burn him.

Shao Mingwei couldn’t help turning his head to look at Min Yu, who was also watching him.

The two looked at each other.
Min Yu was slightly drunk.
When Shao Mingwei wasn’t paying attention, the two empty cans of beer were already lying on the small table, its ring pulled open. 

He actually drank it all.

Min Yu’s cheeks were red.
His tipsy eyes were gentle and soft but there was also a trace of eagerness in those.

Seeing Shao Mingwei looking at him, Min Yu’s emotions turned chaotic.
He was breathing quickly, and couldn’t stop himself from slowly leaning close to Shao Mingwei.

The rain outside the windows became heavy.
It was like a thousand arrows falling, turning into a water curtain, it falls layer after layer, covering the rushing vehicles and shrouding this neither small nor big area.
The beating raindrops hitting the windows made the sound of the two breathing people, who were extremely close indistinct. 

The ambiguous atmosphere came like a tide, flooding the whole room, submerging the two people.

Shao Mingwei’s eyes deepened, not speaking nor avoiding.

Min Yu held his breath, leaning forward cautiously, fearing that he might startle Shao Mingwei, he gently moved his chin forward.
The slightly cold and beer-stained lips stamped a kiss on his cheek.
It stayed for a moment, and then it slowly and reluctantly retreated.

Shao Mingwei did not move, but his eyes remained looking at him, the sound of moans from the TV surrounded the two of them. 

Being watched by Shao Mingwei, the alcohol had gone its way to Min Yu’s head.
There was no gentle smile on his eyes, only an incoherent and confusing emotion of desire and longing.

After his lips left the youth’s cheeks, he shifted closer under Shao Mingwei’s slightly drooping eyes and moved inch by inch to the other party’s lips.

With the sound of rain in his ears, Min Yu’s heartbeat was so rapid that it was as if the seawater was about to clog his mouth and nose in the next moment.
He would either get rescued ashore and escape alive, or he would sink into the deep sea to suffocate and die.

One second is as long as ten thousand years. 

Breathing intertwined, soft lips on the verge of touching…

But at the last moment…Shao Mingwei held his shoulder.


The sound of rain suddenly became louder, like pearls falling on a plate, raging viciously, as if the dragon prince was making trouble somewhere in the sea, depriving tranquility and stirring up people.
The room seemed to be the only place left in the world and only Shao Mingwei and Min Yu were its inhabitants.
However, the loud sound of the rain made it impossible to hear each other’s voices.

“I’m sorry, give me some time.” 

However, Min Yu still heard it.

He suddenly became sober and retreated, putting a safe distance between them.
The desire and longing in his eyes disappeared in an instant along with his tipsiness, and he turned back to being the considerate and tolerant Min Yu.
The corners of Min Yu’s eyes were slightly red, then Min Yu laughed at himself with self-deprecation.
Still smiling softly, he said, “It’s okay.
I was too impatient.
It’s a bit… embarrassing.”

He curved the corner of his mouth, lowered his head, and didn’t want to be seen wronged, then whispered, “It’s very embarrassing… ”

How could Shao Mingwei bear this kind of pitiful and finicky Min Yu? He clenched his fist tightly, then abruptly released.
Opening his palm, he enveloped Min Yu’s slender neck with his hand and the back of his head with the other.
Under his astonished wet eyes, he leaned closer and kissed Min Yu’s forehead, although quick, it was firm and gentle. 

The sound of rain had suddenly become gentle again.

Shao Mingwei slightly bent his back and looked straight into Min Yu’s eyes.
He was shy but he didn’t want to escape, and said in a low voice, “You don’t need to be embarrassed, don’t be embarrassed.
It’s me that is not good… Please give me some time.”

He repeated, “Please give me some time.”

Outside the windows, the scene of the pouring rain has as if turned into autumn. 

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