Fifth Day Without Divorce — The Number You’ve Dialed Is Incorrect (3)

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There were two punishments: sitting on a bouncing chair and being launched into a swimming pool or calling the closest person in your contacts on the show.
Then, you would ask them to say a line that the show would assign to them.

On the first song, one of the MC’s guessed correctly.
Then he exaggerated for a long time, and at the last minute, his hand went from “Overbearing CEO” to “Fitness Trainer”.
He said, “I’m very confident with my body.”   

The weakest person in the group chose “Fitness Trainer”, and Liang Yan thought that this was done for effect.

For the second song, Qin Yueshi answered wrong.
She chose to be bounced to the swimming pool between the two options.
Qin Yueshi screamed, and then swam back like a mermaid and emerged from the  water like a floret.
But what caught Liang Yan’s attention was her makeup, it remained unchanged.

Compared to her, she only found out when she came to the studio that there was a big swimming pool.
Qin Yueshi obviously came prepared and chose waterproof makeup!    

Liang Yan turned to Jiang Mu who told her yesterday that he would not reveal the content of the variety show to ensure the authenticity of the recording.
Jiang Mu stood behind the monitor, having fun, but when he met Liang Yan’s murderous gaze, he touched his nose.

The next moment, the next song played.
The melody was very new, it was a song Liang Yan never heard before. 

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When the song started, Liang Yan noticed the MC’s expressions.
They seemed to know what the name was, but they didn’t grab it as if they had agreed to do this.
The people on stage grouped together on both sides, making way for Liang Yan at one end, and on the other was the microphone.

A few MC’s even made a “please” gesture, coaxing Liang Yan to go up and answer. 

Liang Yan was confused, but when the lyrics started to play after the intro, she immediately understood why.
The singer’s voice was Lu Lincheng!

This was definitely one of the songs that Lu Lincheng made during the three years she had lost her memories!  

“Liang Yan! Liang Yan! Liang Yan!” When a few MC’s saw that Liang Yan was hesitant to move, they started up again, clapping their hands while urging Liang Yan to go up and say the name of the song.  

Liang Yan had no choice but to stand in front of the microphone with her eyes darting left and right.

How can a person with memory loss know the name of this song ……  

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The music kept playing, and Liang Yan held the microphone in one hand, clenched her fist, and then with a heartbeat, casually said a line from the song as the song title.  

When she finished, several guests who were clapping and cheering froze at the same time, each with a shocked face.
Even Qin Yueshi, who had been managing her appearance, wore an indescribable expression.  

Liang Yan wrongly guessed the title of her husband’s song that had been a hit for two years and one of the top ten golden songs of the year…  

After the awkwardness, the main MC Liu Hongliang awkwardly smiled, asking Liang Yan which of the two punishments to choose.

Liang Yan took a look at the blue swimming pool next to her and winced.

Not to mention the fact that her makeup was not waterproof today and she would turn into a panda eye once she hit the water, the key was that she could not swim.  

So Liang Yan could only choose the task of making a phone call.  

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“Oh~” the MC had a wicked smile on his face, knowing that the call would definitely go to Lu Lincheng.  

The guests’ mobile phones were all stored in the programme team, so the off-air director opened Liang Yan’s phone contacts and searched for the word “husband” first, but couldn’t find it, and finally found the contact “Lu Lincheng” at the bottom of the contacts, and called it.  

Liang Yan kept wishing that Lu Lincheng wouldn’t answer the phone.
Don’t answer it.
Please don’t answer it.  

There was a beep on the other end of the line as if it had been answered.  

Liang Yan’s eyes closed and she quietly scolded his mother.  

Then in the silence of the whole venue, Liang Yan turned on the speakerphone, and a sweet female voice spilled from the mobile phone.
It was pointed on the microphone to amplify the sound.
Under the immense expectation of the people present, the voice said, “Sorry, the number you’ve dialled is an incorrect number…”     

The five MC’s: “………………”

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Director: “………………”

Melon Eating staff: “………………”  

Only then did Liang Yan heave a sigh of relief. 



That afternoon, on a famous anonymous domestic entertainment gossip forum, someone posted:

“Breaking story, a certain actress’s husband’s number in her mobile phone is incorrect.

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