When Shao Mingwei heard ‘two thousand’, he was stunned for a moment.
Forcing his smile to remain, he said, “I know your condition is not good, but you see, two thousand is a bit… less.
I promise I will return the money as soon as possible.” 

When the uncle heard him demand more, he was a little displeased.
“Why is this child being so inconsiderate? Uncle’s family is also using money.
You don’t even know if you can return the money with Shao Rong’s illness or whether she’ll be cured…” It seems that someone must have been beside the uncle on the other side of the phone that poked the uncle to stop.
He abruptly closed his mouth, and then said gently, “Uncle doesn’t mean that, but you don’t know the situation at home.
No one is rich.
Although uncle will lend you, it could only be two thousand.
You don’t have to pay it back.”

Shao Mingwei tightly gritted his teeth, neither making a sound nor taking a breath.
He took two deep breaths after, then with a tone full of gratefulness, he said, “Okay, trouble you.
I promise I will return the money.”



As if the uncle didn’t believe he could pay it back at all, he guffawed.
“No need, no need.
We are family.
Me, as an uncle, should do what I am supposed to do…”

Hanging up, Shao Mingwei held his phone tightly on his knees.
Lowering his head, and stared at the gap between the bright and clean tiles of the hospital’s lobby in a daze. 

After a while, he picked up the phone again.
“Hello, third uncle, this is Mingwei…”



“Yes, everyone didn’t have it easy, I know…”

“Hello, sister-in-law, this is Mingwei.
Have you eaten?”



“Yes, yes, I understand…”

“Hello, uncle, this is Mingwei.
How are you doing?”

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“Jifjgis, mifjgis.
P xcbk atja sbe’nf yffc ubbv ab wf…”

“Lfiib, rfmbcv jeca, atlr lr Zlcukfl.
Lbk jgf sbe vblcu?”


“Yxjs, P klii tjnf ab agbeyif sbe…” 


Playing on and off for more than three hours, he scraped a 30,000 yuan altogether.
Shao Mingwei’s cheeks were stiff from smiling.
With every passing phone call, his gingerly smiles and replies gradually turned numb, and lifting the corners of his mouth was getting harder and harder.
Finally hanging up the last call, Shao Mingwei put down the phone and suddenly buried his face in his hands.

Vtjb Zlcukfl vlvc’a yijwf atfw.
Llr gfijalnfr jgf cba kfii boo.
Pc jvvlalbc, tf mjwf ab Dflplcu atgff sfjgr jub klatbea tfrlajalbc, qjgais yfmjerf tf xcfk atja tlr gfijalnfr jcv cflutybgr vlvc’a kjca ab tjnf wbgf mbcajma klat atfw, ygbatfg jcv rlrafg.
Szmfqa obg atf bmmjrlbcji mbcajma veglcu atf Jtlcfrf Rfk Tfjg mfifygjalbc, atfs vlvc’a tjnf jcs mbcajma obg remt j ibcu alwf.
Ccv cbkjvjsr, cb bcf kbeiv kliilcuis ifcv atflg tjgv-fjgcfv wbcfs pera ab jcsbcf.

Healing Rong Rong’s illness is not the responsibility of others.
Lending a hand is
a matter of willingness, not a duty.
Shao Mingwei buried his head in his palm and “scoffed,” giving off a wry smile: His relatives were only being honest. 

Thinking back to last night when he was faced with the old Doctor Sun’s concern for him, where did he find the confidence to be disdainful?

A wry smile was still on his face.
However, under the dim lights, Shao Mingwei’s eyes were a little moist.


He’s just… really desperate and doesn’t know what to do.


After being disheartened for a while, Shao Mingwei went to the bathroom to wash his face.
He looked at himself in the mirror and silently cheered himself up.
Certainly, there must be another way he can’t break down.
Rong Rong is still in the ward waiting for him.

He glanced at the time.
It was almost time for the visiting period, so he fixed himself to look presentable.
He did not take the elevator and slowly walked up the stairs.
Halfway through climbing, Shao Mingwei received a call from Doctor Sun.

Shao Mingwei went in through the visitor’s room, washed his hands, changed into an isolation gown, put on shoe covers and mask.
After doing everything carefully, he walked into the ward.

Probably because of lying down for a long time.
She looked somewhat depressed, and when she saw him, Shao Rong’s eyes lit up.
She was wearing an oxygen mask, so she couldn’t speak.
Shao Mingwei hurriedly sat down and gently held her hand.
Smiling softly, he said, “Don’t get too excited.” 

“How do you feel?” Shao Mingwei asked.

Shao Rong blinked and then blinked her eyes again.

Shao Mingwei slightly leaned forward.
“I will tell Rong Rong some good news.
Doctor Sun said that if the matching is successful, you can have a kidney transplant.
In the future, our Rong Rong will be a healthy little girl.”

Shao Rong’s eyes brightened, then it gradually turned gloomy.
Shao Mingwei looked at her with worry. 

Shao Mingwei knew what she was worried about and showed a warm smile.
“Brother is rich, so Rong Rong doesn’t need to worry.
You only need to be happy.
Taking care of your body is also helping brother.”


When the visiting period ended, Shao Mingwei came out of the ward.
He leaned against the wall for a long time without moving.
After a long time, he took out his phone again, searching to no avail.
When he was scanning through his contacts, he suddenly saw Sister Zhang’s phone number.

Shao Mingwei’s scrolling finger stopped. 

Staring at the short eleven digits, Shao Mingwei slowly pursed his thin lips.

Finally, he thought, can his pride and feelings be compared with his sister’s life?

Shao Mingwei dialed the phone number.

“Sister Zhang, um, this is Xiao Shao… Can I trouble you to contact Mr.
Min for me?” 

At 8 o’clock the next day, Shao Mingwei changed his clothes and stood outside the door to Tanchunfang box where Min Yu was.

Shao Mingwei pondered as he walked back and forth to Tanchunfang, whether fate is a fickle thing or has Min Yu intentionally come for him.
Standing for a moment to clear out all the chaotic thoughts in his mind, Shao Mingwei pushed the door open.


The last time he came in, the lights in the luxurious and spacious room were dim and human figures were unclear.
Entering once again, Min Yu was the only one sitting under the dim warm light, quietly looking at his phone.
He probably came directly after taking care of the company because Min Yu was still in a formal striped shirt, wearing a meticulously handled tie, and his coat casually draped on the back of the sofa.
Hearing the noise, he raised his head and showed a gentle, delighted smile.

Shao Mingwei closed the door, standing in front of it.
He licked his dried lips and greeted him, “Mr.

Min Yu looked at him.
However, he did not speak, and it took him a while before he finally reacted.
“You’re here… Come over and sit down ba.”

He had difficulty hiding the excitement and joy in his tone, as well as the shyness and longing.
Although under these mixed emotions, he said the sentence slowly and softly, as if the words were melting in his mouth, fearing that the youth would be alarmed.

But Shao Mingwei did not notice.

At this moment, he only felt that the light was dazzling, like an afternoon sun during summer that could burn people.
He also felt that the temperature of the air conditioner was not high enough and the room was not well ventilated.
The air was stagnant, making it difficult for him to breathe, his throat parched.
His complexion was flushed with fine sweat on his forehead.
He thought that the illumination from the light was particularly good and he had nowhere to hide.
He looked like he was stripped of his clothes and was forced to run naked in the public. 

Because he remembered the moment when he resolutely rejected Min Yu in the car.

Although he’s aware that no amount of pride can compare to Shao Rong’s life, Shao Mingwei still feels ashamed, embarrassed, and guilty because he has made a noble and virtuous stance that he would neither bend nor submit to money.
He knows that Min Yu is too good, so he will not waste the other person’s feelings and just ultimately stop seeing each other.
It was he who expressed the attitude that the other party had no chance, but it was also he who took the initiative to find Min Yu.

He had said it all, but now standing in front of Min Yu, Shao Mingwei just wants to find even the smallest crack for him to get in.


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