ake someone like me.
That would be bad and pathetic…”

His voice became lower and lower because Min Yu suddenly felt guilty.
Right now, isn’t he using money to entice Shao Mingwei? Although he was curious about Shao Mingwei’s matter before, he had endured his curiosity and never inquired about it.
When Shao Mingwei refused him so resolutely, he had no choice but to comfort himself that it was not fate and just let himself slowly let go.
Unexpectedly, when he hadn’t walked out that far, Zhang Manling contacted him.
He finally couldn’t help but investigate Shao Mingwei’s affairs.

So even before Shao Mingwei spoke, he had already guessed what the other party was going to say.
In fact, it is absolutely possible to lend money and even not make him repay it.
Personally he, along with Huaining, donated more than this amount to poor students every year.
But Min You had become greedy and selfish and was unwilling to be charitable.
He quibbled in his heart: Just make a small request to tell Shao Mingwei not to avoid him.
He will not force Shao Mingwei to be with him.

Unexpectedly, Shao Mingwei offered to be his keep man.
Min Yu rarely felt dissatisfied with him.
Is he such a person in his eyes?

“Aren’t you? Don’t you know clearly what you wanted in the end with the seemingly simple conditions you mentioned?” A faint voice in Min Yu’s heart said. 

At this time, Min Yu’s dissatisfaction lessened, feeling guilty after giving Shao Mingwei his conditions.

However, no matter how considerate and understanding he is, he will not know what Shao Mingwei is thinking at the moment nor will Shao Mingwei know what his heart activities are since in front of Shao Mingwei, he sounded reasonable.

And how could Shao Mingwei notice his guilt? He only felt that he’s a willow tree that provides shade and a flower that gives light.
Right now, he’s only fortunate and grateful to Min Yu for lending him money and doesn’t mind what Min Yu’s conditions are.
He knows that there wouldn’t be any meat pies falling out of the sky, that even relatives and friends who were related by blood did not lend to them, brothers and sisters.
Then why did Min Yu, who he had rejected, would lend him a huge amount of money without a purpose? And besides, when he seeks Min Yu’s help, is it true that he didn’t have that bit of expectations that this gentle person in front of him won’t refuse?

No, he did not, in fact, he even believed that Min Yu would eventually help him in the end. 

Shao Mingwei thought that he is indeed a hypocritical and selfish person.
So he felt like he owed Min Yu.

Hearing Min Yu’s pitiful sentence, “Although I’m a lot older and can’t be compared by youngsters like you,” it wasn’t known whether it is because he owed him or whether it came from the bottom of his heart, he then swallowed and said, “You’re very good.”

Min Yu glanced at him in surprise.
He couldn’t tell if he really felt that way or he was just complimenting him.
He guessed that it should be the latter, but he still showed a happy expression, and his face turned slightly red.

Shao Mingwei was also surprised that he could say such ambiguous words without obstacles. 

For a while, no one in Tanchunfang spoke.

After a while, Min Yu picked up the small wine glass which he had poured himself, took a sip, raised his eyes to look at Shao Mingwei, and slowly said, “Although I will lend you money, you don’t need to pay it back in a hurry.
Cure your sister’s illness first.
Don’t feel pressured, the money is nothing to me…” Talking like this, he paused, feeling that he was showing off.

There was a little hint of chagrin in his eyes.
He felt that he always suddenly becomes stupid, nothing like a reliable elder in front of the young Shao Mingwei.
He didn’t let Shao Mingwei see this chagrin, and only continued, “You are very good… When you enter a society in the future, you will know that they are tolerant of talented and valuable people, and the rewards are also very high.
You will also discover that money is nothing, so you don’t need to feel pressured.

Min Yu suddenly became ashamed, embarrassed by his sinister intentions and desires.
He lowered his gaze and said softly, “I just want you to stop avoiding me.” He was blushing so hard, but still slowly explained, “I won’t force you to be with me, I just wanted you to not refuse my pursuit and kindness, just like an ordinary friend.” 

He looked at Shao Mingwei with that pitiful look.
“Do you know what I mean?”

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