Chapter 21

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Min Yu acted quickly, and Shao Mingwei received the bank transfer the next day.

Shao Rong stayed in the intensive care unit for a few days.
After her physical condition stabilized, she was transferred to the general ward.
To take good care of her, Shao Mingwei resigned from his part-time job as a sales clerk in the department store and invited Aunt Jiang back in advance.
The two took turns to watch Shao Rong in the hospital.



It was unknown what Min Yu said to Sister Zhang that even if Shao Mingwei did not resign, he’s not required to go to the Nights to work as an escort.
Only a few days later, Min Yu invited him to have a chat and dinner at the Nights.
Min Yu’s attitude was natural, as if it was really a gathering between ordinary friends.

Shao Mingwei doesn’t know what kind of relationship they have right now. 

Sugaring? Min Yu didn’t require him to do anything special.
The two maintained a friendly distance and never had any intimate contact.
Friends? Shao Mingwei smiled bitterly.
How could they have that kind of relationship when they have such a big difference between status and wealth?


Shao Mingwei couldn’t figure it out, but he had to say that their current relationship gave him a sigh of relief.
When facing Min Yu, he wouldn’t feel too inferior or embarrassed, also because Min Yu was too considerate and always smoothed things out with gentle and silent care.
Shao Mingwei was unexpectedly looking forward to Min Yu’s invitations.
He was constantly under pressure and free time for relaxation seldomly came.

In September, it was Q University’s opening of classes.
Shao Mingwei could no longer take turns to accompany Shao Rong with Aunt Jiang, so he gave her a salary increase and told her to take care of everything regarding Shao Rong’s matter.

Aunt Jiang smiled and said, “I know Mr. Shao.
I have been taking care of Ms.
Rong for almost three years.
How can I not know what to pay attention to?”

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Shao Mingwei couldn’t do anything, so he won’t be entangled with this addressing issues anymore.
He pondered for a long time, but he couldn’t think of anything else to say, so he said, “I couldn’t think of anything else to add, but if you have something in your mind, you can call me.
I will also go to the hospital when I have time.” 


Shao Mingwei entered the room and pulled out the packed suitcase.
He walked to the door and called for Aunt Jiang, who was cooking congee in the kitchen.
“Aunt Jiang, I’m going to school first.”

Aunt Jiang hurriedly came out with a soup ladle in her hand and sent him away.
“Okay, you go first.
I will deliver the meal to Ms.
Rong, don’t worry.”

Shao Mingwei nodded, closed the door, and went downstairs.
When he walked to the entrance of the corridor, he saw the familiar black Volvo.
He smiled and said to the person behind the lowered car window, “Mr.
Min, have you been waiting for a long time?” 

That night, when Min Yu was drunk, he asked him to call his name directly.
After that event, regardless of what had happened, Shao Mingwei couldn’t still bear to say it in front of Min Yu.
Fortunately, Min Yu didn’t mention it either.
Shao Mingwei felt that he had probably forgotten his whim after drinking.

Min Yu put his arm in the window and glanced at his watch, the corners of his mouth lifting.
“No, I just arrived, hop in, ba.”

Shao Mingwei put the suitcase in the trunk, went around to the co-pilot to sit in, and fastened the seatbelt properly.
Embarrassed of causing inconveniences to Min Yu, he said, “Actually, I can go and take the bus.
It’s not far from the school and I don’t have much luggage.”

Min Yu looked at him in the rearview mirror and said softly, “It is cumbersome for you to pull the suitcase.
And I’m free this afternoon.” 

Hearing that, Shao Mingwei raised his eyes to meet Min Yu’s gaze in the rearview mirror, not quite convinced.

Min Yu showed a faint, bashful smile.
“I’m the boss, and… It’s been a few days since I’ve seen you.”


Shao Mingwei’s throat moved and he couldn’t say anything.
Min Yu always does this, occasionally saying half of what he truly feels.
As if someone was brushing a soft feather in his heart, Shao Mingwei felt like he was being scratched from time to time.

Looking at him, he seemed innocent, as if he hadn’t said anything.
At times like this, Shao Mingwei would be powerless and could only remain silent, letting the ambiguously appeasing atmosphere permeate. 

Fortunately, he did not hate this feeling.

After a while, the ambiguous atmosphere in the car faded.
Min Yu seemed to remember something and said, “Have you thought of attending graduate school in your third year? You have good grades, so you should be able to get admitted for postgraduate studies.
Do you want to choose a good mentor? Actually, your Professor Xue is very good.
Following him will be very promising.”

Shao Mingwei’s body tensed.
He hesitated, then said, “En, I will rethink about it…”

Seeing that he answered perfunctorily, Min Yu thoughtfully didn’t ask more, and merely said, “It’s better to go to graduate school after graduating from your major than to work directly, you have a good mind so doing research is not bad.” And he can see that Shao Mingwei likes biology courses and is willing to study them. 

But he didn’t want Shao Mingwei to feel that he had a high standard.
He was merely touching the subject so he diverted it by saying, “Are you free tomorrow night? Let’s have a meal together, ba.”

Seeing that he’s no longer asking more, Shao Mingwei breathed a sigh of relief and thought for a while.
“I should be free.
Will it be at Nights again?”

Min Yu let out an “En”.

Shao Mingwei was a little curious, “Does Mr.
Min like Nights that much?” 

Min Yu paused, and suddenly looked at him lovingly, as if looking at an ignorant child, and said with faint embarrassment, “You truly… I order food and wine at Nights because the sales will be on your name, and so you’ll get some rake.” And then he continued with a joke, “It turns out that I have been throwing winks at a blind man for a long time.”

Shao Mingwei did not expect Min Yu to be so thoughtful.
He was a little taken aback by his intricate yet gentle ways.
His heart turned soft, and he couldn’t stop himself from smiling.
“You don’t need to be like this.”

Min Yu glanced at him.
His mouth pressed into thin lines, not talking.

Shao Mingwei knew he was unhappy, yet he still smiled and said, “Really, you don’t need to.
You lend me money, which is already enough.
I’m a lot relaxed now.
We can go wherever you like, always eating at Nights can tire the appetite.” 

Min Yu’s face improved a lot.
He looked pensive.

Shao Mingwei smiled and said, “Then, shall we go to Nights tomorrow?”

Min Yu freed one of his hands and jokingly hit him, and stubbornly said, “Go to Nights tomorrow, afterward I will think about where to go next… Okay, you’re not allowed to laugh.”

Min Yu seldomly showed these kinds of vivid and childish-like emotions, so Shao Mingwei was bewildered, then said with a smile, “Okay.” 

For a moment, Min Yu also thought that he’s being ridiculous.
Looking in front of the road through the window, he helplessly smiled.



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