Ninth Day Without Divorce —  The Worst CP Of All Time (1)

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The hot search for “Move His Heart” had been on the list for the whole day, going up and down.

Liang Yan watched the video over and over again.
At first, it was embarrassing, but slowly, she was immersed in her persona in the video and the plot.
Also, the more she watched, the sweeter it got.

The pairing of the moving brick girl x domineering president was very fresh, and with the magical editing style of the fans, and the images of Yan Jun standing close to Liang Yan often in the show, the sun finally rose among the thousands of star-crossed girls, an entity called CP fan.

She was horrified to find a photo of her and Yan Jun in a part of the CP category of the Super Talk section, and even the CP name was meaningful — “the collision of hearts”

The number of followers for “the collision of hearts” continued to rise, and in one day, there were over 10,000 live fans.
This section was so active that in addition to the Move His Heart video, all the shots of Yan Jun and Liang Yan in the show were processed into motion pictures.
There were even fans who analyzed the smallest details of their interaction in the show, and the comments below were all uniform: “Locked together.”

Her face twitched as she stopped looking at the red-hot “the collision of hearts” fan section.
Then, she scrolled to the bottom of the CP section and found the CP named: “Mountain Fire Couple”.
It only had 500 fans and was desolate.
This was the CP section that was massacred a week ago by Lu Lincheng’s fans.

Jiang Mu said that the circle had a lot of wonders.
Lu Lincheng and her were also a couple who had a CP fan in the entertainment industry.

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But their CP fans had a more miserable life…

They weren’t accepted by the circle even though theirs were the official match with a marriage license.
But had also to watch the other CP and another’s sweet clip going hot all over the internet.

Liang Yan pondered about how anyone could be willing to be the enemy of the world for her CP with Lu Lincheng and to establish the “Mountain Fire Couple” CP.
She quietly sneaked into the CP section and in the fan internal chat group with her second account.

The fan chat group was very strict, so it took a while before Liang Yan could get through after sending her verification, and as soon as she entered the group, she found that it was crazy inside.

There were a hundred people or so in the chat group of the Mountain Fire Couple, but they didn’t usually chat much.
However, today, the popularity of “the collision of hearts” was like a pinch of salt rubbing into the wounds of the few active fans.
And there was a rare scene of fervor in the chat group.

[Liang Yan was clearly married to Lu Lincheng! What’s the mentality of those who like “the collision of hearts”?]

[Yes, perverted, right?]

[They were the official pair, okay?]

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[I’m so mad, I want to fight!]

[But there are so many people on the other side, we can’t beat them.].

[Whoa, whoa… when will Lu Lincheng be in the same frame as Liang Yan? I can imagine how beautiful it will be if they stand together.][I have been waiting for it to happen since I became a fan of their CP two years ago.]

[I don’t know if I can see it in this lifetime.]

[Well, let’s wait.]

At this time, “Mountain Fire Couple” national fan group leader “I Love Mountain Fire” appeared out of the blue and sent a dejected meme.
The group leader usually didn’t chat, so something must have gone wrong.
The members asked one after another.

I love Mountain Fire: [Regarding today’s hot search, I negotiated with the moderator of “the collision of hearts”.
The CP powder is their business, I just didn’t want them to pick Liang Yan and Yan Jun in the program.
Liang Yan is married to Lu Lincheng, and this CP will leave a bad impact on both sides.


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[What’s the result?]

I love mountain fire: [I’m sorry everyone.
Sometimes, I really feel like I can’t hold on any longer.]

I love mountain fire: [Every member here in the group is a fan of Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng, and in the past two years, no matter how we were massacred and bullied, we all persisted.
We hoped that one day, we could see them stand together and shine, but now, Lu Lincheng never mentioned Liang Yan.
Liang Yan had a CP with others in the show.
I saw how many people who shipped “the collision of hearts”.
Now, I really couldn’t find a reason or significance for our efforts in the past two years.]


I love mountain fire: [Let’s disperse, and so will our group.]

[Sister fire, no!]

[Sister fire, have you forgotten? Didn’t we promise that as long as Yanyan and Lu Lincheng don’t divorce, we still have hope and we must stick to it?}

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[Yes, yes! We’ve been together for two years, how can we just stop? We still have hope!]

One after another, more than twenty people chatted to stop the fandom from scattering.
Then, they recalled all the ups and downs they had experienced together for the past two years.
How they endured the glares from the circle, how they separated and organized again and again.
 They talked about their history, full of blood and tears.

I love mountain fire: [I’m touched.
Sorry everyone, I am too negative.
Liang Yan and Lu Lincheng are still together, how can we disperse?]

The crowd: [Yes, yes, yes! Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan are still husband and wife, how can we break up?]

I love mountain fire: [Everyone, don’t be discouraged.
I believe that as long as the CP continues silently, we can always wait until the day Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan will give us a taste of sweetness!]

[Yes, as long as the CP continues silently, we can wait until the day Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan will give us a taste of sweetness!]

[Waiting for Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan to send us candy!]

[Waiting for Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan to send us candy!]

[Waiting for Lu Lincheng and Liang Yan to send us candy!]

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