Diverting her gaze towards the book she'd discarded, Alison picked it up and held it out to Rose.

“I borrowed this from the Imperial Library.
Could you return it instead? While returning it, borrow a new book.
I've been terribly bored in the Imperial Palace.”

Rose accepted the book from Alison.

What book can I borrow?”

“I don't know.
What books have I not read?”

The only place where the young Alison, who was pushed out of the heir position early, could spend time in the Imperial Palace was the Imperial Library.

The Imperial Library, which she had frequented since childhood, became another parlor room and play area for her.

Allison wondered which of the many books in the vast imperial library she hadn't read.

“Hmm, I'm not sure.
Ask the librarian there for a new book and bring it.
If it was a book they brought in while I was away from the Imperial Palace, I may have missed it.”

“All right.
If it's a new book, does the genre matter?”

“Yes, but I still have a lot of time to spend in the Imperial Palace.
By the time I go back to the Rosenberg Manor, I'll have finished reading that new book anyway.”

“Alright, then I will take my leave.”

“You can ask the knights for directions.”

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Allison waved goodbye, and when she disappeared completely, the emperor's sister hurriedly rose from the couch.

Quickly, she rushed to pull out a sheet of paper from a nearby chest of drawers along with a pen.

The pen danced across the paper, scribbling out a message, before Alison put it in an envelope and folded it crudely without sealing it with a seal.


Carla, the Marquise of Rosenberg's personal attendant, dashed into the parlor in response to Alison's urgent cry.

“Marquise! Is there something wrong?”


She waved the letter.


Seeing the note pushed against her nose, Carla took a step back and accepted the note from her master.

“What is this?”

“I don't have time to explain.
Send this to His Majesty right now!”

“Ah, I see.
First, I'll prepare a proper envelope and a Rosenberg seal—“

I'm going to send it to the emperor anyway, but it's because I'm so insincere.

The attendant wanted to deliver it to His Highness immediately, but if she did, it would appear insincere.

[TL/N: Aristocrats pay a lot of attention to appearances, whether it's clothes, homes, or letters.
Letters would be written out on the best quality paper and sealed with their family crest.
Not doing so is frowned upon.]

Carla turned to prepare the envelope and seal it, but Allison stopped her.

“No, I don't have time for such nonsense.
Carla, listen carefully.
Give this to the fastest knight and tell them this: 'If it doesn't get to the Emperor within 10 minutes, Sir, the Marquise of Rosenberg will kill herself.'”

Allison's voice was so bleak, it made Carla's shoulders tremble.

Clinging to the note handed to her tightly with both hands, Carla hurriedly moved her body to find the fastest knight in the annex.

Looking at Carla's back as she ran away, Alison laid down on the sofa again, her expression refreshed.

“No, Your Majesty, I can assure you that no one on this continent will think of You more than I will.”

Allison laughed mischievously.

I want to see with my own eyes what kind of expression Russell will make and how he will react when he receives the note.

She suppressed the desire to run and watch the drama play out.

The emperor was busy with the preparations for the debutante ball.

Their meetings, which had been held every morning with the high-ranking aristocrats working for the Imperial Palace, seldom finished early.

As it happens every year, everyone seems accustomed to the lengthy meeting, and it was the same for Russell.

However, if the papers submitted to him were fewer, he might have enjoyed this meeting.

“Let's take a short break and continue discussing the debutante list and budget when we return.”

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Russell needed to take a break.

Right after, several nobles warmed up and left the meeting room happily.

The emperor, leaning back comfortably in his chair, glanced at Wells, who was sitting in a slumped position.

…Did Rose get to the annex safely? Allison is also heartless.
Would she take Rose away without her even getting to say hello to me?

He wanted to ask Wells about Rose, but Russell could already predict how that would play out.

They heard a sound.

It was none other than Elliot Proud, whom Russell secretly overlooked as Elliot was busy checking the papers.

…Normally, during our breaks, he walks around the hallways, so why did he sit still today?

But since Rose would be at the Imperial Palace until the afternoon, there was always time for Russell to meet her later.

If things don't go well, why don't I visit her on the pretext that I'm having a chat with Alison?

Russell groaned softly.

Or would she like to have lunch together? Allison must have had lunch with Rose.
Would it be better to invite Rose to my palace?

There are many people in the palace, so it might be better for me to go to the annex myself.

Russell daydreamed of making plans to go directly to Alison's annex.

If only Wells could have taken a look into his thoughts, he might have pointed out that the emperor had an appointment for lunch.

Wells, however good he was as His Majesty's right-hand man, was not a subject with such eccentric abilities.

As Russell pondered lunch ideas, their short break was over, and the nobles who went out to get some fresh air came back and sat down.

Russell's plans for lunch were left behind, and the meeting commenced once more.

Around the time the topic of the debutante was being discussed again, a knight quietly entered the conference room.

Everyone gathered at the meeting knew how important it was if a letter was brought up during a meeting, thus, all eyes were focused on the letter in the knight's hand.

It was a fact that everyone in the room knew that the article would not come in unless it was a big deal, so many eyes were focused on the article.

The knight hurriedly passed it to Russell and left the conference room.

A crookedly folded note.

Russell paused the meeting and opened a note.

The fluttering handwriting was eye-catching; it made one wonder if the ink was dancing.

[Rose Honeywell! Imperial Library! now!]

Russell tilted his head and frowned, Alison's name was written on the edge of the note.

Immediately, the emperor put on a grave, serious face and slowly rose from his seat.

“Let's end today's meeting here.
Everyone, disperse.”

Russell stormed out of the meeting room, not even taking a second glance at the nobles' reaction.


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