Lin Lan screamed.
He sat at the very front, a huge screen of glass in front of him, showing him the raging river below them.
With the rays of the sun reflecting off its surface, they all knew that the height they were falling from was terrifying.
Lin Lan draped himself over the steering wheel and squeezed his eyes shut. 

The entire bus was suspended in the air.
Chu Feng was being pressed down into the seat by the Guardian.
That bastard was incredibly strong yet didn’t hurt him a single bit—he only held him in place, making sure he didn’t move. 

While they were flying, Chu Feng could see the veins bulging out of the Guardian’s hand.
His hand held the needle against the small metal ball steadily.
From the sports car crashing into them to when they were flying, his hand didn’t tremble a single time. 

Chu Feng was speechless.
This man’s control of his strength was frightening.
The small metal ball was blocking the opening in the mercury column, stopping any mercury from spilling out. 

But this still wasn’t the most dangerous part of the entire process. 

The bus was flying in the sky right now, but after they were out of the air, the bus would crash into the ground violently.
With that kind of impact… Chu Feng had a hard time believing that the Guardian could still maintain the needle. 



The sound of the countdown ticked beside their ear.
Chu Feng slowly closed his eyes. 

Even if he was going to die right now, he didn’t really have any regrets.
To be honest, there was always a small part of him hoping that something would kill him sooner.
Perhaps he’d be able to see the real Xie Shiyu a little earlier. 


The bus crashed onto the road after the opening and bounced up— 


And then it landed again. 

After a few tense seconds of silence, Chu Feng still didn’t hear the bomb exploding. 

So he peeled his eyes open slowly. 

That small metal ball was still stuck in the same spot.
Nothing had happened. 

The Guardian on top of him blinked his eyes and revealed a small smile.
The brown in his iris shone under the sun, making it look like pretty ambers.
Chu Feng could even see his lashes trembling as he blinked. 

—The bastard’s lower lashes were longer than most people’s, a little like Xie Shiyu’s.
When they stared too hard, they’d look like they were head over heels for that person…

Chu Feng wretched his gaze away from the Guardian. 

Xie Shiyu must be gone for too long. He mused. I’m even seeing a little bit of him in a bandaged freak. 

Lin Lan slowly peeled himself away from the steering wheel, his face still pale. 

“Did we… We made it?!” 

In the rearview mirror, they could see President Xie walking out of a destroyed Lamborghini, staring at the bus with the eyes of a predator. 

Chu Feng instantly felt his legs hurting. 

Lin Lan, on the other hand, didn’t understand the underlying meaning of those eyes.
He only felt that the Xie ge felt a little pitiful.
The new sports car had been destroyed to the point of no return. 

After making it past that giant opening, Lin Lan felt his entire body relaxing.
He let out a sigh of relief. 

“Watch out for the front!” 

The Guardian warned in a stern voice. 

Lin Lan’s eyes widened. 

The road in front of them was full of debris! 

—The worker Xies hadn’t finished clearing them out yet.

The bus moving at 55 km/h instantly reached the debris, the tires constantly drove over them and made a loud clacking noise.
The entire bus was shaking unsteadily, even the windows were shaking! 

Lin Lan looked at the Guardian in despair. 

Time remaining: 1 minute and 3 seconds

They didn’t have any more time.
The debris spanned more than the eye could see.
By the time they drove onto flat land, the bomb would’ve exploded already. 

They had no choice but to take the metal ball out of the column on the unsteady road while the bus was shaking. 

Chu Feng also turned towards the Guardian. 

X just raised his brow.
He kept his hands still for a second as if to get used to the shaking of the bus. 


His finger twitched slightly and he pulled the needle out. 

Balanced on top of the needle was a small metal ball. 

At the same time, Chu Feng watched as the outer layer of the mercury column parted for the ball.
Just as the mercury was going to spill— 

The outer layer suddenly shrank into itself and held the mercury in place. 

—It was elastic. 

If they wanted to pull it off, they would have to control the amount of strength used to extract the ball.
It had to be just right, not too little and not too much.
They also needed precise speed to make sure that the second the ball was out, the outer layer would close back in. 

Had Lin Lan not been driving the car, he would’ve stood up and showered the Guardian in loud applause.
The man was strong to the point of being inhumane.
Even on a shaking bus that didn’t stop clacking, he still managed to pull off the most dangerous thing in history.
Lin Lan was starting to worry about his ge. 

Could he successfully chase away a battle god like this? 


The system let out an ear-piercing warning. 

[Time remaining: 59 seconds!] 

Chu Feng shrank a little, purposely moving a little closer toward the Guardian.
His shoulders trembled as if he was terrified. 

“It’s fine.
I’ve already gotten over the most difficult part of defusing.
Cutting the wire won’t take long.” X reassured him. 

The beauty underneath him bit his lips, his black lashes trembling like butterflies in the rain.
He nodded his head despite still being afraid, shrinking into his embrace. 

To be wholeheartedly trusted by such a beauty felt incredibly good.
X was a little emotional. 

The smart system in his ear chirped. 

[The poor player… Those kidnappers all deserve to die! After you defuse the bomb, make sure to *pew pew all of them!] 

*They used a sfx in chinese so u guys get pew pew

[Yes! Give them the death penalty! Right this second!] 

X agreed with them. 

He took out a small pair of scissors from his pocket and pinched all 13 wires in the bomb with his index finger and thumb.
He then picked out the sixth wire and cut three-quarters of the string. 

Time remaining: 57 seconds


The wire was cut. 


The indicator flashed green, and the timer stopped counting down. 

The smart system cheered. 

[The bomb has been defused!] 

“I-It stopped?” 

Lin Lan couldn’t hear the timer counting down to his impending doom and cheered.
He looked into the rearview mirror— 

The timer stopped! The Guardian helped take the bomb off his ge and threw it onto the ground. 

“It’s over? …It’s over! Finally!!” 

Lin Lan exclaimed.
He could see his ge looking at him calmly from the mirror. 

—The bomb may have been defused, but his plan hasn’t finished executing just yet. 

There was still one final step, The Bazooka 

[X! Initialize the death penalty now!] 

X reached behind him for the silver gun on his back— 

But he had been stopped by a tug. 

The little beauty sitting on the bus seat reached over and tugged his sleeve, raising his small face up to look at him.
He still hadn’t completely recovered from the threat of death, his entire body was still locked in flight or fight mode.
His eyes—black as the darkest nights—were wet with tears, making them look like the pits of lychee. 

“Is the bomb… really defused?” He asked. 

“Yes.” X patiently bent down and held both of his hands. 

“You’re safe now.” 

Chu Feng discreetly removed his hands from X’s, his eyes still full of confusion.
He glanced at the bomb on the ground.
“Could you… throw that thing…” 

X lowered his head and stared at the bomb lying peacefully on the ground and made a guess.
The beauty must be scared that the timer would resume its countdown. 

So he walked over and picked up the bomb before returning to the beauty’s side.
He took another step forward, leaving his back wide open for the beauty as he opened one of the windows. 


The bomb was thrown out of the window and tumbled onto the road, separating it into thousands of pieces like a plastic toy.
A harmless plastic toy. 

“See.” X continued, “The bomb is really defused.
It’s safe now.” 

“Thanks for that, then.” 

X: ? 

The beauty behind him shot up, his voice calm as a flowing river with a few hints of coying sweetness. 

In the next second, he felt the cold muzzle of a bazooka pressed against his back. 


[The handheld bazooka has been activated] 

An icy blue light was emitted from the bazooka.
In that instant, the car windows shattered into a million pieces.
A huge hole was ripped from the bus, with the cool breeze blowing in while Guardian X was sent flying into the sky. 

The Guardian who resembled a battle god with a silver gun on his back had been shot a million meters into the sky, turning into yet another star in the endless sky. 

Chu Feng stood against the wind, blowing the smoke coming out of the muzzle of the bazooka.
He stared at that star and smiled, “Goodbye~”

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