Tenth Day Without Divorce — The Same Stupid Thing (1)

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Three days later, Gudong City Airport.

Liang Yan pushed the sunglasses up the bridge of her nose, dragging a suitcase in one hand.
She took a taxi to the hotel, alone.
She still went to audition behind Jiang Mu’s back.

Jiang Mu was vague when it came to the key points.
His words hooked Liang Yan, making her itch.
The more he disagreed, the more Liang Yan wanted to audition and the more she wanted to try.

Finally, she simply bought a ticket to the film site by herself.

Liang Yan wasn’t sure what Jiang Mu meant, but what she was sure about was that she needed a chance now.
If she missed it this time, and then waited for the next time, she didn’t know how long she had to wait.

Liang Yan sat in the taxi, staring out through the window.
Lu Lincheng’s luxury watch advertisement was showing on the big screen at the mall.
The man looked cold and resolute, just like the cold body of the mechanical watch on his wrist.

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Liang Yan’s lips curled downwards as she recalled the feeling of being treated as an inflatable doll in City B that night and hummed.

In front of the public, his image was really good.
When facing the camera, he looked so good, and his temperament was ascetic, cold perseverance and pride were oozing.
But in bed, this man also had physical needs.
He tossed her body until it almost fell apart, and on the next day, there was such a reversal.
He turned his other cheek, treating her like she was a stranger.

I’m not familiar with you! Amnesiac people aren’t familiar with you! Liang Yan grunted while staring at Lu Lincheng’s advertisement.


The audition schedule was set for the next afternoon.
Liang Yan went to the location set by the film to study earlier, but she didn’t expect that outside the audition room, actresses lined up to audition.
And at a glance, she noticed that everyone was well-dressed.

Liang Yan smiled faintly at the other actors who came to audition, then she found a chair and sat down.

Several people noticed Liang Yan’s arrival.
At first, they stared at her face for a few seconds.
They were all surprised.
Then they lowered their heads, whispering.

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“Isn’t this Liang Yan?”

“No way, how can she audition? And the audition is for the second female lead?”

“Not only the second female lead, couldn’t she also try for the female lead? Lu Lincheng has a lot of resources but doesn’t give her credit.
She hasn’t been in a drama for a long time now.”

“Then what was the use of marrying Lu Lincheng? She even competes with us for the role.
Oh, my God.”

“Two day ago on the Brave Man’s Challenge show, did you watch her and Yan Jun? I almost laughed my head off.

Liang Yan vaguely heard their words and let out a light cough.

Some of them immediately quieted down.
During this time, an assistant came out with a list, and one by one, called the names for the audition.

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Liang Yan’s name was third on the list, and the assistant was stunned when he read her name.
He was  so surprised that she would really appear here.

Liang Yan filled out the form so she could enter.
The person responsible for today’s audition was producer Zhou Zhibo, a man in his fifties, bald and fat.

Zhou Zhibo was playing on his phone with his head down, and no one knew what he was laughing about.
The fat on his face squeezed together; it was so big.
He didn’t even look at Liang Yan who pushed the door open.
Liang Yan was a bit embarrassed as she remained standing in the middle of the room, so she pulled his arm and said, “Hello, producer.”

Zhou Zhibo was irritated because of the disturbance.
He looked up and prepared to kick the person out without letting her audition, but when he saw Liang Yan, his mung bean eyes opened wide.
“Liang Yan?”

Liang Yan tucked her hair behind her ears and laughed dryly.
“Yes, I’m here to audition for the second female lead in your new drama.”

Zhou Zhibo never imagined that Liang Yan would come to audition for his drama.
Immediately, he placed his cellphone down, rubbed his hands, and survered Liang Yan from head to foot.
Her figure was slim, and she wore a simple black dress.

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Even though he had seen a lot of actresses locally and internationally, Liang Yan was one of the best when it came to actress qualifications.

Stroking his chin, he told himself that Liang Yan was already Lu Lincheng’s woman no matter how greedy he was.

Zhou Zhibo suddenly stood up, grabbed the chair beside him, and said to Liang Yan, “Come and sit down, why did you come for the audition? You can just directly say hello.”

Liang Yan  was a bit flattered, and shook her head.
“No, no, producer.
I’m here for the audition, fair play.”

After meeting Zhou Zhibo, she felt that this man was friendly and didn’t seem to have a problem with her, so she was puzzled why Jiang Mu was so pessimistic and didn’t let her come to audition.

Zhou Zhibo said, “I’m still waiting for you to connect me to Lu Lincheng someday.
Next time, if there is a play, maybe I can invite Lu Lincheng.”

When Liang Yan heard him mention Lu Lingchen, she froze for a moment and smiled reluctantly, “He… is busy…”

Zhou Zhibo observed Liang Yan’s awkward reaction when he mentioned Lu Lincheng, his heart sank a little.

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