The Third Day Without Divorce (2)

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The Abandoned Wife

After they quarreled, Liang Yan returned to her bedroom in an enthusiastic mood, but she had self-awareness that she was still a weak woman and was a bit afraid that she would suffer from domestic abuse after hurting Lu Lincheng’s ego, so she locked the door and only then dared to breathe a sigh of relief.    

Liang Yan immediately looked for her phone in the bedroom and found it under the pillow.
She sent a WeChat to Jiang Mu, “Yesterday, Lu Lincheng came back.
He didn’t believe me when I told him about my amnesia, so we quarreled.
I feel like he really wanted to hit me right now.
But I’m not going to hide it from you, the feeling of contradicting him is good and cool.”

Jiang Mu hadn’t answered the message, and she was a bit angry and nervous.
She was upset when she found out that she married Lu Lincheng, and rocketed from an 18-tier actress to 3rd-tier but with nothing to shoot.
She didn’t even want to talk about it! The man said he didn’t have feelings for her the morning after they did it.
What did he take her for? Friends with benefits? A girlfriend or an inflatable doll?

Liang Yan thought about it and decided that she couldn’t stay here anymore.
Based on their relationship, her name was definitely not written in the property deed.
Since she had fallen out with him, there was no reason for her to stay here.
Was she going to let him treat her like a real-life inflatable doll?

Fortunately, when she came home yesterday, she didn’t have the time to arrange the things in her luggage.
The bag she brought back from Gudong City still had all her necessities and clothes inside.
Liang Yan stayed in the bedroom for a while, and figuring that Lu Lincheng must have already left, she tiptoed to open the door, finding the suitcase she brought back last night.     

Liang Yan booked a hotel with a good reputation on the booking software to stay there for a few days.
She only received Jiang Mu’s late reply while she was in the taxi to the hotel. 

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Liang Yan voiced out, “What does this mean?”  

Jiang Mu: “It’s probably not too late for you to go to him, apologize, and ask for forgiveness.
I’m serious.”  

Liang Yan sent back a “disgusted” emoji, “Jiang Mu, you can be a man without anything, but you can’t be spineless.”   

Jiang Mu replied in seconds, “I am afraid that you will regret it one day when you think about it.”  

Liang Yan, “I would only regret it if I could still be kind to him.”   

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Liang Yan stopped messaging Jiang Mu.
Although she was reluctant to admit it, judging from Lu Lincheng’s and Jiang Mu’s reactions, it seemed like she really was different now from before she lost her memory. 

At least, she wasn’t bold enough to fight with Lu Lincheng before. 

What’s the big deal? Liang Yan shrugged her shoulders.
She was now officially not a fan.
And the most important thing right now was when she would have her chance to film again.

Jiang Mu was a nice guy, but he wasn’t a very good agent.
It was hard for him to be an assistant and an agent at the same time. 

He wasn’t reliable, so she had to rely on herself.
Liang Yan sat in the taxi, making a thorough analysis about her current situation.
The most important cause of her lack of opportunities to act was because of her poor audience relations as no one wanted to watch Lu Lincheng’s wife.

Why were other female celebrities so popular and likeable?   

Liang Yan locked herself up in the hotel for two days straight as she read through various celebrity gossip forums from Weibo to the news and found that today’s female celebrities had their own persona if they wanted to be popular.

In fact, this was already done three years ago, but the concept of a “persona” was only introduced during the three years that Liang Yan lost her memory.   

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Female artists had a lot of personas, such as “femme fatale”, “foodie”, “internet addict”, “beauty queen”, “beauty goddess”, and so on.  There were also “The Face Goddess”, “Straight”, “The School Bully”, “The Nerdy School Scum”.

If you put all these together, you would realize that each persona corresponded to a female artist.
The same persona couldn’t be sold again as it was no longer fresh.
Liang Yan was worried, seeing that due to the explosion of several husband and wife variety shows, the most popular persona for married actresses were, “XXX family’s daughter-in-law,” “confused wife,” “capable wife,” “Buddy wife” and so on.

Of course Liang Yan understood that although she was married,  this wife persona was impossible for her.
The other celebrity couples loved each other, and they were sweet.
They received the blessings of the fans.
If she came out with the identity of “Lu Lincheng’s Wife,” it wouldn’t be strange if the fans would eat her alive.  

Liang Yan had a headache, but as she went to bed, she still posted a tweet on her Weibo.
She posted a selfie, but the number of likes and comments were still very small. 

She opened the weibo account of #DidLuLinchengGetDivorceToday, and found out that it was still the first in the romance category.
The main discussion today was when will the 3rd-tier actress Liang Yan return Lu Lincheng to being single?  

[Liang Yan has no self-awareness, she has been sticking to Lu Lincheng for two years.]

[To be honest, if I can have her face, why not act properly? She only knows how to pester Lu Lincheng.]

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[Lu Lincheng must be very soft-hearted to not dump her straight away.
Sigh, sad.]  

The comments on Weibo were very lively.   

[If Liang Yan can take the initiative to let go of Lu Lincheng, I’m willing to support for the next three years, and I’ll contribute to the ratings even if the drama is ugly.]  

[As long as Liang Yan can stop pestering Lu Lincheng, you can damn well ask me to be her fan!]  



[+ID number]  

After reading Weibo for a long time, Liang Yan finally logged out, and the persona issue she had been struggling with seemed to have a breakthrough.
She sent a Weibo message to Jiang Mu. 

“I think that if I go for an abandoned woman image, I might be on fire…”

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